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balloons stuck to car windows.


How many times do we see soft toys stuck to car windows funny and eye catching . Insired by Grahams car, see his post"some people need glasses", I  have attached suction cups to a 160 figure, idea is for car widows, or any window, as an eye catcher.  Am I mad, or is this actually viable.
Can any one come up with better /funny designs,  for car windows, just for fun no prizes. The suction cups I  used have small hooks attached, Tesco pack 8 for a £1..Sorry Graham, just done this on tablet, so cannot fix pictures right way.

You can also stick the sculptures without using suction cups.

Check out my topic on balloon suction.  table-suction-balloon-need-for-t2545.html?hilit=balloon%20suction

The suction holds a lot longer on glass!


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