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Cars the Movie

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I was asked for Lightning from the movie cars. Never heard of it (education problem, I know) so I watched the movie and looked for a model on the internet but could not find any. So I made my own.
This version uses a white and red 5 inch balloon and a red 260 for the frame and a black 260 for the tires.

Since I do not have a lot of red 5 inch balloons I tried to remake it with 260's only. This was with what I came up with, two reds, a white scrap and a black for the tires.
It's a prototype but fast to make and I think kids will recognize it (have to test that though...)

Cool cars

Hi Wim,
As I said, I like your cars figure.
You inspired me to make a car also.

 :lol: Oke I'll be honest,....I tried yours, but failed :lol:
So I had to make my own!
[attachment=0:296s6c2u]auto 001 (450 x 600).jpg[/attachment:296s6c2u]

Hope you like this one also.
Made with 2 260q and 1 160,....o and a smiley!


Graham Lee:
So we have to decide what the next challenge is going to be for April.
How about something beginning with A, then we have the next 26 months sorted :)
or should we have something that someone is struggling to make, so it will help members out.

Graham Lee


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