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The Valentines Card Challenge!!

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Dear Forum Members...

We have come up with a new challenge for valentines.

Members who want to get involved MUST create a vaneltines card from balloons.

1.You can enter as many times as you like.

2.The colour WHITE must be used in your creation.

3.Use as many balloons as you like.

4. All entries must be in by the 16th of feb.

5 The "ultimate balloon card champion" will be chosen by Kenny and Dave on Friday the 17th of Feb.

Please note even if your a beginner we would still like to see your entry!!

Enjoy this challenge and have fun.


Balloon Chat Staff.

Saw this link earlier and did a modification of another design posted on the Valentines page, love the ideas.

Loved getting to know all of you who mad it to T&S, looking forward to more new faces next year.

I made this for a window display in a hairdressers, and after photographing it ,thought it would make a good card.

I should have used a white geo for it to fit with the challenge, although Tweety has got whites in his eyes :?

After I have delivered it I may do something else while I am having lunch !!

just somthing simple

Hi all, My example of a valentines card. This was a fast one, as you can see by the "loose weaving". A cross weave would have been much better, as you can create a very neat and tight weave at speed!!


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