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Graham Lee:
I recorded six designs back in Dec for the new channel and we struggled with the set up, lights, backdrop, shadow etc
and then when we filmed the lights in the room reflected of my glass's and Geoff said it was a distraction.

Now for six months I have been meaning to re-make them, well today I am, it's all set up down stairs so I'm just
off to record,

1, Hippo
2, Rhino
3, Wobbly flower
4, Snake
5, Sword
6, Parrot

All a little different to what I have seen on youtube but no doubt possibly there somewhere,
to be honest it's not a place I usually visit to look at balloon designs.

After these I'm not sure what we will record, possibly a selection off the DVD's.
A selection of my favourite designs or the model of the months so that they are available as PDF as
on the site and also on video for those who prefer.

Off to record, see you soon....................hopefully.

Oh this sounds very exciting... :-)

Graham Lee:

--- Quote from: "nippy99" ---Oh this sounds very exciting... :-)
--- End quote ---
I'm just doing some one balloon designs to start with Darren,
hopefully a little different to all the other designs out there at the moment.

I allowed myself three hours to film six 3/4 minute designs.
I managed to record ten, so four extra,

7, Shield
8, Space Gun
9, Dolphin
10, Fish

The Dolphin and Fish I re-designed as well, I think the Dolphin was filmed the fourth time around but
considering I only came up with the design 10 minutes before I started filming I think it all worked OK.

Graham Lee:
The set up I finally went with, we did try moving into another room with dark curtains behind etc
but went back to the normal set up for the front room tapes with a floodlight on the floor to try
and take away the shadow on the wall behind.

Will you be putting them on youtube Graham?


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