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Graham Lee:
I'm going to attempt my very first Facebook live on my Graham Lee page on Thursday 12th November at 8pm UK time.
I will be showing two designs, Peppa Pig and my latest two balloon Motorbike.
I hope it will run from 40 mins to an hour but as its the first one this is a guess.
Hoping a few will ask some questions along the way so I can twist on the slower side while
having a natter. This way I'm hoping some can follow along with the twisting if they wish.


Graham Lee:
So if anyone is joining us tonight, Thursday 12th Nov at 8pm for my Facebook live.
If you wanted to twist along you will need for the Motor Bike ,
Black and a chrome Silver 260.
If you don't have chrome then two Grey 260's.

For Peppa Pig you will need,
Pink 260 and 160,
Red 260,
White 260,
Black 260

Graham Lee:
Well that was an experience  ;D
I'm sure the more we do we will get things better. I was to near to the camera at times.
I blacked out the light above me but think it should have been the one behind me.

And next time hopefully I will remember how to make the design, still its all a learning curve.

The next Facebook live will be next Thursday 19th November at 8pm UK time.
We will be showing two brand new designs, The five balloon Christmas Tree and the three balloon Santa.

If you'd like to view last nights video this is the link, https://www.facebook.com/graham.lee.9634/videos/10157750677008297
Perhaps start at 13 minutes as then you will miss me making it wrong  ;D ;D

Graham Lee:
Facebook Live Two.
Thursday 19th November, 8pm UK Time.
This week we will be showing two Christmas designs, Santa and a Christmas Tree.
If you can use the designs and would like to buy me a coffee that would be fab and appreciated.
BUT I do appreciate things are difficult for many at the moment, so please use and
perhaps get me a coffee next year. Thanks XXxx


Graham Lee:
We did Facebook live number three last night. I made the Sausage Dog and the Wobbly flower.
This is the link if you'd like to view it,



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