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Posting pictures and re-sizing on the forum

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Graham Lee:
The maximum size of picture for the forum is 480mm wide and 600mm high.
I use a free downlaodable programme called Irfanview which seems nice and easy to use; http://www.irfanview.net/

There is also another thread which may help as well; viewtopic.php?f=21&t=35

Billy Wiz:
Does anyone have an Iphone and know of any applications for reducing the size of photos? Been looking but can't find anything yet!!

Graham Lee:
Can you take the picture in the size required on the iphone? That way re-sizing would not be required.

Billy Wiz:
I could possibly Graham, but then if it's a really good picture, I would be gutted that it's only a low quality. :(

Graham Lee:
The quality could be the same just the size of picture smaller, but then as you say if you did get that once in a lifetime shot it would be really annoying.


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