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Graham Lee:
We have had a few parcels go astray lately with the royal mail first class postal service that never guarantees when they will deliver, some parcels get to there destination next day and some take up to five days. So we have decided from today that all royal mail post will go signed for which will give us a tracking number, this service is more expensive and we may need to increase our postal charges to cover the cost but the benefit of knowing exactly where a parcel is at any given time is worth it.
Apologies to those that have had to wait for their parcels, we still have some that may well be lost now7/8 days and still no sign, I feel a claim or two coming on.

My last parcel was here within 24 hrs Graham!!!

will have to keep an eye out for ex posties taking up twisting lol :lol:

Graham Lee:
I think there should be a few now  :roll:

Graham Lee:
The 6ft step in balloons are now back in stock on both sites.


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