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Graham Lee:
So like many others I have not worked for 6 months so looking at other ways to get a little income.
I have made up some Balloon Tutorial selection Box's and will possibly call it "Twisting Fun 4 Everyone"
There are five designs with enough balloons to make each design ten times.
You can purchase with a pump or without.
So this is the prototype, I will be filming the video tutorial hopefully today and
have them available to purchase on the website from Monday.


If anyone has any suggestions on the name to call the new project then all suggestions are welcomed.
I have been mentioning it as a selection box but the Twisting fun 4 Everyone is nice and catchy as well.

Graham Lee:
We filmed the tutorial yesterday, I was hoping to film all five designs in one go but I put too
much air into the Swan design so had to cut and refilm it again. Lord G is kindly sorting
this out for me and we should have them for sale live on the website for tomorrow.

The designs filmed were, Swan, Sword, Hippo, Snake and Teddy.

Graham Lee:
The last couple and the finished designs, you can see we filmed the Swan twice  ;D

Graham Lee:
"Balloon Twisting Fun 4 Everyone" I filmed the 40 minute tutorial yesterday and the kits are now available online.

There are five designs taught, Swan, Sword, Hippo, Snake and Teddy bear
with enough balloons to make each design 10 times.

Ideal for that Birthday or Christmas present to entertain all the family, well I like to think so XXxx.
If anyone could share this for me it would be appreciated.

With thanks to Lord G for doing some editing on the tutorial, even though I do mention there is no editing, oops
With thanks to Danielle for making the promotional video for the tutorials.
Many thanks to both, very much appreciated XXxx

The video can be seen on my Facebook page, I don't think I can download a video to the forum.

Graham Lee:
Caroline very kindly shared my video post thread over on Facebook and one of her friends suggested making a Christmas edition.

I thought hats might be good as people usually wear the hats from the Christmas Cracker so I have been
making up some designs for my next series of "Balloon Twisting Fun 4 Everyone" The Christmas Edition.


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