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G L Admin:
A warm welcome to anyone that is looking at the forum for the first time or to those returning again and again. The site is coming up for five years old on the 1st April 2014.
There is a wealth of information given here for all to use so please have a look around and enjoy and if possible if you get inspired to have a go at making any of the models then
please post your efforts for others to see. There is a search button to help with finding that certain something that you are looking to make, so good luck and a very happy twisting.

A little advertisement plug now, I do run two online balloon stores in the UK, http://www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk and http://www.sempertexballoons.co.uk
Both links are at the top of every page.
The company name is balloon art wholesale and if you are looking for anything balloon related then please pop over and have a look.
The Qualatex website is set up as a retail store, we do offer wholesale prices so please get in touch, thanks for reading.

Lisa Chester:
Ooh, are we doing anything special for our 5th Brithday??

I think we should all post a picture of a balloon "5th Birthday" cake!!!

I'd love to have a 5th b-day.  Hmmm, every reincarnation of the number 5.....birthday cakes, flowers, bears...oooo, I can't wait!

Graham Lee:
I have just been informed that the forum is actually six years old today 18th march although it was not up and running till 1st April, but six years, I thought it was five.
Now that is funny.


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