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3ft balloons (pricing and gas)


Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum! Big hello from sunny devon!
I was just wondering how much people charge these days for a
3ft balloon helium inflated? I've seen pricing between
£20 & £50 each.... the job is for a wedding so they want around 10
In total. I will probably make tails for each one too.
I just don't want to get it wrong and be out of pocket!
Any tips welcome :-)

Many thanks in advance!
Mary Poppins Balloons

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Graham Lee:
Matt lewis on facebook would know

Lee Reilly:
I've been waiting to create a gender reveal balloon and pricing has been a bit of a minefield for me too. If you inflate the 3ft to 2.5ft your looking at around a fiver in helium, 3ft and that doubles to a tenner. Add on to that the price of the balloon, weights, ribbons/tails, etc. Plus your time. Realistically I would look at pricing ours at 30 pound each.

To be sure do your costings...... materials + overheads + time + profit = selling price.

(sorry the forum doesn't like the pound sign at the moment)


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