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Dr. Seuss themed event

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Here are a few pics from an event I did this weekend.  Everyone around here seems to like the curly balloons.  That's what I seem to keep getting asked for lol. I didn't get pics of everything as they were still working on other decorations.  I will try to add pics if the client sends me some.

Made a quick photo frame.  Didn't have any poles or anything, wasn't sure if it would work, but they were happy with it.  Wish I had had more time so I could have added some cute twisted figures on it, but oh well, maybe next time.[attachment=2:227573h8]0311171535-1.jpg[/attachment:227573h8]
Made 16 of these for centerpieces and decorations. [attachment=1:227573h8]0311171536-1.jpg[/attachment:227573h8]
Here is what they used the curlies for on the center pieces.

More party burst balls. They were originally going to hang them, but then I guess decided to leave them on the stage like this.
More centerpieces [attachment=1:2gteeo78]0311171537a-1 (1).jpg[/attachment:2gteeo78]
This was the original centerpiece I submitted to them

and one other idea I submitted[attachment=0:1b9dxqmn]0221171451-1.jpg[/attachment:1b9dxqmn]

These look amazing, and not a straight line in sight, perfect. :D


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