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Rec Center Grand Opening

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I had my first big decor job a few weeks ago.  Here are some pics of what I made.
[attachment=2:31ohca3v]0127171348a-1 - Copy.jpg[/attachment:31ohca3v][attachment=0:31ohca3v]0127171343a.jpg[/attachment:31ohca3v]

Here are some more, this is exactly what they asked for.  They looked much better in person than they did in the photos.  [attachment=2:3ri7z79v]0127171347c - Copy.jpg[/attachment:3ri7z79v][attachment=1:3ri7z79v]0127171345.jpg[/attachment:3ri7z79v] There were 7 of these throughout the place. [attachment=0:3ri7z79v]0127171345b.jpg[/attachment:3ri7z79v]

Simple balloons over the food table [attachment=2:1bz3vi6t]0127171350-1.jpg[/attachment:1bz3vi6t]
These columns were about 10 feet tall. [attachment=1:1bz3vi6t]0127171344a-1 - Copy.jpg[/attachment:1bz3vi6t]
More of these hanging ones [attachment=0:1bz3vi6t]0127171342 - Copy.jpg[/attachment:1bz3vi6t]

More of the smaller taper topiaries.  (There were 3 large and 3 small total)[attachment=1:3uv0mjmp]0127171346a.jpg[/attachment:3uv0mjmp]
Here is a size reference on the columns.  This guy is 6ft 4in tall.[attachment=0:3uv0mjmp]0126171650-1 - Copy.jpg[/attachment:3uv0mjmp]
Here is a better one of the photo frame, it was actually straight when I first built it, lol. [attachment=2:3uv0mjmp]0125171727-1.jpg[/attachment:3uv0mjmp]

Graham Lee:
The photo frame looks great, especially with the pool as background.


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