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Balloon Review 028 - Masks by David Brenion DVD

Available from http://www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk priced £25

As requested, here is a review of the latest DVD from the ever popular David Brenion. This is the fourth DVD in his collection and contains instructions for 14 wearable masks. The production quality on the DVD is first rate. Very good camera work, excellent instructions and easy to navigate menus.

Once in a while, a DVD or book is published that pushes our art just that little further. This is one of those. In this DVD, David explains the basics of a mask design that can be used by you to construct many other ideas not included on this DVD. These masks will require a significant investment in 646Q balloons which for many balloonists are not standard stock. The end result is worthy of the expenditure.

On the whole the masks are not overly difficult to make but be warned... trying to create a sidewall bubble in the exact centre of a 646Q can take a little while to master. I would aim this DVD at someone with experience.

I know many of the designs have already been posted on balloonchat, but I include this review for completeness.

I know Graham has just received some stock. Even before reading this review BUY IT!

It will take me a while to complete this DVD as I make all the designs so please be patient.

Here goes....


At the start of this DVD there is a section on how to make the foundation of the mask. In this section, David uses different coloured balloons to show how everything fits together. Even though following along and making this exact design will result in a model that will just be thrown away, it does allow you to learn the basics easily and in preparation for this first mask... the monkey.

The monkey uses the base mask and adds on ears, hair and a nose. The first time I made the monkey it took me around 30mins. Now I have memorised the base and can make the sidewall bubble in the 646Q I can make it in around 10-15mins. The sidewall bubble is a killer so be prepared for some frustration and if you do not get it in the centre the face will be lop-sided.

Of course this mask is not suitable for line work or probably any professional engagement but as a pre-made balloon for birthday or special event this really does go down a storm and is a reputation maker.

I cannot recommend this balloon highly enough.



A variation of the monkey mask. This dog comes supplied with add on and wearable paws. The ears and nose have changed but in essence the design is very similar. I prefer this one from the monkey and in the other dogs I have made I simply left out the tongue. In my personal opinion I prefer it without but you can make your own choice.

I have used this balloon at birthday parties and it has been very successful for me. In my opinion, the time taken to prepare for a party will pay back in a higher fee and more bookings.

Now had there only been two models on the DVD, it would still have been worth £25.


And a photo of the dog mask being worn....



This bull has a different shaped nose and uses 321Qs as horns. This balloon is excellent although I am not sure it will have much use in the UK. A slight variation by removing the horns and changing the angle of the eyebrows will result in a cow!

The boys love wearing this and running around charging everyone with their horns!


Graham Lee:
Yes the DVD has just been delivered by the postman and is now back in stock on the website along with David's other three DVD collection,
http://www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk/produ ... 13-14.html


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