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Balloon Review 080 : Bosco The Bear by Dylan Gelinas

Available from http://www.slightlytwistedballoons.com priced $13

Dylan just can't stop producing some high quality PDF designs. This bear is especially cute and has plenty of character. As with Dylan's last PDF, this new improved layout is much better. Plenty of clear colour photos and easy to follow instructions. I especially love Dylan's funny one-liners that made me smile as I followed the instructions. This design is certainly not for beginners and you need to have some twisting experience to cope with this one but the effort is well rewarded.

So here are the key points :

#1 The face design is brilliant. The cheeks are two hearts with the lobes twisted and the upper face and eyes are made as a separate unit. Sometimes when I make balloons I experience what I call a 'wow' factor. It doesn't happen often but the moment you slot the upper face/eyes section between the two heart cheeks to make the complete face, it will impress you. The face is so cute and very expressive. So clever.

#2 This design uses marriage twists to make the nose and the feet. My advice is read Dylan's advice carefully. By spending time trying to offset these twists your final character will look so much better. This will take a little time to get right but do make the effort as it is well worth it.

#3 Attaching the eyes to the upper head is fun. It requires as using a raisin and using this to make a sidewall attachment point. Dylan explains how to attach the eyes so they are secure. This is so simple but a great technique. Make sure you do not over inflate the heart otherwise you will not be able to grab the raisin.

#4 Attaching the Fez and the other ear requires two twisted lobes in the heart that forms the head. This is a danger moment because as you have spent so much time up to this point, if that heart bursts you will not be very happy! This can be a struggle and takes guts!

#5 The Fez itself is a great comedy addition to your bear. You do not need to add this as Dylan explains how to simply add two ears but it really does add so much to the balloon. The instructions on how to make the tassles needed a second look as it wasn't completely clear to me.

#6 After making the complicated head the body is easy. It is just a bird body using 646Qs... did I say easy... 646Qs are always challenging to work with but it is not that bad.

#7 The legs and feet are really good. It requires careful sizing and marriage twisting of round balloons. The great thing about these feet is they are posable so the bear sits up all by itself.

#8 Dylan provides some hints and tips about making your sculptures look more expressive.

This is a balloon design for special occasions. I took it to a wedding yesterday and as always I arrive around 30mins before I was due to perform so I took this bear, Dylan's Mickey Mouse and my own Bride and Groom design and placed them on display in the reception room. I hid in the background and you would not believe how many amazing comments Dylan's designs and everyone was taking photos.

This is a reputation maker and a worthy investment.

Well done Dylan - I can't wait to see what is next!


Bosco has been all wrapped up and ready for delivery. I used a geo base filled with water.

I think it looks quite nice :-)


Argh. So I attempted this today! It's far too advanced for me I really struggled. Anyway, I had lots of red 646s so used those... Heres my attempt! I'll give it another go once I'm more experienced  :oops:


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