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Balloon Review 161 - Little Sweet Cheeks Vol 1  (Streaming Video)

Available from http://www.liveballoons.com/shop - priced $30

This video collection of 10 designs by Eric Weinstein follows on from his wonderful collection of PDFs. To purchase this for me was a 'no brainer' as I have enjoyed his work to date. I purchased the video and promptly received a confirmation email and a secret password to view the video on-line.

Before I start reviewing the designs I must have a bit of a moan about this product. You cannot DOWNLOAD this video to your PC or tablet device. This is a major issue for me as I store all my balloon videos on my tablet for watching 'on the go' where internet may not be available. I contacted Eric to see if the video could be downloaded but this is not an option. So effectively I am purchasing the rights to VIEW the video and I will never OWN the video myself. I can live with that for a site like balloonclick.com which is a low-cost subscription service but not when I have paid $30 for a single product.

So everytime I want to view this video I have to find my purchase code and type it into the site before viewing it.

The video quality is mixed. The video is small on my macbook and I was unable to zoom in and make it full screen. Some of the finer details of some designs are difficult to see. The audio quality is mixed and the volume varies for each segment (I guess as each section is filmed at a different time).

At the start of each section, a list of balloons needed for each design is listed which is helpful.

But the worse part of all - there are no chapters!! So I need to use guesswork to find the start of each design. Lucky for you guys I will include the timestamp for the start of each section as I progress through my review.

I regard $30 as a premium product and, ignoring the actual content, the way this collection is supplied to the customer is extremely poor.

I really love Eric's work and I am sure the actual designs will be very good but I owe it to you all to be honest - sorry!

Now let's see what we have here....

WORM IN APPLE - Starts at 48 secs

All these designs are based on the 'sweet cheeks' face which use a single heart balloon. Each lobe needs to be twisted to form two bubbles of the same size. This can be a little tricky if you are not used to it, but the best way is to partially twist both lobes so you can squeeze air between them both to adjust the sizes before making the final twist.

The end result is really cute. The apple is made from a 646Q. If you want a cheaper option then a round balloon may suffice.

This sits lovely on top of a party cup or equally stands on its own due to the wide base.


SNAIL - starts at 11m 7s

This uses the same head design as the worm. A longer 160Q body allows a heart shell to be attached. The 160Q joins to the back of the head very easily. This sits nice on top of a cup and would also be good on a headband or as a wearable wristband.

Twisting heart lobes seems to be a common requirement.

So far so good.



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