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Graham Lee DVD 7 Step by Step

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Graham Lee:
The pictures on the back cover from DVD 7 are not of the best quality.
So I thought I'd look through my folders to see if I could find the originals,
then thought, well I might as well just make them again and re-photograph.
So on the back cover are a bird eating a worm, a motorbike and the flower wrist bracelet
that moves when you walk.

So not sure what ones I will do step by step but will have a look through over the next few days.

Graham Lee:
And all together. I'm going to take the same pictures on a white background in a while to see if that might be better for the new cover design.

Graham Lee:
On the white background, going to have a look at DVD 7 to choose three items to do the step by step on.
These pictures are what is on the back cover, I like the flower bracelet as it has some movement.

Graham Lee:
I'm going to put the instructions up for this wrist bracelet that has a little movement.
I used to make this a lot many years back but forgot about it, it did make it onto DVD 7,
Live form Holland. I think this is pretty usable in the real world.

I have made this in two different ways and will explain both.

Graham Lee:
Here we go then with details about the bracelet flower,
I will be describing two ways to make this so please read through first to decide which one you would prefer to make.

So to make this one in the picture,
Inflate a 160 leaving 8 fingers un-inflated, make a 2 finger fold twist followed by a 1 finger pinch twist.


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