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Season 4 - Balloon Blast Video Show -episode1


Danny the Idiot:

Its back!

Season Four begins with this episode.
Published on Jun 4, 2016
"We kick off season four of The Balloon Blast Video Show with almost half an hour of balloon fun and nonsense. Sam sings the praises of the new Ken Shute bag, and Scott shows a few balloon tutorials that will please your smart-phone addicted audiences.

Patreon supporters will also be receiving the link to a bonus video this month, a very cool ride-inside sculpture by Sam Cremeens. If you aren't on the list, head over to Patreon.com/PurplePig to join the club!

And don't forget the comment prize- One comment posted to this video will be chosen at random, and the poster will receive an original framed piece of artwork off of Sam's studio wall!"

Danny the Idiot:
Episode 2


Well worth watching for Ryan's Chubby Buddies concept!

"The August 2016 episode of The Balloon Blast Video Show.
This episode has a little bit of everything, giving it a sort of a channel surfing vibe. A few minutes of this, a few minutes of that, a short commercial break, and a few minutes of something else.
This is another hefty episode, clocking in at over 40 minutes. But we have a lot of good stuff crammed in here- Ryan Lavallee demonstrates his Chubby Buddies concept, a quick and extremely versatile design that should revolutionize the way you approach line work. Sam shows a Finding Dory, er, Forgetful Fish balloon design, Scott does something weird with superglue, and Purple Pig demonstrates safe firework handling practices. We also select a winner for last episode's "Random Comment" contest.

Patreon supporters will also be receiving the link to an exclusive bonus video. If you aren't on the list, head over to http://Patreon.com/PurplePig to join the club!

Write to the show at BalloonBlastVideoShow@Gmail.com, or find us on Facebook.
Thanks again to Ryan Lavallee for letting us use the Chubby Buddies footage!"

Danny the Idiot:
Episode 4 is out now!


Wondering where episode 3 went? So are Scott & Sam - its lost in the editing suite somewhere!

"This episode of The Balloon Blast Video Show was filmed in front of a live studio audience. We set up a live feed, and invited viewers to join in to watch as we filmed the show beginning to end.

New balloon products, a balloon Grinch tutorial, and some other odds 'n' ends. Enjoy!"   :D


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