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Basic Rabbit Tutorial (5)

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Graham Lee:
Inflate a Sempertex 260 modelling balloon so that you have a 6/7 finger un-inflated tail.

You start by twisting a 3 finger nose bubble followed by a 1 finger pinch twist.

The next bubble will be one side of the top of the head where later you can draw the eye onto, this twist should be 3 fingers followed by another 1 finger pinch twist which will help to push the ears forward so improving the look of your bunny.

A pinch twist or ear twist are the same and instructions can be found here for them;

Graham Lee:
The ears are two 4 finger bubbles twisted into the pinch twist, from this pinch twist you will need another 3 finger bubble for the other side of the top of the head and twist into the first pinch twist that you made behind the nose.

You then need a soft 4 finger fold twist for a cheek.
(to get a soft bubble squeeze some of the air along into the tail of the balloon, but not too much)

A fold twist, loop twist are again exactly the same twist, instructions are here;

Graham Lee:
Repeat another 4 finger bubble for the other cheek and twist into the same pinch twist

Twist a very small 1 finger bubble for the neck.

The rest of the balloon has to be divided into five sections. These will vary with everyone depending on the pressure you’ve put onto the balloon while twisting but your looking for the next four bubbles to be approx 3 fingers each in length for the bunny’s arms and legs, these are wrapped around the bottom of the neck bubble.

Now we’re looking for 5 finger length to be left on the balloon so that the body of the balloon can be 4 fingers in length with a 1 finger bubble for the tail. The tail bubble is twisted between bubbles 2 and 3 that were used for the arms and legs.

If you run out of balloon when making the bunny, with your next attempt put slightly less air into the ballloon.
Another trick is to run your hand firmly all the way down the length of the balloon when it's inflated which will stretch the balloon making it a few inches longer.
To get a bend onto the ears, rub your hand over the back of the ears to warm the balloon while also separating the ears and pulling the top of the ears down towards the pinch twist that holds the ears in place. You get a slight separation between the two ears and a slight curve forward.

Thelma Levett:
very nice instructions Graham.

Hi Graham,

Nadine tested your instructions yesterday.
She only used the pictures, becourse she can't read English and I didn't want to help her.
(In that way I could find out what a "newbe" would make of the instructions.

She found them very clear. That is, untill she came to picture 2. She didn't understand how to come from step 2 to step 3. So I had to show her. Then step 4 was not easy at all, becourse there is suddenly a new twisted bubbel....In the other steps you showd the bubble first and then you twisted it in the right place.
After she saw how that has to be done she made the rabbit quickly following the other steps.

It's not as nice as yours,...but I think she did a great job!
I must say,....mine popped like 10 times and she had to do it over just 1 time. Becourse she had the bubbles to big, we attached a second ballon to finish.
These are the bunny's we made:




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