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Graham Lee:
Inflate the Sempertex 26o modelling balloon so that you have a 4 finger length un-inflated at the tail end.

Twist a 4 finger bubble for the head, a 1 finger bubble for an ear that is ear/pinch twisted. To do this fold the head against the rest of the balloon and gently pull away the 1 finger bubble while twisting approx 4 times to make sure it will not come undone. Twist another 1 finger bubble for the other ear and repeat the process for twisting the ear. This will be twisted against the first ear so take your time & gently twist in the second ear.

Graham Lee:
The neck needs to be approx between 10/12 fingers in length followed by two 5 finger bubbles for the front legs that are twisted around the bottom of the neck.

Graham Lee:
The body is a 4 finger length bubble with two more 4 finger bubbles for the back legs twisted around the back of the body bubble.

Hopefully this will leave you with a 2 finger tail bubble, if you find that you have more left over or not enough balloon then just change the size of the neck bubble to compensate for this.

The front legs on the giraffe should be longer than the back, this is done intentionally as a giraffe does have longer front legs.

Graham Lee:
With luck and a fair wind, or something like that
Your finished giraffe will look similar to this;

So that the giraffe's legs wont come undone when you twist the front legs pull the rest of the balloon in between them and with the back legs push the tail between the giraffe's legs so making two genuine lock twists. More details on the loop/lock twist can be found here;

Rusty T. Clown:
;) Very nice!! A little twist to this is to do a loop twist at the nose. This creates a rounded area to draw a mouth and small dots for the nose itself. :D


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