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Graham Lee:
This makes a nice clean join of two balloons rather than using two pinch twists. Tie the two balloons together and the just do the apple/tulip twist. Push the knot inside one of the balloons appox three inches, always more than you think as you will need to push the knot back towards the centre (darker balloon) so that the pressure of the balloons help to hold the twist in place.

As in diagram four where the left hand is, at this point you could tie a srap of balloon around the outer balloon to hold the knot in place before you push the knot back towards the centre of the two balloons.

miss twistywisty:
Hello! are there any tutorials on joining blossom geos? or can anyone give me a clue?? im sure if i try i'll get there BUT i have limited supplies left & a husband working nightshift which really limits the hours i can play with my balloons especially when expecting the odd POP or 2 ;) ... I have a plan in my head that requires it to work as a base that typically ive decided to present a sculpture on tomorrow for a birthday if i can! Many thanks for your time :) x

Graham Lee:
How are you trying to join these together? Dennis and Guido have a Geo DVD out with a few designs but I don't think that is what you are looking for.
Are you wanting to join four geo's together to form a large base?

miss twistywisty:
just 2 LOL, but i wanted them to be neat and not lumpy so had a marriage twist in my head but thats as far as i could compute LOL... ended up taking the cheats/wuss way out and used 2 pinch twists, (1 on each) to make a little bridge area fixing them together, it did the job! x

miss twistywisty,  I have tried and tried to do the marriage twist.  Sometimes it does actually work but many times the balloon breaks when I am pulling my finger out.  Like you, I have used two pinch twists when I'm in a hurry but I still keep trying the marriage twist when I can.  I think its a great technique and one day I will master it!


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