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Space/Machine Gun Tutorial

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Graham Lee:
This can be either a space gun, machine gun or even a hair dryer. Both the balloons were inflated to around 3 fingers un-inflated.

Graham Lee:
Once you have made the three loops to carry on with the slace gun or machine gun you would just make an extra large loop from the remainder of the 260 balloon. But if you want a smaller gun or possibly a hair dryer just push the remainder of the 260 through the loops as in the second picture here.

Graham Lee:
With the second balloon carry on as per the pictures. I do stretch this balloon before inflating and also when the balloon is inflated just pull the balloon through your hand with some friction to warm the balloon up, this will stretch it up to an extra 3/4 inches longer (75-100mm)

Graham Lee:
Carrying on;

Graham Lee:
Have the space gun with the bigger loop over the wrist or arm area;
For a different look it easily turns into a machine gun, put the bigger loop over the top of the smaller loop resting between loop two and three.
The second balloon that comes through all three loops needs a pinch twist close to the last loop to help the overall shape of the gun.


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