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Tips on Balloon Tutorial Section
« on: January 30, 2009, 11:52:05 AM »
We are putting up six design tutorials to start with and the number in brackets at the side is in relation to the difficulty with making the model. We suggest you start with number one & then progress. It would be good to see your efforts posted as well and if your having trouble with any specific steps then please ask as there are many on the forum who are more than willing to take time out to help you all with any problems.

The different twists & phrases are also numbered by difficulty & how often they are used, if starting out and for the basic twister we would suggest you read up to step 7 Tulip/apple twist to familarise yourself with the twists before you start attempting the models.
So please dont worry if your models are not exact copies of the tutorial pictures.

When we talk about bubble sizes in the tutorials, we are talking about the width of your fingers not length.
Everyones hands will be slightly different in size and we also all put a different amount of pressure onto the
balloon when twisting so generally no two models will be the same, they will all vary in shape & sizing.

If we have wetted you appetite for learning some more models we do have a model of the month section with written instructions to follow along too.

There are also plenty of instructional DVD's, CD's here to buy; ... ent=9&pg=1

or if your needing a supply of ballons we highly recommend these two companies,

as they seem a really nice couple who run the business :lol:  
Ok we'd better confess before we get flamed, it's our business ;)
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