Author Topic: Balloon Snap week 48 - A Handy Challenge  (Read 6910 times)

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Re: Balloon Snap week 48 - A Handy Challenge
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2016, 04:48:04 PM »
Quote from: "zozoo"
Thelma that hand is creepily realistic!!! Graham I adore that baby...any chance of a tutorial on it pleeaasseee??? Yes I'm begging  :oops:
Could you have a go at making it?
The head and body are two 5" quick links and the waist is a figure of eight from a 260.

If I made it again I think I would change a few things about it.
I think this was the second one, the first one is on either the hands/heart thread I posted 10/14 days ago.

Hope that is a little help?
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