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Balloon Snap week 48 - A Handy Challenge

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Hello all, well here is Balloon challenge number 48 and its a bit different this week as I want to see your hands (not your hands but your balloon hands), Hands have always been a bit of a problem for me especially when the sculptures are on the smaller side, I generally use any of 4 different hands that I make and here I am showing you 2 of them, a simple baby hand and a more complex lifelike hand.

Now I am not expecting you all so make your hands the same as mine but what I do want to see is how you do your hands? do you keep it simple or do you go crazy? It would be great to see all your hands.


This is my default hand (sometimes attached by making a double pinch twist in the blush for a wrist or by breaking off and attaching to double pinch twist in the arm, or breaking off and marriage twisting to arm.
A single pinch twist turns it into a foot.

lee ross:
It all depends what I am making but I put my hands up like this

Graham Lee:
I was watching the footie last night and then got the urge to try the competition, so got up and made the hand, funny how you sometimes get the urge  ;)

I don't want to know about your urges Graham :-) all excellent so far.


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