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Blackpool Balloon Bash


Graham Lee:
I have a ticket for next years Blackpool Balloon Bash for people to win.
It's just the registration ticket, you will have to purchase hotel and food yourself.

To enter you have to post two designs in Nov,
the draw will be made at the Care & Share day in Birmingham on 27th Nov.

Design one.
You can choose a design from my youtube channel, BalloonTube

Design Two
A design that has been taught/made at BBB and that has been posted on the
Blackpool balloon bash Facebook page or the BBB thread here on Balloon chat.

I will put all the links up later.
All entries need to be posted onto my Facebook business page.

Any questions then please ask away.

Graham Lee:
Just a week to go for the competition  to win a ticket to the
Blackpool Balloon Bash.

Graham Lee:
Only a couple of days left to enter the competition to win a ticket to the
Blackpool Balloon Bash in March 2019. Antonio Bécares Rodríguez and
Phileas Flash are both lecturing and running workshops. All details are on my
business Facebbok page. Closing date is Mid-Day on Tuesday 27th Nov UK time.


Any questions then please ask away

Graham Lee:
Leonie Dack was the winner of the ticket to The Blackpool Balloon Bash.

Thanks to all who entered.


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