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Guess How Many Balloons


Graham Lee:
We are running another competition. How many 260's in the bag.
This came from Qualatex and has not been tampered with.
I will post it onto my business page and the winner will be
sent the bag of balloons plus 5 balloon magic magazines.
I will only pay UK postage but you can enter worldwide if
you are happy to part pay the shipping.
All you have to do is guess the amount of balloons in the bag.


Is this a trick?
It has the count on the bag clearly displayed??

It's got to be a trick.  Untampered -unopened bag
It simply has to be 100
What am I missing?

Graham Lee:
If you want to win the bag of --- red balloons and 5 balloon magic
magazines then post your answer on my business facebook page.

I might add if you hold up a normal bag of 260's and then look at
the one above you may notice a difference?

Graham Lee:
PS, I guessed and was one out.


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