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Lets play a game


Hello all, Lets play a game, no prizes, just for fun. Below are 3 photographs of balloons I have made, each one represents a location in the UK and you need to guess where that location is, personally I think these 3 are fairly easy.

When you have guessed please don't go blurting it out and ruining it for everyone else, just reply to the post saying that you have worked it out. If you want to check your answers then send me a message on here or on facebook and I will let you know if you are right or wrong. I will reveal the answers sometime next week :D

So here are the first 3

Oh no!!!! I was never any good at geography!!!!

Graham Lee:
I think I have picture two.


--- Quote from: "Graham Lee" ---I think I have picture two.
--- End quote ---
That's the only one I know....haha. Robs balloons are great as always but my geography really is that bad!!


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