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New Balloon Snap -Month 1- 2016

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--- Quote from: "Thelma Levett" ---Oh I hope not. I don't like copying. I would happily join in if we have to make the same thing but in any style we like. The hands were all different designs so I thought it was everyone posted a photo of the subject in a design they had done. Much more interesting to me. To be honest I won't bother joining in if it is just copying.
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--- Quote from: "Kenny" ---As stated its just for fun, original snap is a copy, but members can post any variation of the theme, its just about joining in and members connecting with each other, a bit of a break from Face Book!!
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I think I am with Thelma on this one, its nice to come up with new ideas and variations, so as you say maybe you can either make the same or a variation or your own design of the chosen subject :D


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