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Blackpool Balloon Bash 2020

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Graham Lee:
The dates shave been announced for next years Balloon Bash.

Booking details are via the website, http://blackpoolballoonbash.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0h9wyiNInuun4xyghIEQH7cU29RGJt34hqKLg76bVojfGMmVGsUrv2CBw

Graham Lee:
The dates for the event are the 6/8th March

Graham Lee:
I understand a couple of tickets have become available if anyone wanted to attend.

Graham Lee:
Got back from the Blackpool Balloon Bash very late last night as there was a major
hold up on the motorway. We got stuck for over 90 minutes but one of the
funniest times ever with Sally and Danielle in the car and catching up
with what went on at the convention...………….it was so funny
we all had tears running down our faces.

I will start to post the pictures shortly.

Graham Lee:
Bob is in picture three, he is a lovely bloke xx
Jamie setting up his stand, just a little reminder I also sell balloons online  ;)


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