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Blackpool Magic Convention 2020

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Graham Lee:
I'm off tomorrow to the Blackpool Magic Convention.
Loading the car up in the morning and driving over to David Crofts to stay
for Tuesday night and then the drive up on Wed. We set the stand on
Thursday and open for business Friday, Saturday and Sunday and
then the long drive home Monday exhausted.

In the past we have had the drum kit, motorbike, cooker and chef,
armchair with beer and remote control and a sea side scene.

So what will we be building this year...…………
come over to the stand and say hello and see what it is...………….XXxx

Graham Lee:
Just back from the Blackpool Magic Convention, totally exhausted.
Thanks to David Crofts for helping on the stand and also for
building the Lance Burton Magician out of balloons with me.
We will start posting pictures tomorrow.

Graham Lee:
Getting stock in and unloading late Wed night.
This all gets crammed into my Postman Pat van.

Graham Lee:
Thursday morning we are both making the magician for the stand and also
setting the stand so its a little presentable for when we open on Friday.

The run down of who made what,
David made the chest, coat and shoes for the design and I made the face,
legs and hands. We both made the lamp post together.

Graham Lee:
The magician coming along.


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