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London Jam


Graham Lee:
Due to all the covid restrictions etc we have not met since last November so had a very
small get together and did keep our distance at the venue.
The six of us sat over four tables.

The face was from an Idea from Jason Secoda.
Kat made the man and Susie the ghost.

Graham Lee:
Caroline made the Dinosaur and Susie made the Butterfly from Ine's butterfly on Insta.
Danielle made the gun from a Sam Cremeens picture from a couple of years back now.

Graham Lee:
I was trying to sort a spaceman out, he looks too thin and long here.

Graham Lee:
Danielle and her master blaster firing device. Then better pictures that I took at home.

I was using my new camera and did not realise it was coming up with the date on the pictures.
And yes for those that know me its the same style camera as I always buy.
I have 5 of them now  ;D  Have sorted this out now so no date shows.

For those more observant you will notice the camera also had the wrong date set up.
It was a day late for both.


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