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Sutton Balloon Jam, 22nd January

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Graham Lee:
We are having a balloon jam get together in Sutton on Wed 22nd Jan,
its free to attend if you book online.
Please share and pass on details,

thanks. https://www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk/balloons/care-share-days/

Graham Lee:
Last chance to book in for tomorrow, we have over 25 people coming along to should be a fun day.

Graham Lee:
It was a packed old day, had to move the room about to fit everyone in.
Will start to post pictures from the day tomorrow, thanks all for coming
and hope everyone had a nice day.

All the cakes and nibbles etc were appreciated.

Graham Lee:
Thanks to all who came along, it was a little cosy at times with so many attending.
I think we just about got by in the smaller room, the early birds.

Kat brought a few things to sell.

Graham Lee:
David brought his mouse along and then weaved another at the day.


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