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Born that way


Dali Ballooni:
I know it sounds amazing but I have never learned how to become a balloon twister - I was actually born that way. I made my first balloon dog at the age of 3 months moving to more complex balloon creations by the age of 1 year when I made my first step... It was very sunny that day...

My entertainer character (http://www.dali-ballooni.co.uk) was shaped up by Salvador Dali's personal diaries, my ability to create artist dolls (http://www.ingoodmoods.com), juggling, costume design skills, etc so one day Dali Ballooni entertainer was "born". Again, it was very sunny day that day (just some clouds here and there) ...

I do a lot of twisting. Moreover, I do so much of balloon twisting that I see balloon animals in my dreams. Sometimes, I see nightmares as well (balloon creatures chasing me and then I suddenly pop) and then I would always wake up in a soundless scream...creapy... but the show must go on on the following day. As long as it is a sunny day!

Graham Lee:
Welcome along to the forum, twisting at 3 months............fantastic, do you have any pictures of you twisting at 3 months  :)  ;)
Would be great to see.

Dali Ballooni:
The weather is very nice today, so I thought I'd finally tidy up my place. Anyway, while tidying up the mess I have come across a couple of really old childhood pictures which no doubt are a solid proof that I started balloon twisting at the age of around 3 months (I am around 2 years on these pics though)...

Lee Reilly:
That's amazing. As photoshop wasn't invented until 1988 these must be 100% geniune. Have you thought of writing the the Guiness World Record people as you must surely be the youngest twister on record?


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