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I'm well and truly hooked now! A year or two ago (I think for my 29th birthday) my girlfriend (who is now my fiancee, and in 3 weeks will be my wife!) got me some balloons. I'd asked her to get me some so it wasn't much of a surprise but quite cool. I ended up not doing very much with them. Just last week I got them out again after deciding that for our wedding we would put a bag of balloons on each table for the guests! Since then I've spend about £100 + on balloons and stuff for me (plus the 100 that it cost for all the balloons for the wedding!
I'm a music teacher, mostly working with younger children, and on monday I did a concert during which I had to make sure a load of children stayed quiet, so I took some balloons along to practice with in the hope that they might be quiet and watch. I used up nearly all the gallons I took! So I've decided that tomorrow I'm taking a load of balloons with me and I'm going to make some simp models for passers by when my band is playing at a big agricultural show!!!! Should be fun!
Thanks for everyones support, I hope to meet some of you soon at a balloon day. Happy twisting!


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