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how i started


I started balloon twisting
I went to a kids party with my daughter and there wasn't much for the kids to do some balloons thrown around a room so me and another parent started having fun trying to make things for the kids. which the kids loved so I went home told my wife about it and she thought it would be a great idea to get me a balloon modelling kit and told me I have 3 months to practise for my own daughters party.
well one thing led to another and I was a hit with all the kids and I got an invite asking if I could do balloons for other parents and kids so after 6 other partys. people started saying I should charge for what I do as I do a good job. so me and my wife made a facebook page Balloons by Andrew and well that's how I started.
im still very new and need to learn more about advertising what I can do and doing other things not just parts and fairs.

but im hooked now and love standing there twisting balloons and seeing the look on the kids faces as well as the parents when they get the balloon


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