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My Story by Graham Lee
« on: April 17, 2008, 11:14:54 AM »
My Story by Graham Lee

It was a few years ago now, more than I care to remember. My eldest daughter was having her fifth birthday party so I rang around looking for an entertainer to do a show. What an unusual lot of people did I ring, one person who sounded about 80 said I had to pick him up & take him home again from the party. I later found out that he was a prominent member of the magic circle in his time.
Anyway we decided on someone called Jenny who came along and as I remember did no balloons at all but just magic with lots of bits of business. She was very funny & good with the children. A couple of things that I remember her doing were the dove pan baking the birthday cake while dressing my daughter as the magician and the wands that drop down to produce a funny picture. I think they were made by supreme, anyway she was excellent and I thought to myself and I don’t know why but I thought I’d like to do that.
So off I went to the local library and found some books on magic which are all kept in the children’s section, I remember making the coin in ball of wool effect with box etc as at this point hadn’t found or realised you could buy effects from magic shops.
In one of the books I found the address of some magic shops in London, what an eye opener that was, especially when I found International magic. I still remember as I walked down the stairs into their magic studio, in those days the shop had two separate parts. The studio was like the inner sanctum, only opened to a select & privileged few.
Anyway as I walked down the stairs the hair on the back of my neck stood up I was, well it’s hard to put into words but I suppose I was like a boy in a sweet shop.
A Great memory that I’ll never forget.
On that first visit I never bought anything but on my return one of the first things I purchased was “Lovey Duck” which is a great prop that I still have & use regularly over 22 years later.

To be continued, off out with the family. Were going to the seaside with the grand children.
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