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My humble beginnings


Graham asked for more on here so here goes - although, so far, I'm relatively inexperienced with balloons I am keen to develop this side of things.

At work (the day job) we sometimes get these book club type things where they leave a pile of books and you can buy them next time they come round - about a year ago there was a small book on balloon modeling along with a few balloons so I thought it would be a good idea to learn some basics to keep kids happy when I do a family disco or children's party and so I bought the book.

The balloons were a bit cheap and nasty but it got me hooked I got some more balloons and another book and flooded the kitchen with flowers, swords, dogs etc- the wife was delighted  :roll: . The reaction you get when you get the balloons out at a gig is amazing - the kids reaction on getting even a simple model. Talking of reactions I do have to apologise to the lady who turned round at the wrong moment in a disco - she saw me busy pumping up a pink 260 and couldn't actually see the pump - just my arm and the pink 260 appearing over the top of the desk - the poor lady nearly fell off her chair!  :lol:  :lol:

I am keen to learn more starting at the Birmingham Care and Share next week,I shall have to pay attention to the lectures as I got booked for my first 'walk about' gig last night, a fete organiser called to book a disco for their carnival queen night and I asked if they had anyone doing balloons at the fete - well she has now!!  :D  :D

I'm really pleased about that because the few 'twisting only' gigs I've got so far were from people asking for my card at one of my discos, they've gone well but this is a whole new thing for me - wish me luck

Good luck.. :roll:  :mrgreen:


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