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my simple story


Hallo im new in balloon world.but i want also to shared my story
.its was last year when my son 1st birthday oct 5 2013 and i thought it would be fun having magic and balloon
si i learn some of magic and balloon basic animals and i put make up on. And it was fun
the children and also there parent's enjoy.on that
Day someone want me on there daughter birthday.but im shy so a not accepted it i thought i just do it because of my son.then my nephew come to me and ask me to do a clown and magic trick.but because of language "deutsch" its hard. To do magic and joke. So i decided to focus on balllon and clown costume  just mime my face. Now feb 2014 i do have 4 birthday party.it was fun and i also love. Doing balloon.thats way im here to learn from you all. :)

Graham Lee:
It's always nice to read how people got started  :)

Welcome happy day and thanks for sharing :) I started balloons for my twins birthday 18 months ago :)

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