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When the twistin bug caught me


Thought it was about time I put to paper ( well Internet post ) how, when and why I got into balloons.

I always liked getting balloon models when I was younger but always thought they were far to complicated for me to do. Several years later I had a chance to have a go at making my first balloon dog. I failed at that so decided balloons were stupid. Several years later from then I was doing freelance work for a circus skills company. Going to places teaching circus skills at fetes, carnivals, events all over.
One of the weekends I was working I was partnered with a friend of mine and we got on great. In the evening there was some down time as we only worked till 7 so he offered to teach me some balloons. I said ok as long as it wasn't a balloon dog, still didn't like them lol. So my first balloon model was a monkey in a palm tree. And I loved it. So as the evening went on we kept on making models, giving them out to people on surrounding tables, taking requests and having a blast. I took to twisting like a duck to water. We ended up making these huge hats and kept adding random models to them so much so mine became at least 4feet across. Less a hat more a sombrero.
After that it was safe to say I was hooked. I watched every YouTube video I could find and moved on to buying DVDs and working through those. I loved every minute of it.
I eventually became part of a circus society at Birmingham university and carried on my skills there. I even got to teach several classes on balloon modelling at their annual ballring juggling convention.
The rest they say is history. I just keep learning more and more designs, usually forgetting them as well, and keep having fun.
I do have to say that besides all the fun I have with twisting the best bit for me is seeing a child's face when they get their balloon. Seeing the wonder in their expression takes me back to when I was that young. It's just a great feeling knowing you have given someone a little bit of wonder into their lives

Aw that's lovely Benjamin! Have you dared make a dog since?

I made my first balloon dog when I was volunteering overseas with disabled children. One of the other volunteers had bought some cheap modelling balloons, and, after popping a few, I made a tiny little dog. I was so proud - I still have the photo of me with the little dog!

The children loved balloons so I decided to buy some decent ones (and a decent pump) and learn a few basics for the next visit to them. That was 4 years ago and I absolutely love it now. Like you say, seeing the smiles is just fantastic!

Hey Benjamin, great story! I'm in Halesowen, we should get together and jam some time.

Graham Lee:
Thanks for posting how you got hooked, always nice to read how it happened to others.


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