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Balloon tutorials

A warm welcome to Balloon Chat.

The site is completely "free" to use, so please take your time and look around the forum and enjoy
this wonderful world of ours that is, balloon art. We do hope you like what you see and will actively
take part and join in with the forum. Perhaps it will give you the bug to try twisting for yourself.
If so we do have a balloon tutorial section that has the instructions for some basic designs
which will hopefully get you up and running with a list and some explanations of all the
different twists and bubble phrases that are used within the balloon community.

But please be warned, balloon modelling is very addictive.
(Link to balloon tutorials)

Balloon Art Wholesale Balloon Art Wholesale Balloon Art Wholesale
Welcome along to "Balloon Chat" the balloon forum that has been running now since 1st April 2008.
Please enjoy looking around, the site is run by Graham Lee from Balloon Art Wholesale.
So a little plug that if you do need any balloons or accessories then perhaps you would consider
the advertising banners at the top of any page on the forum for either Qualatex or Sempertex
balloons. You might like to join "The Balloon Artistes Guild" (BAG) or attend some of the
"Care & Share" balloon educational days that are run all over the UK
with International STAR lecture days. More details, (Link)

Joining The Balloon Chat Forum
Please just click on the register button above and Graham will activate your account asap.
New Olaf & Disney Princess Designs
Disney Princess Hearts Two new items have just come into stock
on the Qualatex Balloons website.
They are the 5" round latex Olaf Face
(Product number 13727) from
Frozen and the always very popular
6" Disney Princess Heart balloon
(Product number 15544) Both are now available from Balloon Art Wholesale
who promote and sell Qualatex Balloons.
Qualatex website, (Link)
Olaf Face
Business Facebook Page
Balloon Art Wholesale who have been promoting and selling Qualatex Balloons (Link)
for the past six years via the website and also the care & share educational balloon days
have just started a business facebook page to promote the company to a wider audience.
There will be balloon instructions, competitions and special offers available via the page.
The first special offer is online with up to 25% off the solid colour 321 modelling balloon.
For more details (Link) I'm sure they would appreciate you liking and sharing the page.
Balloon Art Wholesale
Tanya Kemp Qualatex Balloons (Link)
March Prize Draw Winner

The name out of the hat for the prize draw for March on the
Qualatex Balloons website was Tanya Kemp who runs
Corsie balloons from Perth, Scotland. (Link)
Here is Tanya with her winning Patrick van de Ven DVD
Tanya offers a wide range of options from birthday parties,
centre pieces, balloon modelling and wedding decor.
Tanya also has a facebook page, (Link)

There is another prize draw for April with a Mark Byrne
DVD as the prize. You have to make an elephant from
the balloons sent out with orders and full step by step
instructions on balloon chat. Full details, (Link)
The Balloon Artistes Guild 2015/16
The new club year began 1st April and this is the fouth year
the club has been running. There are 10 balloon days all
over the UK with three star lecture days with International
balloon artistes from all over the world lecturing at the
"Care & Share" days that Graham Lee has been running
for the past ten years. These days are filmed with members
receiving a DVD in case they are unable to attend all the
events. There are in addition 7 other balloon days that
club members can attend for the yearly fee of just £160.
In previous years, Ken Stillman, Buster Balloon, Ed Chee,
David Brenion, Patrick van de Ven, Brian Asman, Patricia
Bunnell have all run workshops in the UK for the club.
Non club members are also most welcome to attend all or
any of the days during the year. For more details, (Link)
The Balloon Artistes Guild
The Millennium Jam 2015
The Millennium Jam The millennium jam balloon convention is
coming back for a one off special in
Mol, Belgium. The event is run by
Johan and Leo from the IBS balloon
company and lead the way for
many years as being the event to attend.
The dates are 9/13th Nov, to be confirmed.
For those that have never attended this
convention there are just two words.......
For more details the website will
be up dated shortly, (Link)
New From Qualatex Balloons.(Link)
For the past few months customers will have noticed that Graham & Lyn have been sending out
complimentary packs of balloons wth orders that customers may not have tried before.

New from April they will be including packs
of complimentary balloons (with spares)
that will have a link to the balloon forum,
balloon chat that Graham runs. There you
will find step by step detailed instructions
with pictures and text on how to make
the model from the balloons supplied.
The packs will change each month and for
April they are having a prize draw on the
forum with the chance to win a DVD. To be
entered into the draw all you have to do is
post your attempt for this months model
of the month, the Elephant opposite.
Full instructions on how to make the
Elephant can be found here, (Link)
Model Of The Month
Qualatex Training and Event Days
On the Qualatex events website there are full details about the up coming
training days that are available in the UK and also abroad. (Link)
Qualatex Training Days

There you will find information on Twisting and Deco-twisting
courses that are run regionally across the UK.

If you are a decorator or balloon retailer and would like to learn
how to add value to your balloon offerings with minimal
cost then Twisting Made Easy is the course for you!

Alternatively come and join one of Graham Lee's Care and Share
Days that are sponsored by Qualatex. These informal days are
designed for balloon twisters of all levels, great for networking
and perfecting your twisting skills. Make sure to bring along
with you a hand pump, a bag of 260Qs and a big smile and
you are guaranteed a good learning day!
More details on the Care & Share Days, (Link)

World Record Success
Caroline Ainslie from Bubbly Maths, (Link) achieved her ambition on 24th Feb
at the Guinness headquaters with being awarded the world record for
"The Largest Three Dimentional Fractal Made From Modelling Balloons"
. Caroline with a team of twelve that included, Graham Lee, David Crofts,
Michael Abrahamson, Steve Benton, Sandra Smith, Lenny Williams
Evette Franklin, Marion Freeman, Elizabeth Smith, Kristen Avis, Toni Beardon.
Caroline had attempted to get into the Guinness Worlds Record book on two other
occasions with her largest modelling balloon sculpture on the 30th June 2013 and
during the Cambridge Science Festival that was held on the 15th March 2014
for the largest Tetrix made from modelling balloons
Caroline also does a lot of fund raising work for, AIMSSEC
who Support Disadvantaged African Children to Rise Up from
Poverty through Sustainable Education. For more details, (Link)
David Crofts Bubbly Maths Graham Lee
Qualatex Balloons new Colour, Coral.
Pioneer Europe have just released the 2015 catalogue with many new and exciting
products available in the printed range and now under licence for the UK market.
In stock now is the new 160, 260 and 350
twisting balloon in the colour Coral. (Link)
Coming soon, the Disney Princess heart collection
in assorted bags and a 5 inch round Olaf print.
There is also the new Mickey and Minnie licence
for the UK with Marvel and Star War rounds
availalable very shortly from the Qualatex range.
Twisted Cinema.
Rob Driscoll who was the originator for the one balloon a day on his balloon blog has started
his next venture for his balloon art addiction with his twisted cinema series. Every week Rob
will be putting up a classic film poster made from balloons. He is up to week 12 now with
The Terminator and Home Alone getting the balloon treatment.
To follow Rob on his new challenge for the year, (Link)
Rob Driscoll Rob Driscoll

Graham Lee DVD Release, "Twenty Two Just For You"
The latest DVD from Graham Lee who is the founder member of the forum balloon chat is about
to be released. It was filmed live in Holland for the Twister Club group in Amsterdam. (Link)
This is Volume 7 of the series and has thirty two sculptures/models/ideas on the DVD.
Fully explained on the DVD are,

Twenty Two Just For You Hippo, Flower, Dove, Teddy Bear, Swan,
Pen Talk, Magic Trick, Plane, Machine Gun,
Dog Poo, Crown, Snail, Fish, Folded Rose,
Motor Bike, Bike Two and Rider, Handbag,
Fish Bubbles, Folded Rose Again, Tank, Bird
and Worm, Flower Bracelet and Love Heart.

Shown on the DVD but not explained are,
Rhino, Dolphin, Shield, Flower, Rabbit,
Parrot, Sponge Bob, Helicopter, Butterfly.
To purchase this and other DVD's (Link)

Balloon Education
Why not make 2015 the year to increase sales and to offer your clients
some new designs and techniques. Pioneer Europe and Qualatex Balloons
offer educational training days all over the UK with training days on
Decor, Fundamentals, Quick Links, Retail Essentials and many more.
For more information on the Pioneer Europe days, (Link)
Details about the Balloon Artistes Guild "Care & Share" balloon days
that have ten twisting days with three International Star lecture workshops,
dates are posted onto the balloon forum under the events section, (Link)
To book onto any individual day or to join the Balloon Artistes Guild, (Link)
Qualatex Balloons January Prize Draw.
The prize draw makes a comback on the website for January 2015, (Link)
There are three DVD's to win, Patrick van de Ven, Mark Byrne and Alberto Falcone.
To enter the competition just spend £50 via the website to be automatically entered
into the prize draw. There will be three individual prizes but your name could be
picked out on more than one ocassion.
Patrick van de Ven Alberto Falcone Mark Byrne
Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year for 2015
May it bring joy and happiness to all.
Happy New Year
The Balloon Artistes Guild 2015/16
It is coming to that time of year to start planning about membership for next year,
the options are, 1, Early bird special. 2, Early bird monthly
3, DVD only membership. 4, Full membership from April
So for next year which starts from 1st April there is
either the 3 month scheme, Jan, Feb and March.
For next year the early bird special will be £125 paid
before 1st march with cash/bank transfer or £129
paypal/credit card or with three monthly payments
of £43 for Jan/Feb/March

1st April the fee will be £150 or £160 paypal/credit card.

This makes the days from just £12.50 to attend and with
three DVD's that is fantastic value for money
Please contact Graham Lee for more details, (Link)
The Balloon Artistes Guild
Twist and Shout 2015
Twist and Shout Twist and Shout
There is less than a month to go before one of the biggest twisting balloon conventions
that will be taking place in Las Vegas. Instructors are all booked and include
Irena Lobanova, Jason Seconda, Mark Byrne, David & Shayna Brenion,
Ralph Dewey, Stretch, John Watkins and many others.
There are three master classes to enhance your modelling and business skills.
For full details then please check out the Twist and Shout website. (Link)
Qualatex, Recipe Of The Month
Receipe of the month Every month Pioneer Europe produce a sculpture with
detailed step by step instructions to download. (Link)
With it coming up for Christmas this months
theme is the wreath. There is even a materials list
with product numbers. So for this month you need,
#64329 18” Candy Swirl Red x 1 piece
#50989 9” Candy Swirl Red x 1 piece
#90198 6” Quick Link Green (50ct) x 8 pieces
#43599 5” Red (100ct) x 8 pieces
#79699 260Q Red (100ct) x 2 pieces
#43918 160Q White (100ct) x 1 piece
#65284 Red Tulle x 5ft
#65108 Poly Ribbon White x 3ft
"Care & Share" Balloon Days, 10th Anniversary
The care and share educational balloon days are coning up in
2015 for the tenth anniversary. The first event for 2015 will be
held in Bishops Stortford on Tuesday 6th Jan. The days started
off back in 2005 after the passing of David Grist 15/01/2005.
So to commemorate David's life and the influence he had within
the balloon community and the anniversary of the care and share
days we will be having a little party. There will be a basic class,
competitions, free raffle and at least six balloon workshops
with the days going back a little to how they used to be run. Full
details will be posted on balloon chat, (Link) The days evolved
from balloon modellers getting together and sharing ideas and
have now become full lecture days within the community and
possibly a vital part in helping to "Improve our Art" in the UK.
The day will be "FREE" to attend, more details, (Link)
David Grist

1st & 2nd MARCH, Knebworth Barns, Knebworth
Two full days of educational training and take your business to a higher level.

Classes include:
Link-O-Loons with world renowned balloon artist Guido Verhoef
Big Balloon Decor for Big Balloon Profits
Balloon Drops & Exploders
Light-Up your Wedding Decor; Light Up your Profits
Spectacular (Non Balloon) Table Centrepieces
Twisting with Balloons - Beginners & Advanced -
with universally renowned twister Graham Lee

Introduction to Face Painting with International
Award Winning Face Painter Liz Bylett

With a Trade Exhibition on Monday 2nd March
For more details, (Link)

Nabas Nabas
Twisted Cinema with Rob Driscoll
Rob Driscoll
Back in 2013, Rob made a balloon every single
day for 365 days and has since been itching to
start another new balloon challenge. His new
challenge is called Twisted Cinema and each
week Rob is going to publish a balloon twist
photograph which is based on a famous
movie scene or movie poster. The challenge
will start now and continue all the way through
2015 with a new photograph every week.
To view the new balloon blog, (Link)
Week one is the classic scene from Gremlins.

Balloon Twister Central Website
Clayton James who runs Balloon Twister Central on facbook has started up a
website under the same name with all kinds of balloon information for the balloon
artistes around the world. Balloon Chat even gets a mention so I thought it was
right and proper to give a link on here.If you have a few minutes to view
there is a guest balloon artiste of the month, a page on set up's, clothing,
stencils, you tube clips and a shop, (Link)

From Clayton, "Well... Basically that's a free resource site meant
to spotlight balloon artists in the facebook group, provide info
on conventions and vendors, and to promote group members
who sell instructions or other balloon related merchandise"

Balloon Twister Central
The Florida Super Jam
Sheree and Herschel are running the convention again next year at the Allure Resort
Florida from Jan 7/10th. Registration is just $160 for the full event. There is a dog
competition "Best In Show" that you can enter if registered before 24th Nov
with the chance to win $500 at the convention.
For more details and to book, (Link)
Florida Super Jam
Bling Bling Jam
Five days of twisting and the night before party organised by Steve Kpromo.
Early bird registration is just $250 with artistes teaching including Ken Stillman,
Brian Potvin, Nao Osaka from Japan and many more. Full details, (Link)
New Products from Pioneer Europe
Pioneer Europe have some new products out to the balloon industry with new
latex 11" printed balloons, foils and bubble balloons. Some of the new items include,
Dora, Sponge Bob, Bubble Guppies, Me To You and Rachel Ellen.
To view the complete range of new products, (Link)
Qualatex Guardian Qualatex Hello Kitty Qualatex Guppies Qualatex Avenger Qualatex Dora Qualatex Spiderman
New Stock From The USA
Balloon Art Wholesale who promote and sell Qualatex Balloons in the UK have just
received the latest supply of product not previously stocked in the UK.
The Onyx Black 6" Geo Blossom balloon, (Link)
Last week the heart cat faces arrived in Pink and White, (Link)
To view the full range that Qualatex balloons offer then please take a look at the
recently re-vamped website, (Link) there is a special offer on at the moment
with shipping at just £3.99 on orders under £125 and free for orders avove this.
Pink Cat Face Onyx Black 6" Geo Blossom White Cat Face
Qualatex Balloons September Prize Draw Winner
Paul Schofield was the prize draw winner this
month on the Qualatex Balloons website, (Link)
Paul won the full set of six DVD's by Graham Lee.
Congratulations to Paul who sent over a picture with
his new DVD collection and a few words about himself.
I am Twisty Paul, balloon artist and children's entertainer
based in Blackpool. I have been twisting for five years
and am looking forward to adding a few new designs
to my repertoire after watching Grahams fantastic dvds.
I am part of the cj Tazz entertainments team, providing
the very best in children's, family and adult entertainment.
I also have my own website, (Link)
and can be found on facebook, search
Twisty Paul and become a friend!!.
Paul Schofield
Enter The World Balloon Convention 2016
Decor Design Competition

At the World Balloon Convention 2014, delegates were blown away by the incredible
decor throughout the event. Now, YOU have the chance to rise to balloon
stardom by entering the WBC 2016 Decor Design Competition!

Envision yourself taking the lead role in designing and leading one
of the following decor b uilds for WBC 2016:

• Lobby Decor
• Thursday Night Costume Party
• Grand Gala

One winning guest designer will be selected for the Lobby Decor
and each of the two WBC 2016 parties.
Along with the opportunity to design and execute the winning decor,
each winner will receive:

• Transportation to and from WBC 2016
• Full-package Registration for WBC 2016
• Lodging for the duration of the event

You could win the chance to design your dream decor using unlimited Qualatex
balloons and a full staff to help realize your vision. Impress the WBC delegates,
then return home to impress your customers by promoting
your accomplishment in your own business.
Closing date is Dec 3rd 2014. For more details, (Link)

Show the world what you’ve got – enter today!

World Balloon Convention

Cecil's Musical Safari

Cecil is a friendly donkey who lives happily on his retirement pasture at the city farm.
He's a sociable chap, quite noisy actually and very inquisitive always wanting to know
what's around the next corner. Cecil likes to watch the daily news bulletins through
the city farm cafe window and one day there was a feature about his local park,
what an adventure it would be to take a look himself and see the wonderful sights
and meet the people who live there!
Help Cecil to follow his dream.
See what happens when he meets Lesula the Monkey.
Cecil’s super fun Safari sets off soon…see you there!

Verona Chard

Saturday 25th October, Art's Theatre, 11am & 2pm
Sunday 26th October, Art's Theatre, 1pm
Thursday 30th Oct, Art's Theatre, 2pm

Monday 27th Oct, The Woodville, Gravesend
Sunday 2nd Nov, Royal Concert Halls, Nottingham
For more details and to book, (Link)

Layla-Mae Appeal, 2nd Dec, Halesowen

1 amazing day for the Layla-mae Appeal
9 amazing instructors!
Same place, same day!
9 unique designs! (at least)
This really is a one time only deal!
Halesowen, Birmingham, UK.
December 2nd 2014
A fund raising event for the Layla-mae Appeal.
Organised by Sue Bowler

Supported by Qualatex, Balloon Chat, BAPIA, Conwin
and some of the finest instructors in the balloon industry!

Tope Abulude, Bob Armstrong, Luc Bertrand, Sue Bowler, Dominic Cassidy,
Fiona Fisher, Graham Lee, Colin Myles & Keith Stirman

Your eyes are not deceiving you, they will all be giving their time and
designs with ALL monies going directly to the Layla-mae Appeal.
For more details and to book, (Link)
August Prize Draw Winner

Last months winner for the prize draw on the Qualatex
balloons website (Link) was John Wolstenholme
who kindly sent us the picture with a few words,

"I plan to use the prize as one of the raffle prizes at the
Durham Juggling and Circus Festival in October.
This is a great weekend Convention, now run between
Durham City Jugglers, Juggling and Unicycling
Stockton on Tees, Circus Central in Newcastle
and the Five Ring Circus.
Apart from co-ordinating the entire event, my main job is
running 'The Famous Dr John's Bar' at the Saturday night show.
Not sure if it is me or the bar that is 'famous', possibly neither"
For more information on the juggling convention, (Link)

For a few more words from John and how to find out
the details for his bandaged finger there is mor
on the baloon forum, Balloon Chat, (Link)
John Wolstenholme
Pioneer Europe, Educational Balloon Days.
Pioneer have updated the website with details of balloon days around the UK for 2014.
On the list are courses for Retail Essential, Fundamentals, Air Filled Decor,
Care & Share Days, Quick Links, Corporate Decor, Weddings,
Deco Twisting, Twisting Made Easy and CBA Exams.
With details about balloon conventions for September in Norway and Dubai. (Link)
Qualatex Education News
Anna Royce

Qualatex Balloons,
July Prize Draw Winner

Anna Royce was the lucky winner for the July competition
where you just have to spend £25 via the Qualatex Balloons
website (Link) to be automatically entered into the prize draw.
This was the first winner since the website had been
re-vamped and Anna won £70 worth of balloon products.
When Anna was informed of her win to say she was
excited I think would be an understatement.
Anna works the Essex and Suffolk area as a children's
entertainer with crafts, balloon modelling, face painting,
dancing, party games and even a little bit of party magic!
For more details about Anna and party packages, (Link)

Pieter van Engen, Balloon Art DVD 3
Pieter has just brought out
his third DVD with eight
new designs and there
is a special offer at
the moment with free
worldwide shipping.
On the DVD are,

1 Turtle, 2 Pistol,
3 Tropical Fish, 4 Sheep,
5 Parrots, 6 Skateboard,
7 Bunny, 8 Helicopter.

For more details, (Link)
Pieter van Engen

Thelma Levett, Balloon Tuition.
This compilation shows a variety of distortion techniques including the Levett-Link.
Learn how to make Internal connections quickly and efficiently for a tidy finish
with no knots showing. This compilation also includes a few favourites such as the
tank engine, cockatoo, snake, tiger and others on this excellent PDF CD.
To acquire this great compilation visit Thelma's website, (Link)
This is the fifth CD in Thelma's collection of instructional PDF's,
others include, Two and a bit, Nice and easy,
Something for everyone and A little bit more.

Thelma Levett
The Balloon Artistes Guild Qualatex Balloons Monthly Prize Draw (Link)
There is just a week left to enter this month's star prize draw for
August to win membership to "The Balloon Artistes Guild" for
2014/15. There are still eight days to attend all over the UK,
the winning entry also gets three DVD's from the star lecture
days that are filmed throughout the year. To enter just spend £25
on the website www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk to be entered into
the draw. If you would like more details about the balloon artistes
guild and the "Care & Share" balloon educational fun days with
the next events taking place, (Link) Manchester, 30th Sept.
Sutton, Surrey, 21st/22nd Oct and Birmingham, 25/26th Nov

BAPIA is the Balloon And Party Industry Alliance,
a trade organization working like a trade association
to promote the balloon and party industry and the
professionals within it. The aim is to increase public
awareness of the industry and the many uses for
balloons and party products. Bapia are also
committed to promoting the benefits of using
industry professionals and are running an active
campaign promoting balloons and the enviroment

For the public they offer a search facility to find local
retailers and professional event decorators enabling
you to contact the general public directly, (Link)

Membership is £160 and includes Public, Products &
employers liability insurance and Legal Insurance.

Planes Deco Bubble Balloon
To coincide with the new Disney film "Planes 2" Pioneer Europe have launched a new
Deco Bubble Balloon. This is available in the UK for the Premiere cinema release date in August.
Qualatex Balloons
Eric Weinstein Attention Balloon Twisters!
Eric Weinstein of Live Balloons Party
Entertainment has just released his
first set of PDF instructionals!

Bee, Lobster, Slimer, Ghost, Monster
Volume 2-
Cat, Pig, Duck, Coyote
To view Eric's full portfolio, (Link)
Eric won the medium sculpture
competition at Twist and Shout 2014
For a limited time only, each PDF is $15
So for $30 total you get 9 designs and 6
bonus designs for a total of 15 awesome
creations! For purchasing info, (Link)
or if you have PayPal use Eric's e-mail partypeople@liveballoons.com
to purchase these excellent instructions.
Euro Jam Hamburg
International meeting of balloon artists    
4th - 6th of November 2014  
The line up of instructors has just grown again for the first euro
jam that will be held in Hamburg. Being added to the line up are,
Pieter van Engen, Sabina Kellner and Luc Bertrand.
All three will be running advanced twister classes
during the convention. There are still some more surprises
to be added to the line up so please make sure
you look back to see what will be on offer at this
excellent European balloon convention.
Registration is 200 euros for the full event.
For more details, (Link)
Euro Jam Hamburg
The Qualatex Event Dubai
Moevenpick Hotel, Ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, UAE. Sept 26/28th
Qualatex Event Dubai The Qualatex Event Dubai 2014 was created for
balloon decorators, retail and party stores, event
planners, business owners, as well as newcomers
wanting to explore a career in the balloon industry.
The education offered at the event is designed
for a variety of skill levels and interests, from
those just beginning in balloons to professionals
looking for new techniques and inspiration.
For more details, (Link)
Qualatex Event Dubai
Patrick van de Ven, Seagull Instructions.
Patrick has his new seagull instructions out and sent me over the details below,
so over to Patrick to explain theings. To view more of Patrick's work,
"Writing instructions for my balloon sculptures is something I’ve been wanting to do for
a long time. With this first sculpture I want to test the waters and see if people are interested.
How to order? Please send 5 euro’s (or more; what you feel it’s worth to you)

My account name is: pvdven73@hotmail.com
With your paypal payment, please mention your
email address and also your Facebook name. After
I’ve received your payment, I will email you the
instructions. Make sure your inbox can receive a
5,6 Mb file. If you want to receive the file on
Facebook, send me a PM and you can get it as
an attachement. Thank you very much for your
support. Your support and enthusiasm
will fuel my next instructional pdf files."

Patrick van de Ven
Thelma Levett

Thelma Levett, New Instructional CD

Thelma has just brought out her fifth instructional CD
on a new technique that she has been working on
for the past few months, named the "Levett Link".
There is a pre-order special price of £15 for one
week only which is a 25% saving. The CD will be
ready for Wed 16th July with Thomas, Snake,
Cockatoo, Kingfisher, Snail, Dog, Tiger, Elephant,
Seagull, Hair Technique, Minion and a selection of
fruit fully explained with clear step by step pictures
and text. Other CD's from Thelma include,
Two and a Bit, Something for Everyone,
Nice and Easy and A Litle bit More.
For more information as to what is explained
on each CD and to purchase,

Thelma Levett Thelma Levett Thelma Levett
Twisticology Invitational
Sept 29/30th and 1st Oct, 2014
Robbie Furman is organising a new balloon convention that will be taking place in
New Jersey at the Holiday Inn, Totowa. Registration is $300 and it will
certainly be a convention with a difference. For more details, (Link)
If you are thinking of booking then be quick as the event is limited to just 100 people.
Looking for something DIFFERENT?  
Are you looking to START making a CHANGE in HOW YOU
See the Balloon World?
Are you looking to build your PORTFOLIO??
Do you have a Website...and do you LOVE IT?
Do you want to COMPETE against Other Balloon People?
Have you ever been to New Jersey?
(You would remember if you were here before!)
Are you ready to have your mind BLOWN?
Robbie Furman
Qualatex Balloons, New Website
The Qualatex Balloons website that is run by Graham Lee from Balloon Art Wholesale
has just been re-vamped and is now more mobile device friendly and easier to use for
placing orders. Existing customers will need to reset passwords on the site as
all the old passwords from the old site were unable to be transferred over.
To re-set your password now please use the link, (Link)
If anyone, new customers or old are having any issues with the new web shop then
please get in touch via the email on the website and Graham will try to help out. (Link)
Qualatex Balloons
The Midweek Children's Entertainer Convention
This year not only is there the night before competition at Kidology but also the day after a
ventriloquist convention, Ventarama being organised by Zoobee and Albion magic.
Kidology is on at the The Civic & Wulfrun Halls, Wolverhampton, 8/9th Sept with
Ventarama taking place at the Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on the 10th Sept.
Both days are packed with lectures, presentations and a balloon modelling competition.
For further details and to book, (Link)
The David Grist Memorial Lecture 2014
We have the memorial lecture for David that will be in Birmingham on Tuesday 1st July
and Wed 2nd July. Sue Bowler will be running a deco twisting workshop on the
Tuesday, Sue is an absolute wealth of balloon knowledge and this will be a day to
come along to learn from the very best in the balloon world. On the Wednesday
Thelma Levett will be running the full day long workshop and the problem will
be how can Thelma get a three day lecture crammed into just a single day.
Thelma's mind just never switches off from balloon designs and techniques.
There is an early bird special for the first ten people to book for either day, (Link)
Thelma Levett Sue Bowler
The Great Arabian Balloon Adventure
5/11th October, Dubai
3 Days of Classes on decorating, new techniques, business ideas
all from leading Instructors in the Balloon Industry?
Downloadable Class notes
Conference ‘Goodie ‘bag
Opening Ceremony
Lunch on all days
Coffee breaks with some edible delights
Famous Dubai Gala Brunch
Chance to enter into fun competitions
Shopping Experience at the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall
For more details and to book, (Link)
Arabian Balloon Adventure
Balloon 411 Balloon 411
Knowing where to start is the most challenging part of any new interest.
Balloon 411 is a resource centre website aimed at the beginner into
balloon modelling but I'm sure the more experienced twister will
pick up a new site or balloon inspiration along the way as well.
Matt Martin has been putting the website together and ad's
to the details on a weekly basis so check back to see the latest
sites, forums and balloon facebook pages added. The site was
named from the telephone information service that is provided
in America by calling 411. If you have any links or details for
other balloon related sites then please contact Matt so that
he can keep the site as up to date as possible. (Link)
Andrew, The Brilliant Balloon Man
$1000 Kids Birthday Party Secrets
With over 20 years of experience in the birthday party field and from entertaining worldwide
Andrew has finally found the time to sit down and put the secret's to his success into
a long overdue book with everything explained in full detail, (Link)
Andrew Smith

Andrew charges higher fees than most Children's entertainers and this
book reveals his easy steps to raising your fees so that you can charge
"What you are worth".

The TEN myths about putting up your fees.

Understand why you are not charging enough for your services.

How to charge more than your competition and still be a busy entertainer.

How to get more bookings without spending money on
Google Adwords and SEO.

Follow Andrew on Facebook, (Link)
with his marketing tips and advice for entertainers.

Qualatex, Balloon Education Day's

Here you will find information all about the Qualatex Twisting
and Deco-twisting courses that are run regionally across the UK.

If you are a decorator or balloon retailer and would like to learn
how to add value to your balloon offerings with minimal
cost then "Twisting Made Easy" is the course for you!
The next training day will be in Bristol on June 3rd, (Link)

Alternatively come and join one of Graham Lee's Care and Share
Days that are sponsored by Qualatex. These informal days are
designed for balloon twisters of all levels, great for networking
and perfecting your twisting skills. Make sure to bring along
with you a hand pump, a bag of 260Qs and a big smile
and you are guaranteed a good learning day!

Twisting Made Easy
The Balloon Organizer
Ori Livney is very happy to introduce the Origanizer!
After many years of trying every balloon set up, Ori came up with this.
The Origanizer is everything you ever wanted from your balloon holder, and more!
Key Features:

1. FAST: Loading balloons has never been so fast and easy!
Just grab them, insert them and you’re good to go!
2. EASY: It is soooo easy!
3. VERSATILE: It can be attached to any apron, case...,
or other setup you already have.
You can attach it using your Velcro straps or connect it using anything you want.
It has connection spots all over so that you can fit it to your needs!
For more details and to order please visit the facebook page, (Link)
Ori Livney Ori Livney Ori Livney
Twist and Shout
Super Early Bird Registration Fee $299
 Las Vegas 21st/25th Jan 2015
Your Registration fee includes, All Twist & Shout Classes. Admission to the Vendor area.
Exclusive Access to the 23 -hour -a-day Jam Room.
Many chances to hob-nob and pick the brains of the best Balloon Instructors around.
A Welcome Reception Wednesday with hors d'oerves, games and fun!
Free Entry to all the balloon competitions, and voting privilages to said competitions.
Free Admission to the Stage Entertainment Competition.
Free Admisstion to Fashions Show Dress/Costume Competition.
Gala Banquet Awards Show Saturday Night.
Continental Breakfast Sunday Morning.
A Goodie Bag filled with free samples, coupons
and other Fun Stuff!
More details to be found on the convention website, (Link)
WIN £100 Worth of Balloon product.
Balloon Art Wholesale are sponsoring a competition in the up coming Rubber Chicken
magazine. This is the only UK publication for the Children's Entertainer and comes
out six times a year.All you have to do to win the prize is buy either or both of the
next two editions, each magazine gives you a chance to win £30 of balloon product
and a Graham Lee DVD of your choice. To buy the magazine (Link)
The first live draw will take place at Trix in the Stix's.
Balloon art wholesale Rubber Chicken

Twistina's Five Minute Balloon Delights Vol 4
By International  Twister of the Year, Twistina The Amazing Balloon Lady.

15 Impressive Balloon Sculptures "That Can Each Be Made In About Five Minutes"!
Step-By-Step Instructions and hundreds of full colour Photographs.  CD-ROM or Files
emailed direct to your computer containing an 119 Page Book in PDF Format.
Can be viewed on a PC with option to print out as an entire book or individual Pages.

  Florrie The Flamingo ~ Bluebird / Christmas Robin ~ Shield of Saint George
Knight’s Sword ~ Howling Wolf ~ Barney The Owl ~ Sophisticat
Cartoon Michael Mouse ~ Tractor ~ Sharkey The Shark ~ Terrific Tiger
Daisy The Cow ~ Video Game Plumber ~ Mini Yon - (Two Versions)
and Salty The Seahorse. For more details and to purchase, (Link)

Twistina the amazing balloon lady Twistina the amazing balloon lady

Three Little Pigs on tour Spring & Summer!
Danny is back and touring again.
Created and performed by Danny Schlesinger, directed by Bob Percy with great
success and several “SOLD OUT” shows. Three Little Pigs is on tour once again. 
This is a re-telling and re-imagining of the classic tale Three Little Pigs. Danny has ordered 
a Story Telling Kit which has arrived in a crate. The crate contains all the props Danny
will need to tell the story of Three Little Pigs or does it? Danny has to try against the odds 
to enact the story without making a pig’s ear of it. Danny will tell the curly tale with
lots of huff, puff and will blow you away - Oink! 
A 50 minute show intended for everyone over 3 years old.
Warning! Loud balloon pops.
6th April - Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, Middlesex - Show at 3pm
7th April - University of Bedfordshire Theatre, Bedford - Show at 2pm
14th April - The Tramshed, Woolwich, London - Show at 2pm
10th May - Spring Arts, Havant, Hampshire - Show at 2pm
30th May -The Berry, Eastleigh, Hampshire - Show at 2pm
9,10,11,13th July - Little Angel Puppet theatre, Islington, London -
two shows a day, times vary please check their website.
27th July - The Fwrness, Llannelli, Wales - show at 2pm
28th July  - Span Arts, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales - show at 1pm


Qualatex Blush Colour Quest.
The latest winners in the colour quest competition from Qualatex have just been released,
1st Place, Pig , Takehiro Kai, Hiroshima, Japan
2nd Place, Mole-type Monster, Yutaka Wakabayashi, Nonoichi-city, Ishikawa, Japan
3rd Place (Tie), Ogre, Derek Wong, CBA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3rd Place (Tie), Nautilus, Ninpu Kouki, Okayama-city, Okayama, Japan
There were forty nine entrants taking part, to view them all, (Link)

Qualatex Colour Quest Qualatex Colour Quest Qualatex Colour Quest
International meeting of balloon artists
1st Balloon Jam Hamburg 
4/6th of November 2014

The Hamburg balloon jam has taken over from the old
Euro jam convention that was held for 15 years.
Qualatex (Pioneer Europe) are still sponsoring the
event and many old favourites will be teaching at this
years event. Including Tom Bola, Victor Forja and
Antonio. The early bird special is open till 30th April
and the three day event will cost 170 euro's including
VAT. For full event details, venue and full board
options then please visit the website, (Link)
Hamburg Balloon Jam

Balloon Weapons, Field Manual
Travis has just produced his first PDF balloon instruction maual on
balloon weapons and has sent over a little info behind the venture.

What prompted the weapons manual? Well I had a friend who was in the Rifles battalion who
asked me to do some weapons for his sons birthday. They were having a call of duty party so I
decided to try and make them. When they were finished I lined them on the bed and took a picture
which I posted in the Facebook balloon group and on my twitter account. The messages I
received asking me to do a pdf to show how I made them all. After two weeks of messages
I relented and made the PDF. There are twenty nine pages including front and back cover and
over 75 full colour photos that teach people to make some really cool balloon firearms. The book
teaches how to make a revolver handgun, a thompson sub machine gun, a really cool sniper rifle,
a spaz-12 semi-automatic shotgun, an m16 which can be altered to make an m4,
and finally the coolest one, the m60 machinegun. 
For more details and to order please get in touch with Travis via his website,

Travis Meyers Travis Meyers
Rubber Chicken. Issue 10, Out Now

The latest edition of the Children's entertainer magazine "Rubber Chicken" (Link)
is out now and features articles on Dave Allen (Cover)A Steve Evans tribute, details
and write up about the Blackpool Children's Entertainer of the year competition, the
new laws on radio mic's and all the regular favourites.This is an independently run
magazine that Peter has been producing now for over two years. There are fun items
with laughs and jokes along the way and even the odd competition or two with some
excellent prizes to be won. A yearly subscription is available with
convention special offers and limited edition box sets.
There is a balloon prize to win in Issue 11 with a Graham Lee DVD and
£30 of 260 modelling balloons sponsored by Qualatex balloons, (Link)
Rubber Chicken Rubber Chicken
Pioneer Europe Receives Exhibitor
Award for Spring Fair 2014

Pioneer® Europe Ltd. has been presented with the “Best Selected Exhibitor” award for
the Qualatex® stand at Spring Fair International 2014. The prestigious award is bestowed by
Show Review UK
, one of the most respected and sought-after exhibition magazines in the UK.

An impressive display of colour and creativity, the Qualatex stand was brought to life through a
team effort. Decor was designed by Fiona Fisher, CBA, and Rodney Fisher, CBA, of Worldwide
Balloon Decor in Portadown, Northern Ireland. Sue Bowler, CBA, of SueBowler.com in
Buckinghamshire, UK, created a variety of themed window displays. Additional displays and
demonstrations were provided by Keith Stirman, CBA, and Dominic Cassidy, CBA,
of All Things Fun in Durham, UK.

Michelle Comerford, head of sales and marketing at Pioneer Europe Ltd., said her team is very
honoured to have been presented with the prestigious award. “Every year we work hard with
our instructors and staff to decorate the stand and inspire our customers by showcasing new
products in creative ways,” Comerford said. “It’s rewarding to hear great feedback
from customers as well as others outside of our industry.”
Qualatex Balloons Qualatex Stand
Altea Jam

The very first Altea Balloon Artiste Congress will be taking place in Spain from 10/13th April.
Instructors booked so far are Ed Chee, Simon Jong, Irina Tkatsevich and Antonio Becarus.
Registration on the early bird special is just 150 euros, for more details, (Link)


Facebook page, "The Balloon Artistes Guild"
A new adventure for the balloon artistes guild is the new facebook page (Link) that Rob Driscoll
kindly organised to keep members up to date with future lectures/workshops booked with a few
pictures from each event being posted as well. The page will keep the profile of the club in
the minds of so many balloon artistes that use all the balloon pages that are on facebook
The club has ten balloon days a year with seven "Care & Share"days that have three
workshops during the day and then three international STAR lecture days with four
hands on workshops throughout the days.
The star lecture days are recorded and members receive a DVD from these days.
The cost is just £125 to attend all ten days and to receive three DVD's,
For more details either contact Graham Lee or,

The balloon artistes guild
New Busking Bags, The Bagchunas
The Bagchunas (Bag • chew • niss) is one of the best tools for keeping your balloons organized.
Knowing exactly where your balloons are gives you faster access to more types of balloons
and makes you look like a true balloon professional. Each Bagchunas design has been
refined over years of testing and each bag is made by hand to ensure top quality.
Please contact Rob the balloon guy for more details, (Link)
Rob Bulchunas Rob Balchunas Rob Bulchunas
The British Juggling Convention 2014
The British Juggling Convention The British Juggling Convention
The 27th British Juggling Conventio will be setting up base in South Yorkshire at the amazing
Darton College in Barnsley. This year there will be six exciting days that you can showw
off how incredible you are and add new powers to your arsenal. It will run from
Friday 11th April to Thursday 17th April,
Leaving you with the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend to regenerate back at your jugglecave.
There is also a balloon festival incorporated into the convention with workshops and lectures
being run throughout the event. For more details, (Link)
Three Little Pigs, Spring Tour, 2014
Danny Schlesinger Danny Schlesinger

Created and performed by Danny Schlesinger, directed by Bob Percy with great success
and several “SOLD OUT” shows. Three Little Pigs is on tour this Spring.
This is a re-telling
and re-imagining of the classic tale
Three Little Pigs. Danny has ordered a Story Telling Kit
which has arrived in a crate. The crate contains all the props Danny will
need to tell the story
Three Little Pigs or does it? Danny has to try against the odds to enact the story without
making a pig’s ear of it. Danny will tell the curly tale with lots of
huff, puff and will blow
you away - Oink!
A 50 minute show intended for everyone over 3 years old.
Warning! Loud balloon pops.

18th February
 Electric Theatre, Guildford, Surrey - Shows at 11am & 2pm
22nd February Pontardawe Arts Centre, Pontardawe, Swansea - Show at 2pm
26th February The Metropole, Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent - Show at 2pm
2nd March Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion - Show at 2pm
8th March Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, Hampshire - Shows at 11am & 2pm
15th March Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff - Show at 1.30pm
29th MarchPhoenix Arts Centre, Bordon, Hampshire - Show at 2pm
6th April Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, Middlesex - Show at 3pm

Look out for David Crofts, (Link) balloon
man about to fall down on the escalators and
be careful everyone else. David writes,
Well done to Network Rail for creating this
safety video and I'm happy to think that
the balloon man will save a few accidents.
The advert and poster, which will be
placed in all 17 Network Rail managed
stations across Britain, features a
'balloon man' about to step onto
an escalator filled with drawing pins.
The creative analogy aims to draw attention
to the fact that a moving staircase can be
dangerous and that you need to take extra
care. This, along with a YouTube montage
of CCTV footage of recent incidents,
highlighting the often painful consequences
of taking a tumble at a station,
will run for four weeks. (Link)
David Crofts
Marie Dadow, Balloon Dress DVD
Marie Dadow

Marie Dadow, "Just Marie" of Ephemeral Fashions,
has just produced an excellent DVD on her specialised
subject that is balloon fashion. Her unique designs and
costumes have appeared on Disney Channel's, Wizards
of Waverly Place, Univision's Sabado Gigante as well
as in Botchii, Filigree, Vedere, New Times, Pin-Up
Perfection and numerous other publications. Marie
showcased her designs in the first US held Balloon
Couture Fashion Show in Las Vegas, NV. Since that
appearance, her designs have appeared on runways in
the US, Europe and Asia. In November, 2009, Marie
was chosen to work along side fashion designer, Todd
Thomas and stylist, Charlotte Stockdale as the exclusive
balloon couturier for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
This is your chance to see the finer details in her first
DVD "The Tops In Balloon Fashion"
Detailed neckline instructions explained are,
Standard Strapless, Deep Plunge, Sweetheart,
Asymmetrical and Halter. Contact details, (Link)
Marie is also running a masterclass at the Twist and
Shout Balloon Convention in Rochester, Feb 5/9th.

Dewey's Balloon Excellence Awards 2013
Ralph Dewey the balloon historian has just announced the winners for 2013.
Christine Belcher (Twistina) was awarded twister of the year,
Alberto Nava the Trailblazer award
and the rising star award went to Nao Osaka.
For more details about the winners and the awards, (Link)
Ralph has an excellent book out at the moment on the history of balloon modelling,
more details can be found here, (Link)
Alberto Nava
Twistina Belcher
"Twister Of The Year"
Nao Osaka
"Rising Star"
Alberto Nava Twistina Belcher Nao Osaka
Happy New Year
Wishing everyone a very happy and successful New Year from all at Balloon Chat.
New Year resolution, how about adding an extra post and picture onto the forum?
Happy New Year
Twist & Shout 2014.
Rochester, New York. February 5/8th
The full list of instructors is now all confirmed and has been announced on the website.
Giving workshops and master classes during the convention will be,
Tom Bibo, Marie Dadow,
Guido Verhoef, Robbie Furman,
Phileas Flash, Pieter van Engen,
Sam Creemens, Jane Driscoll
Patricia Bunnell and Laura Caldwell.
The early bird special price runs till the end of the year so there is still time to get a bargain.
For more details, (Link)
Tom Bibo Pieter van Engen Marie Dadow

"Care & Share" Balloon Fundays. 2014
The first three care and share balloon fun days for 2014 have been announced, booked and
all confirmed.The first day is on Tuesday 21st Jan at Bishops Stortford, there will
be a minimum of three hands on lecture/workshops thoroughout the day.
The first two day spectacular will be held in Leeds on Tuesday March 25th and Wed March 26th.
Daniel McCullough will be running the afternoon session on the Tuesday with a surprise mystery
lecturer for the morning session and then on the Wed, David Crofts will be running the whole day
with four sessions. The days are free to balloon artistes guild members but non members are also
most welcome to attend. Booking details for all the events, (Link)
There is an early bird special price for the first ten people to book onto each day.
For more information and to book local hotels, (Link)

Daniel McCullough David Crofts

Blackpool Balloon Bash Weekend
This will be a family friendly ballooning weekend, with classes, competitions,
evening entertainment and so much more.
You can twist while the other half takes the children out to explore the
wonders of Blackpool. The host Matt at the New Osborne Hotel has
reserved the hotel for the weekend just for the convention guests.

The star lecturer has just been announced and will be
Twistina Belcher and her partner Twistopher!!!

Full weekend ticket just £30 and excellent room rates available from the Hotel.
For more information and booking details, (Link)

Twistina Blackpool Balloon Bash
The Florida Super Jam 2014
Florida Super Jam
Less than four weeks away now is the Florida Super jam that is organised by Sheree
Brown Rosner. Instructors are now all booked, Twistina sponsored by Qualatex and
Ken Stillman being sponsored by Betallatex. Also running workshops will be Debbie
Stevens, Phileas Flash, Billy Damon, Nick Rotondo and many many more.
Registration is $149 with a group build and parade all planned for this four day event.
More details can be found on the website, (Link)
Qualatex Balloons
December Special Offer
Balloon art wholesale are having a special December Christmas offer on DVD's with
FREE Shipping on either website. Sempertex (Link) Qualatex (Link)
Postage will be refunded via Paypal on all DVD orders during December.
Sempertex Balloons
Smudgy Entertainments Website
Thelma Levett of Smudgy Entertainments has just started to re-vamp her website after a major
catastrophe which resulted in the website coding being deleted from the internet.
The main pages were found a few days later and saved but Thelma will be adding
to the website over the coming weeks and has to re-design every page again
with details of party packages offered in the entertaining world.
To view the website, (Link)
Thelma Levett
Qualatex Christmas Window Display Competition
What better way to increase your balloon sales than by displaying great designs in your shop window?
Why not show Pioneer Europe what you can do and enter the Window Display Competition?
Bob Armstrong cba has created an amazing window display below especially to
show how fantastic balloons can look for Christmas! For more details, (Link)
The most magical window will win £50 worth of Qualatex product of their choice!
Bob Armstrong
Travis Meyers Twist And Shout Balloons.
Balloon chat member Travis Meyers from Edinburgh
has just updated and re-vamped his website.
Travis offers deliveries, balloon tutorials and
also entertains at parties, (Link)
To find out how Travis got involved with twisting
that involved a young girl ending up in tears
then please visit the website for the full story.
Travis also promotes "balloon chat" via
his links page, thanks Travis.
Euro-Jam 2013
The fifteenth and very last Euro-Jam took place last week, Nov 5/7th in Melle Germany.
There will be two new balloon conventions for next year, January in Munich and then
Hamburg in November. Details will be added to the forum as soon as dates are announced.
Some pictures from the event are being added to the forum, (Link)
but with over 400 to be added to the site this will take a few days to complete.
Euro-jam Euro-jam Euro-jam

Qualatex Caribbean Blue Colour Quest
The latest winners in the colour quest competition from Qualatex has just been released
with over 50 entries taking part. To view the full selection, (Link)
First Place, Chameleon Flower, Pieter van Engen
Second Place, Crab, Dennis Scott
Joint Third, Cool Kitty, Twistina & Bluebird, Ninpu Kouki

Caribbean Blue Caribbean Blue Caribbean Blue
Get Ready for Movember
Get in on the moustache mayhem, for Movember parties by creating the
'Movember Guy' designed by Sue Bowler cba. Check him out in our recipe of
the month!  You can also see Sue's blog for more designs! (Link)  
This "hairy" trend is being seen everywhere from apparel and accessories to
party themes. The trend is also popular for birthdays and baby-related parties,
as moustache bashes are not limited to any specific age range or gender.
Qualatex offers several fun moustache-themed balloons in the new range.
Balloons required for Movember man are,
5" Onyx Black x 11, 350 Onyx Black x 1,
260 Onyx Black x 2, 160 Onyx Black x 1,
260 Orange x 1, 646 Orange x 1
5" White x 2, 260 Blush x 2, 5"
Smilie Face Mustache x 1
Movember Man

Bear Head Mouse Body
The Bear Head/Mouse Body balloons with all nine custom colours from the USA,
White, Black, Royal Blue, Caramel, Fuchsia, Grey, Key Lime, Toffee and Turquoise Blue
are now in stock on the Sempertex website, (Link) These are in addition to the
seven colours from Sempertex, Blue, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow.
There are also two assorted bags, one form the Sempertex range and a
special assortment from the custom colours imported from the USA.

Mouse body bear head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head Mouse Body Bear Head
Wed 23rd October and Thursday 24th October
Banstead, Surrey.
Roger Daws

"The Balloon Artistes Guild" have there second
star lecture two day event this year with
Brian Asman coming over from the USA.
Brian was one of the stars on the hit TV series,
"The Un-Poppables" and is lecturing on Thurs
24th, the day will be filmed for club members.
Wed 23rd there is a deco/twisting day with
Roger Daws from iglobo running this hands
on lecture/workshop. A fun filled couple of
days for the balloon twister and decorator.
For more info, (Link)

Brian Asman
Balloon Manor
The airigami team of Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle are planning the next big balloon art installation
that will be taking place in Rochester, New York. Viewing and installation is from
1st/4th Feb, 2014, with viewing carrying on until 9th Feb. If you would like to
be a part of the build team then volunteers are being looked for and if you would
like to give a donation then please visit the kickstart website, (Link)
For more details please contact Larry vis the balloon manor website, (Link)
Balloon Manor
Twist and Shout Balloon convention
Win a "FREE" registration to Twist & Shout that will be held in Rochester, New York.
Feb 5/9th 2014 at the Raddison Riverside.

Balloon Chat will be giving away a free registration to the Twist and Shout Balloon Convention.
Closing date for the competition is the end of October. For more details, (Link)


Recipe of the Month

Witches Coven

Qualatex for this month have the Witches Coven as the recipe of the month that can be downloaded
from the Qualatex Event website. The recipe has a list and product code of all the balloons and
accessories required via a PDF download which is free to obtain. There are many recipes
from previous months to look at and attempt and definitely something to inspire you for
your next event or function. Recipe of the month, (Link)

#50544 22" Flying Witch’s Spooky Brew Bubble x 1
#50963 14" Wacky Witch Microfoil x 3
#37701 16" Black Geo Donut x 1 piece
#43570 5" Orange latex x 4 pieces
#43548 5" Onyx Black latex x 4 pieces
#43937 260Q Onyx Black x 1 piece
#39290 20" Lime Green Starpoint x 1
#88353 160Q Lime Green x 2 pieces
#88349 160Q Orange x 2 pieces
#82671 160Q Goldenrod x 2 pieces
#27939 31" Lomey Pedestal x 1
Extras needed:
8" cake board x 2, Black pipe cleaners x 4
Balloon straws x 3, Glue and Nylon line

Recipe of the month

Euro-Jam, Melle. Germany
It is not long till Euro-jam 2013 which will be the very last jam in the fifteen year history.
So why not make a special effort to attend one of the world's leading balloon conventions.
The event runs from Nov 5/7th with instructors coming from all over the world and including,
Colin Myles, Robbie Furman, Thelma Levett, Montagnol Denis, Klaus Loffert,
Silvia Reichert, Rudiger Paulsen, Antonio, Margreet Ward and Pascal Grooten.
So definitely a star studded list of instructors for the cost of the 200 euro registration fee.
For more details and to book, (Link)


Kidology Magic Convention, Guinness World Record Attempt.

This took place on Tuesday 10th Sept at the The Civic & Wulfrun Halls in Wolverhampton.
There were 239 people all making a balloon model in the five minute time allowed, was it
a world record? Alex Powell who organises the event has to wait till Guinness have
viewed the tapes and spoken with the official adjudicator that was at the event.
For more details and pictures from the event, (Link)
Kidology Magic Convention


Window Display Competition
Balloon workshop

Sacramento, California, USA. October 10/13th. 2013

Classes, Beginner to Advanced, there's something for everyone
Continental Breakfast, Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday
24 Hour Jam Room, Vendors to help you spend your money!
Competitions to put your skills to the test
Awards Dinner & Show for food and entertainment
Goodie Bags, Balloon Magic - The Magazine, and
Qualatex Sample Twister packs of balloons
both courtesy of  the Pioneer Balloon Company 

For more details and to book on the early bird special till Sept 25th. (Link)


Until the end of August Balloon Art Wholesale have a special offer on the Thelma Levett book on a disc CD's.
The normal price including shipping is £80 for the full set including postage. The special offer price is buy
three get the fourth free and just £65 including postage. (Link)

If you would like the CD's sent over to you as a PDF file then please get in touch directly with Thelma,
please note there is no special offer with the pdf being sent via email. (Link)

Thelma Levett Thelma Levett
Thelma Levett Thelma Levett
Steve Klein
Steve Klein has been in touch about a new way to learn our great art form.
Special hybrid webinar with two live events! ON Sunday August 25, 2013 at 9 PM EST USA.
With over six power twisters! This webinar could be two hours long!
The cost also includes two more webinars in September at the same time.
Along with that, there will be prizes and more in Balloon Art Org!
Live in Long Island Ny and Live in Oz and more!
For more details please get in touch with Steve via his facebook page, (Link)
Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout 2014
Rochester, New York 5/9th Feb

The early bird registration has just opened this week for one of the leading balloon conventions that will be
taking place in New York at the Radisson Riverside. The class line up and instructors will be announced
shortly and Larry Moss will be organising a Balloon Manor type event just before the convention.
For more details, (Link)


Wolverhampton Tuesday 10th Sept

Alec Powell from Kidology has finally secured approval
from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS to make an attempt
at a World Record for the most balloon models made
simultaneously in a single venue. They hope that everyone
at the convention will take part. You will not need to be an
expert modeller as Guinness only requires that the official
judge regards each attempt as an identifiable model. So if
you are going to be at Kidology please take the time to join
in as everybody who takes part will be able to obtain a
personalised certificate from Guinness identifying that
they are a Guinness World Record Holder.
For more info on attending kidology, (Link)
Alec Powell
Ralph Dewey
Dewey's Balloon History book is here after more than four years in development. He has devoted a lot of time, money and research in
order to bring you this first, comprehensive balloon history book. 
Enjoy the photos, stories, interesting facts and surprises. The book
contains information on early balloon manufacturing; weird, wacky
& wonderful balloon tidbits; a compilation of balloon "Firsts"
Early balloon performers; profiles of many of the main early
balloon twisters; plus some vintage graphics and advertisements. 
If you love balloons, you'll enjoy reading and owning
this extraordinary book, the cost is just $24.95.
For more information and shipping costs, (Link)

The Children's Entertainer
Magic Magazine

We are very proud to announce the release on pre-sale
of Rubber Chicken Issue 6. Released the 1st week of
August, Issue 6 is a MONSTER! At 44 pages its a
whole 12 pages bigger than usual, at no extra cost! 

We have been working closely with David Kaye
(Who is our guest editor for this issue!)
and we have some amazing content. Featured are all
our regular writers, plus articles from some of the top
names worldwide including Silly Billy, Kimmo,
Jozo Bozo and many more! 

Order NOW at www.rubberchicken.biz (Link)
because we know this one is going to sell out
quickly and there are limited numbers available.

Rubber Chicken
Qualatex Balloons
Easy-to-use Quick Links have a unique, ornament-like shape that’s mirrored on the top and the bottom.
That means they can be tied together neck-to-tip, tip-to-tip, or neck-to-neck and the result will
always be a professional, uniform appearance. Quick Links are perfect for creating both air and
helium designs, from decor to sculptures. More product information, instructions, and photos will be
available at QualatexQuickLinks.com, (Link)
Qualatex have already started working on educational activities to help promote this amazing new product.
Qualatex Colour Quest Competition.
The entries for the Orange colour have just been published with the following results,
1st Takehiro Kai, Fox
2nd Pascal Grooten, Firebird and Dennis Scott, Ant
3rd Pascal Grooten, Owl
To view all eighty seven entries which were of a very high standard, (Link)
Dennis Scott Takehiro Kai Pascal Grooten
Sempertex Header
Mouse Body/Bear Head Mouse Body/Bear Head Mouse Body/Bear Head Mouse Body/Bear Head Mouse Body/Bear Head Mouse Body/Bear Head Mouse Body/Bear Head
Sempertex Balloons in the UK will shortly be carrying the Mouse Body/Bear Head balloons with
the full range of fifteen colours. The seven colours above, Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Lilac,
Orange plus assorted bags coming into stock from the Sempertex standard range from Columbia
with an additional eight colours, Black, Caramel, Toffee, White, Grey, Royal Blue, Turquoise Blue
and Key Lime being specially produced for the US market by Simply Shonna and "Adventures in Fun"
All the new product should be in stock and available from early August. (Link)

Thelma Levett is having a make over and will be launching her new website and coporate image,
"Smudgy Entertainments"
Thelma who is one of the leading entertainers in the Midlands area has decided to have the
balloon modelling and magic shows all under the one banner. Thelma recently won the title,
"International Balloon Twister Of The Year"
To find out all the latest designs, magic shows and balloon art bespoke sculptures available,

Thelma Levett

T Jam on the Road

T. JAM on the road 2013.
It looks like a fun time for everyone this summer with a star double billing of David Brenion and
Buster Balloon. The tour has ten confirmed lecture/workshop dates planned across the US between
September 4/27th. Austin, Wichita, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Columbus,
Nashville, Atlanta and Orlando. For more details and confirmed times etc, (Link)
The David Grist Memorial Lecture
Birmingham 25/26th June 2013
This event is run in memory of a good friend and balloon artist.
21st October 1957 - 15th January 2005. Aged 47.
David Grist
Antonio The David Grist Memorial Lecture 2013
This year the event will be taking place over two days, Tuesday 25th June
there is a Deco/Twisting event with Pam andd Paul Pearce with a special
guest star on the Tuesday evenig all the way form the USA,
Mr Robbie Furman. Then on Wed 26th June we have Antonio travelling
over from Spain to run the full day hands on lecture/workshop.
Both days take place in Halesowen at Benjamin's Banqueting Suites
and run from 10 till 6 with Robbie Furman on Tuesday night runing
from 7.30 till 10.oo p.m. Both days will have four, one hour workshops
with the Memorial lecture on the Wed being recorded for members of
"The Balloon Artistes Guild"
For more info and to book, (Link)

KJ from KJ Entertainments has just been featured in the UK's leading face
painting magazine "Illusion" with her cat design published on the front cover.
In her own words from the local newspaper,

Having started painting at the end of 1999/beginning of 2000 when my daughter was at Nursery,
I never once thought that a Snazaroo starter kit and a very basic book of designs would take
me to where I am now. Back then, it was really just a hobby, and definitely not a career.
Times have certainly changed, after plodding along alone in the painting world, I met
a painter from Cambridge, Liz Bone from Lizzy B’s Face Painting in July 2010 and
together, we have attended training with a host of international artists, including some
of the biggest names in the industry, taking our skills to another level altogether.

Never one to rest on my laurels, I am always practising and next on the training agenda is a
workshop with Jennie Saunders from Australia at The London School of Face Painting.
My artwork has won me a few awards along the way and I have also had the pleasure
of teaching the art of “one stroke” painting at both the UK Face & Body Painting
Convention 2012 and the FAB Mega Jam 2013.

KJ is the other half of Dan who is a talented balloon modeller and forum member.
To view their website and to see more pictures, (Link)

Keeley Jane Keeley Jane Keeley Jane Keeley Jane
Alex Powell
Time is getting close for the 10th anniversary edition of Kidology, the original mid-week children's
magic convention. This year on Tuesday 10th Sept in Wolverhampton there will be three main
lectures given by Martin Cox, Jimmy Carlo and Scott Penrose. If that was not enough there will
also be four mini lecturettes by Julie Carpenter, Steve Evans who is very funny, Chris Somerville
and face painting fundarmentals. And then again if that was not enough there will be for the very
first time at Kidology the "UK Balloon Modeller of The Year" competition.
Alex has packed in another excellent day for the children's entertainers.
For more details and to book, (Link)
Danny Schlesinger will be performing in various shows over the next few months.
So please go along and support Danny and live entertainment in one of these fun shows,
for more info click on the links below or check out Danny's website, (Link)
Danny Schlesinger

Three Little Pigs

25th May, Theatre Royal, Margate, Kent 
10th Aug, Markyate Parish Hall, Hertfordshire

Danny & His Amazing Balloons

Bank On It 
A show about banks & money for children
& their families (no Balloons!)
22 June/14 July, more info, Barbican website

Danny Schlesinger
Robbie Furman Robbie Furman 321 Car Build.

The only UK date for this year will be on Wed 10th July
in Sutton, Surrey. The day will run form 10 till 5 pm.
Included in the fee is the DVD car build to help you
after the event, these are excellent lecture notes to take
away so that Robbie is still there with you explaing
everything in your own front room. This DVD will not
be on general sale and is only available at the day.
The early bird special fee for the first 10 people to
book is a bargain at just £35. For more information
please contact Graham Lee and to book, (Link)
Capel Manor College, Twisting Days.
There are two days coming up at Capel Manor College, Enfield. Tuesday 4th June is the "Basic Day"
that will have four, one hour balloon sessions that will take you through the basic's for balloon modelling
with tips and tricks along the way. There is also a follow on day, Thursday 6th June "Basic Day Plus"
to help you build on gradually from the basic day. There is an early bird special price for
the first ten people to book onto either day, so be quick to pick up a bargain.
Both days run from 10 till 5, for more details and to book, (Link)
Graham Lee Graham Lee Graham Lee
Balloon Art Wholesale are in the process of re-designing all the headers for their websites.
The latest one to be completed is on the Sempertex Balloons website. (Link)
Graham Lee
World Balloon Convention, Denver 26/30th March 2014
Balloon decorators, twisters/entertainers, and party store retailers should mark their calendars for
September 2, 2013. That’s when registration will open for the World Balloon Convention 2014,
taking place March 26-30 in Denver, CO, USA. In order to receive the biggest savings,
delegates are encouraged to register early at WorldBalloonConvention.com. (Link)
Extra Early-bird pricing (September 2nd to November 29th)
World Balloon Convention
Robbie Furman, bapia UK Tour 2013

Robbie Furman is coming to town!
BAPIA is extremely pleased to announce that we have teamed up
with one of the most charismatic instructors in the balloon industry to
bring his fantastic tour to the UK. Robbie Furman who has previously
toured across the USA, Italy and Mexico and received great reviews,
is coming to the UK and will team up with some other highly popular
instructors to offer what is probably one of the best combinations of
decorator & twister classes available. Robbie is one of the most ‘giving’ instructors that you will ever meet and he has some fantastic tips, hints, techniques and designs to share with you. The planned dates are:
June 18th – Ireland, June 20th – Basildon, Essex
June 24th – Bristol, June 27th – Manchester
July 1st – Glasgow, July 3rd – North East
July 4th – Midlands
To register and for more information, (Link)

Robbie Furman
Rachel Ellen Designs

Pioneer Europe Ltd, the leading manufacturer of Qualatex balloons, is excited to be adding partyware to its range.
The partyware has been designed for Qualatex by the award-winning Rachel Ellen designs, and incorporates
the established pirate character and newly developed - knight, princess and ballerina.
The brand new Rachel Ellen partyware range includes paper plates, cups, napkins and fun table covers.

“We are delighted to have developed our exclusive Rachel Ellen range into partyware,”
commented Marie Gransbury, Managing Director at Pioneer Europe,

“All of the cute and colourful Rachel Ellen characters really ensure that they stand out from other partyware.  
Qualatex prides itself on its strong education programme. The highly talented team of instructors show just
what can be done when Qualatex balloons, education and imagination come together, and now with Qualatex’
offering developing into partyware, the team at Pioneer Europe are looking forward to helping even more
of their customers develop and increase their profits for 2013.
For more information, please visit www.thequalatexevent.com (Link)

Rachel Ellen Rachel Ellen Rachel Ellen
Patricia Balloona Balloon Blog
Patricia Balloona Patricia Balloona Patricia is on a balloon
sculpting journey and shares
all about it's twists and turns
on her balloon blog. She
replicates and reviews other
balloon artists designs and
tutorials as well as sharing
pictures of her own personal balloon art and designs. There
is an index and links so that
you can quickly find designs
that you are interested in
learning more about.
Patricia who is from Chattanooga TN USA always acknowledges where the design is from and who was the
original artiste. Her personal favourite creation so far is her balloon Dalek, to view the blog, (Link)
Graham & Lyn from Balloon Art Wholesale who go around the UK promoting and selling Qualatex Balloons
via the "Care & Share" balloon fun days (Link) have updated the website header logo.
Please contact Graham if you would like to become a wholesale customer.
To view the full range of products on offer, (Link)
Qualatex Balloons
The Balloon Artistes Guild......My Daily Balloon Blog
The Balloon Artistes Guild The Balloon Artistes Guild are offering monthly payments for
yearly membership. Now into the third year, the £120 fee
lets you enjoy the fun of ten balloon days all over the UK
with seven "Care & Share" days and three "STAR" lecture
days that are filmed for members. For more details,(Link)
The next Star lecture is the "David Grist Memorial Lecture"
with Antonio Becarus which will be in Birmingham as part
of a two day balloon event, 24/25th June.(Link)
Forum member Rob Driscoll has challenged himself to
produce a balloon a day on his daily blog, it is well worth a
look with Calvin and Hobbes being Feb 28th entry.(Link)
Calvin and Hobbes
"Three Little Pigs"
Danny Schlesinger Danny Schlesinger

Danny Schlesinger will be performing his new show "Three Little Pigs" presented by Circo Ridiculoso.
This is a re-telling and re-imagining of the classic tale the Three Little Pigs.
Danny has ordered a Story Telling Kit which has arrived in a crate. The crate contains all the props
Danny will need to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs or does it? So Danny has to try against all
the odds to enact the story without making a pig’s ear of it. Danny will tell the curly tale with lots
of huff, lots of puff and will blow you away through physical comedy, with lots of laughter and
circus skills and sheer pig headedness. And by the hairs on your chinny chi
n chin you
will be howling with laughter at this higgledy piggledy Pigs Tale. Oink!

9th March - The Maltings, Farnham, Hampshire - Show at 2pm
10th March - Hawthorne Theatre, Welwyn Garden City (Link) Shows at 2pm & 4pm
24th March - Harrow Arts Centre, Harrow, Middlesex - Show at 2pm
3rd May - Angles Theatre, Wisbech, Cambridge - Show at 2pm
25th May - Theatre Royal, Margate, Kent - Show at 2pm
9th November - The Met, Bury - show time TBC
10th November - Brook Theatre, Chatham, Kent - Shows at 11am & 2.30p

Robbie Furman, Pieter van Engen USA Tour 2013
This is your chance to see two of the finest balloon entertainers on the same day, even if you need
to travel a
while to get to a venue it will definately be well worth it. Robbie for his Deco/Twisting and enthusiastic way he approaches the business side of balloons. Then you have Pieter van Engen
who is one of Europe's finest twisters. All this plus a jam session to follow as well,
tour dates include, Orlando, Charlotte, Silver Spring, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh,
Detroit and Chicago. For more info and booking details, (Link)

Robbie Furman, Pieter van Engen
Qualatex Colour Quest
The next competition for the Colour Quest challenge is now on with entries having to be in for
the 1st April, the colour this time is Orange. For the rules and more details, (Link)
Below are two previous winners, Lily Tan for Wild Berry and Pieter van Engen with Mocha.
Lilly Tan Colour Quest Pieter van Engen
B.A.M. Balloon Artists Meeting Convention
Oberderdingen, Germany
The convention is on from Thursday 14th Feb through to Sunday 17th Feb.
The workshops will include, Guido Verhoef, Ralph Esslinger, Tom Bola,
Antonio Becares and Victor Forja. More details,
Balloon Artists Meeting Convention
Balloon Training Days
Qualatex Balloons Pioneer Europe have updated the website, (Link)
with details for new courses/training days in 2013.
One of the new days being offered is a full day
"Twisting Made Easy" course that is taking place
all over the UK with some of the top industry
instructors. There are Decorating courses on,
Beginners, Classic Decor, Weddings with
Demonstration days and of course still the
very popular "Care & Share" Balloon days run
by Graham Lee that take place all over the UK.
The Balloon Artistes Guild is now into it's third year,
for the novice to Professional balloon artiste, as they say
"We Care, Together We Share" More info, (Link)

Dewey's Balloon Excellence Awards 2012.
Ralph Dewey has just announced the winners for 2012,
Twister of the year, Vicky Kimble (Link)
Rising Star, Pascal Grooten (Link)
Trailblazer, Graham Lee (Link)

"Twister of the Year"

Someone who has been the best at promoting the art of balloon twisting by their
abilities, innovations and quality of character in a given year.
“Rising Star”
A relative newcomer or seasoned twister who has shown significant improvement
through their natural talent and balloon twisting creativity.
Someone who has made a significant contribution to the art of balloon twisting by pioneering an event,
creating a technique, or by developing a resource which furthers the art of balloon sculpturing.

Graham Lee Vicky Kimble Pascal Grooten
2013 STAR PRIZE, Buster Balloon (Link)
Buster Balloon It is not often you get the chance to
have a one to one with arguably
the world's leading entertaining
balloon artiste. This is your chance
for such a meeting, wheather it is
advise on marketing, sculptures,
production, ad-ons, direction,
selling, etc, etc. A fantastic
competition to get 2013 off with
a great bang. For more details
about how to enter, (Link)
Buster Balloon
Star Prize "STAR PRIZE" Star Prize
The Star Prize for 2013 will be announced on the 1st January, it is an exclusive prize with one of the
world's top balloon artistes. To enter the four mini competitions and for more details on
this once in a lifetime prize that money is unable to buy.
Mr Tony
(Link) and Ady (Link)
could be seen performing and twisting sculptures for the very excited children
that attended the seasons celebrations
at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea
Football Club. The Winter wonderland
grotto that was held on Sunday 9th Dec.
The event was organised with the help
of Jojo's travelling minstrels with plenty
of attractions for everyone including
the balloon modellers and some very
talented face painters. As always though
the star of the event was Santa himself.
Mr Tony
Float Balloon Decorating Convention
This year the Float Convention, 27th/31st Jan that is run by Steve Jones is taking place just before
Twist & Shout, the balloon twisting convention and at the same convention centre in St Louis, USA.
There is an early bird special still available at just $599 with up to ten workshops to attend and three master
classes. Instructors booked are, Eve Antonello, Troy Apprill, Alex Arroyo, Brian Asman, Nadia Azar,
Katie Balloons, Tammy Corzine, Joette Giardina, Eddie Hayland, Jan Iiams, Glenna Kipp,
Dante Longhi, Tena Santaularia, Colin Stewart, Lisa Swiger, Colin Woody and of course Steve Jones.
For more details on the event, (Link)
Float Decorating Convention Float Decorating Convention Float Decorating Convention
Twist and Shout
Twist & Shout 2013 (Link)
With three master class workshops,
Danny Schlesinger, "Performance"
Royal Sorell, "Life Size"
Don Caldwell, "Wacky Racers"
and "Trick or Treat" Also teaching in
St Louis from Jan 30th to Feb 3rd
are; Alberta Nava, Jeff Hayes,
Ken Stillman, Scott Tripp
Debbie Stevens, Thad James,
and Robbie Furman.
Florida Super Jam 2013 Florida Super Jam 2013 (Link)
Taking place from 9/13th Jan.
The group build for this year is
"Out Of This World"
There are so many teachers it's
best to checkout the website but
they include so far, Aaron Hay,
Andrew McDonald, Dustin Queary
Shonna Flanigan, Debbie Stevens,
Ken Stillman, Jonathan Fudge,
Randy Zacks and Rebecca Kanar.
Balloon Chat Picture Gallery Updated.
The picture gallery has just been updated with over 100 pictures from the Ed Chee lecture that took
place in Sutton Surrey on the 1st/2nd Nov. (Link) There are also over 130 pictures posted so far from
the Euro Jam convention that took place in Melle from the 6/8th November. (Link) There are still over
300 pictures to re-size to put onto the thread over the next few days so please keep looking back to view.
Please note you will need to join the forum to view the gallery page as this section is a members only area,
the site is "FREE" to view and there are some excellent pictures from both these events.
The Balloon Blast Video Show
Scott Tripp and Sam Cremeens are still producing the series with a new episode every week (Link)
This week's edition which is number 30 can be viewed and there is a competition to win some
great prizes. To win viewers have to do a selection of tasks while accumulating points along the way.
Ed Chee Scott Tripp and Sam Cremeens Antonio Becares Rodriguez
Antonio Becares Rodriguez Antonio Becares Rodriguez, New DVD's in Stock
We have just taken stock of Antonio's brand new released DVD on his award winning "Flowys" Design. This won
Antonio at Twist & Shout in 2012 first place in the 12
minute competition. The DVD thoroughly explains all
the techniques required to master this excellent design.
We also have the Pinch Line technique which has many applications in the balloon world, for some excellent
ideas check out the portfolio of Pascal Grooten (Link)
On the DVD Antonio explains the technique with 15
chapters and the DVD also has a section with step by
step instructions on five original figures, Mouth, Bracelet,
Rainbow, Flower and the Snail. More details (Link)
Antonio Becares Rodriguez
Twist & Shout Balloon Convention.
St Louis, Missouri. 30th Jan/3rd Feb 2013
Danny Schlesinger will be teaching two classes at Twist and Shout 2013!
Two performance classes to help you perform with balloons, whether
you are a twister or have a balloon show/kids show. The first class is,
How To Be Totally Awesome With Or Without Balloons"
and looks at fundamental secrets that will improve your performances
with or without balloons. Danny will show you some techniques that will
enhance both balloon shows AND balloon twisting. The second class is,
"How To Make Your Balloon Act Totally Awesome."
Whether you already have a balloon act, or would like to have one, Danny
will help you through this latex labyrinth. Danny through his creative and
directing experience will make sure you are inspired to make your own
balloon act Totally Awesome. Both classes are open to any skill level of
twisting or experience of performance. This will be Danny's first time at
Twist and Shout (Twist and Shout.Link) and his first time in St. Louis, Missouri.
The convention takes place Jan 30 - Feb 3, 2013.
Danny's website, (Link)
Danny Schlesinger
Euro Jam 6/8th November, Melle, Germany. (Link)
With just three weeks to the 15th Euro Jam in Melle, the line up of teachers is now complete. Direct flights
from London City Airport are available. Those teaching are, Antonio Becares Rodrigues, Klaus Loffert,
Pascal Grooten
Pieter van Engen
Olivia Neumann
Ridiger Paulser
Shirley Ray
Jon Sorensen
Frank Jeschke
and Andreas Zier
Euro Jam
Trix in the Stix TRIX IN THE STIX, May 2013
A brand new convention for the Childrens entertainer, 20th & 21st May.
Venue details are, 4 Star Lion Quays Waterside Resort, Oswestry.
The Monday evening will have an All Star Cabaret with Terry Herbert.
A dealers hall will be open on Tuesday serving up all that is new in magic.
There will be snippets of information and presentations throughout the
day with two star lectures by Terry Herbert and John Kimmons.
There will also be one or two surprises as the day goes on.
The cost for the event including the Monday night is just £25.
There is also a discount on the hotel rooms for those who wish
to stay over and make full use of the two day event.
To book or for more information
(Link) the event is limited
to 200 with over 100 tickets being sold in the first ten days.

The Balloon Artistes Guild and Tonya McNeill CD
The Balloon Artistes Guild

"The David Grist Memorial Lecture" given
Patrick van de Ven in Birmingham
on July 10th is now out for members.
The club meet 10 times a year with
three DVD's being produced from the
Star Lecture days. Details, (Link)
Tonya McNeill has a new CD out on Rodents, Rabbits and Reptiles, for
details and a full review, (Link)

Tonya McNeill
Qualatex, Purple Violet Colour Quest
The colour quest winners for August have just been announced (Link)
Below are a selection from all the entries, Crab - Zsolt Dömötör. Elephant - Patrick van De Ven. Bear - Paul Navarro.
Purple Violet Colour Quest Purple Violet Colour Quest Purple Violet Colour Quest
Pioneer Europe/Qualatex Balloons
Pioneer Europe have just updated the website with a more refreshing look and easier to
navigate website.There is a gallery page that will be regularly updated and all balloon
workshops/courses canbe found under the education centre. (Link)
Qualatex Balloons
Kidology, Childrens Magic Convention. 11th Sept, Wolverhampton.
Kidology Magic Convention This year the number one UK Children's Entertainer Convention is bigger
and better than ever. Not only is there a fantastic line-up of Lectures from
some of the most versatile and creative Children's Entertainer's in the UK
and Overseas; including Christopher Somervile, Michael Diamond, Gay
Ljungberg, Gary James and Ozzy Dee and a whole host of mini-lectures,
magic and balloon related demos and many specialy invited dealer
stands including some great magic, costume and balloon stands.
The night before the convention is also set to be a full fun evening with
Kidology's first Children's Entertainer of the Year Competion. The
competitors are Balloon Chat member Dov Citron (Link), aka
Captain CalamityJulie Carpenter, Carol Bosworth aka Pip the Clown,
Shane West, Steve Ablett and Sally Ridgley performing for an audience
of children and conventioneers who will vote for the winner.

The winner will receive a trophy, £200 in dealers vouchers and automatic
entry into the UK Children’s Entertainer of the Year at Blackpool 2013.

The venue is booked until late, food will be available and there is cabaret
featuring Amethyst Illusion Show. For more info and to book, (Link)

Mr Tony, The Run The Race Foundation
Mr. Tony, local balloon twister from High Wycombe was approached
by The Run The Race Foundation (Link) and had the pleasure
to entertain the public with his fantastic balloon creations. The fund
raising event evenings were celebrating the London Olympic games.
The Foundation is a partnership between local churches in Chalfont
St. Peter and Gerrards Cross, Mr Tony entertained at the
open air event for the broadcast of the opening and closing
ceromony of the Olympic Games. Both events were a great
success with many of the locals attending and having a fun time
during the evening. For more about Mr.Tony, (Link)
Mr Tony
PLAY, MAKE, MASTER. Cannes, France. (Link)
Larry Moss from BalloonHQ (Link) has just had the chance to spend the week in France at the
Play, Make and Master International Festival of Creativity. Larry who worked alongside Kelly Cheatle and
Michael Abrahamson taught a balloon masterclass. The idea behind the festival was to encourage creative
professionals to remember the importance of play in their work. Along with the balloons there were
specialists in Lego building and clay modelling. To read Larry's blog on the whole event, (Link)
Larry Moss Play, Make Master Larry Moss
The Balloon Artistes Guild
The balloon artistes guild have just booked Ed Chee from the USA to come and lecture in Sutton, Surrey on
Friday 2nd Nov as part of a two day balloon event running on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd Nov. (Link)
This is the sixth star lecture day that the guild have run in the 18 months that it has been formed, previous lecture
workshops have been Shirley Ray, Colin Myles, Dennis Hogers, David Brenion, Ken Stillman and Patrick van de Ven.
The guild costs just £99 a year to join with 10 care and share days all over the UK, with 3 star lecture days per
year included. Members receive all 3 DVD's so even if you are unable to make all events you can keep up
with new trends, techniques and sculptures that are being made within the balloon community.
To book or for more details then please contact graham@balloonchat.co.uk
Ken Stillman Ed Chee
The David Grist Memorial Lecture
A couple of pictures from the day with an excellent lecture given by Patrick van de Ven,
there was a band for the day and Joyce presented Patrick with a gift for all his hard work.
More pictures can be seen on the forum (Link)
Special July Offer on David Grist DVD's
A single copy is just £12.50 and the full set of nine DVD's is a bargain at just £99
David Grist Memorial Lecture David Grist Memorial Lecture

BAPIA is the Balloon And Party Industry Alliance, a pro-active organisation working on behalf of the industry. 
Creating awareness of our industry and the professionals within it along with generating benefits for members
are the key aims and objectives of BAPIA.  Now into its third year BAPIA is achieving what it originally set
out to do and will continue to work on behalf of its members and the industry.
With benefits such as the inclusive Public, Products and Employers Liability cover and the Legal insurance
cover alongside a new members ‘welcome pack’ including training vouchers, DVD vouchers and samples
from manufacturers in total valued in excess of £100 it is no surprise that membership is growing rapidly
and with every new member so comes the ability to create greater awareness and build more benefits.
If you would like more information on BAPIA simply go to the website, (Link)

Kevin Hart, Balloonatic Kevin (Link)
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart from Weymouth had a write
up in the local paper (Link) as he is
about to decorate the town this summer
with the help from local retailers in a fun
idea to brighten up the centre of
Weymouth for the tourists. Kevin is
planning on making a tall gorilla,
dinosaur and giant octopus along with
other colourful characters over the next
few weeks. A gumball machine has
already been on display at the Ice
Cream Parlour on The Esplanade
and a giant punk rocker stood outside
Passion and Pain in St Thomas Street.
Kevin said,“It’s something quirky
and a little bit different, just what
Weymouth is all about”
To join Kevin on facebook, (Link)

Kevin Hart

The Leamington Day Of Magic
Wed 20th June is the date for this year with three star lectures by, Richard Pinner, David Tomkins and Pete Wardell.
This has to be the bargain of the year as there is a full day of magic with a close up show/competition in the evening
and breakfast, lunch and a BBQ all for the price of just £20. The day attracts approx 150. Booking details,


Danny And His Amazing Balloons
Circo Ridiculoso
Age 3+ SUNDAY, JUNE 17th. Time: 3pm Tickets: £5
Dugdale Centre Enfield

Danny the Idiot presents his Amazing Balloon Show. In this show Danny
mixes the daft and silly with the dangerous and difficult. Using the techniques
of the magic, circus stunts and crazy balloon manipulation Danny will amaze
and astound. Watch as Danny attempts to escape encased by solid inflated
balloons. Cry with laughter as he tries to make incredible balloon sculptures,
and gasp as he climbs into the Giant Balloon of Death. The show is full of
visual humour, physical comedy and unbelievable stupidity.
For more information and booking details, (Link)

Danny The Idiot
Capel Manor, Enfield. Basic Twisting Days.
The basic class is back again at Capel Manor College with a slightly different format to last year. On Tuesday
26th June, basic day and Wenesday 27th June, basic plus day. The days will follow on so that students are
able to attend both days to get a more structered lecture/workshop with more hands on training available over
the two days. The days are sponsored by Qualatex Balloons and are priced at a bargain £15 for either day.
The Tuesday will deal with the different size of balloons, pens to use, how to correctly use neons and metallic
balloons and will cover an array of basic one balloon animals with many hints and tips thrown in as possible.
There will also be a question and answer session over the two days to help with all the problems you may
be having while twisting. The Wednesday will progress with a session on slightly more advanced one
balloon models and then it will be on to the two and three balloon models that are quick easy and
impressive to get you re-booked and people talking about your balloon art. Booking details, (Link)
Creative Characters with Sue Bowler, Twist My Ride with Dom & Keith
Sue Bowler

Sunday 27th May, 10am -5pm
Join Sue, Dom and Keith in Great Missenden, Bucks for a fun
filled day of balloons. Sue will be
teaching her Super Cool Characters
with Dom & Keith showing how to
make the Twist my Ride wearable
cars from the new 321 balloon.
Cost for the event is £95 or £85
for BAPIA members (Link)
Booking details, (Link)

Dom & Keith
The David Grist Memorial Lecture
This is the first time the lecture will be held over two days with Patrick van de Ven coming over from Holland to run both days
David Grist with his excellent lecture workshop. The event takes place in Birmingham on the11/12th July with the first day being filmed
for BAG members. To attend either day is just £35 or there
is a super saver ticket available for both days. (Link)
To attend the care & share days for free you can join,
"The Balloon Artistes Guild" (Link)
Attend all 10 lecture/ workshop days throughout the year
for £99 and receive the three DVD's from the Star Lecture
Days. David's excellent DVD collection set is still available
with all money raised going to the Grist family. (Link)
Patrick van de VEn
Peace and Harmony Contest Winner
Colin Myles of Smiley balloons (Link) very kindly donated a superb prize to balloon chat of his latest
3 DVD collection set comprising, Weddings, Weaving and Little Things. The idea behind the competition
was the theme of Peace, not surprisingly there was a very good amount of entries from the novice to
seasoned professional. The winning entry was by Rhian Beynon who works as an adoption social worker
and has only been twisting balloons for the past two years and mainly twists for her two young children. Rhian
who is originally from Wales but moved to Yorkshire to attend university and stayed loves the fun and frivolity
that balloons bring after the stresses of her day job. Rhian never leaves home without a few balloons in her
pocket and loves the versatility and portability of balloons knowing that just a handful of balloons can make
a sculpture to fill a room making it look fantastic. Rhian has a facebook page, (Link)
Rhian Benyon Colin Myles
Pioneer Europe, Lois Devlin & Marie Gransbury
There has been a change around at Bishops Stortfords the home of Qualatex balloons in the UK and the
European distributor. Lois Devlin has been promoted to the role of Chairman with Marie Gransbury
being appointed as Managing Director. To read the full press release statements, (Link)
The Balloon Artistes Guild
The Balloon Artistes Guild

The Balloon Artistes Guild has just celebrated it's first year anniversary on the 1st April.
Top names coming over to the UK to lecture and run hands on balloon workshops were
David Brenion, Dennis Hogers and Ken Stillman. Club members receive DVD's of all
star lecture days with over four hours of tuition on every recording. This year booked are
Colin Myles, Shirley Ray, Ed Chee and Patrick van de Ven. Patrick will be over to run a
two day event in Birmingham which will include "The David Grist Memorial Lecture"
For a bargain price of just £99 members can attend all ten events held throughout the
year all over the UK. Non members are also most welcome to attend any of the events
that are run in Banstead, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bishops Stortford.
Pictures from all the days can be seen via the events section on the forum, (Link)
Details about joining the club, email Graham Lee or hit the link button. (Link)

Alberto Falcone, DVD Collection.
Alberto has just brought out the start of a planned 12 DVD collection set of his balloon art sculptures.
The first group from the collection cover the 321 balloon with some interesting designs, his ideas for the
stuffing machine with very usable ideas and the use of the Qualatex 15" bubble. For more details,
Alberto Falcone Alberto Falcone Alberto Falcone
Happy Birthday Balloon Chat BALLOON CHAT, Happy Birthday.
The forum is four years old today.
There is a happy birthday thread here, (Link)
Happy Birthday Balloon Chat
World Balloon Convention

World Balloon Convention, Dallas 21st/25th March
The World Balloon Convention is just 10 days away with
a host
of exciting classes with instructors from all over the world.
For a full list of instructors, workshops and events (Link)
There is also the tour of the HQ of Pioneer to see how
the latex turns into the products that the industy uses.
Registration fee is $795 for a full 7 day balloon convention.
Euro Jam, Melle 6/8th November
The list of instructors has been made available for this years
Euro Jam twisting convention in Melle with, Pascal Grooten,
Pieter van Engen, Antonio Becares Rodrigues, all award
winnning balloon artistes. The cost for the three day event
with the early bird registration is just 170 Euros or for 190
includes a gala meal ticket. For more details, (Link)

World Balloon Convention
Euro Jam

BALLOON CHAT Forum News Update.
For a trial period, from March 15th the forum will only be viewable to members only. Guests viewing the
site will only be able to view, Events, Balloon Chit Chat, Balloon Tutorial and Balloon Chat Challenge.
To view all 17 sub forums, please just sign up via the register button below the forum logo.
So Please sign up and join in as we are normally a very friendly and sharing community.

Colin Myles, New DVD Set.
International award winning balloon artiste Colin Myles
has just produced his very first collection of DVD's
on Weaving, Weddings and Little things. (Colin MylesLink)
Colin has been teaching around the world for Qualatex
for many years and has a very successful balloon and
party shop business in Broughty Ferry, Scotland. In the DVD's Colin has tried to show designs and techniques
that have sold in his shop and that have been helpful in
his balloon business. You can see Colin demonstrating
some of his tips and techniques from the DVD's at the
Leeds two day Super event on April 17/18th (Colin MylesLink)
The DVD's will be shipped from 15th March.
Colin Myles
Colin Myles Colin Myles
New Products from Qualatex
Exciting new products just released by Qualatex, many of which were on display at the recent Spring Fair.
Among those designs causing interest are the new glitzy Holographic Welcome Baby Boy and Baby Girl
in 36" star and 18" round. New to the range of Bubbles and arriving in time for the Diamond Jubilee and the
Olympics are the 22" Union Jack, which seems a certainty to reach the number one slot in the Qualatex top 100.
Alice Cooper Frank Skinner Show, Room 101
Graham Lee had a short guest spot on Room 101
with Frank Skinner which has a new format
with three celebrity guests now appearing on
every show. With Alice Cooper were Chris
Tarrant and Chris Packham. The BBC contacted Graham as they had Alice Cooper wanting
Balloon Modelling to go into the room 101 bin.
Graham made a quick Swan and a life size
replica of Alice Cooper. Luckily balloon
modelling was saved and Alice was
very gracious in defeat. To view the show,

(Link) the section starts from 8min 25 secs.
Alice Cooper
KIDOLOGY, Children's Magic Convention. 11th Sept.

Based around the Children's entertainer market this is the only UK magic convention dedicated for just the
purpose of entertaining children. Alex Powell from The Albion Magic Company is the organiser of this superb
one day convention which is held at the Civic and Wulfrun Halls in Wolverhampton on Tuesday 11th Sept.
The cost for the event is £40 which includes three Star lectures, mini lectures and a buffet lunch.
Gary James from Scotland has been booked to run a lecture on "Running Magic Workshops"
This lecture will discuss fully the details about, "How To Sell" and "What To Teach"
There will be an early bird discount price and a night
before party with competitions
and a special announcement to be made shortly, so watch this space.
For more details and to book,

Twist and Shout
Twist & Shout will be happening in Phoenix Arizona from the 1st/5th Feb 2012, with a wealth of top
International twisters lecturing/performing from all over the world. Top names appearing so far include,
Patricia Bunnell, Twistina, Melissa Vinson, Ken Stillman, David Brenion, Guido Verhoef.
There will also be master classes from Don Caldwell, Willie Monroe and David Kaye aka Silly Billy.
For more details of this excellent convention,
Graham Lee, "The Front Room Tapes" Vol 6 DVD, "Just Hats"
Graham Lee The latest addition has just been released called "Just Hats" and is the seventh DVD in the collection by Graham Lee. There are 15 hat designs, five in the basic section and then progressing through the DVD until Mickey Mouse which is possibly the most difficult
but still achievable. With excellent and clear instructions being shown face on and over the shoulder to help with ease of following along to the DVD contents. Models include, Duck, Flower heart, two Ghost's, Rabbit, Monkey, Giraffe, Swan, Flamingo, Aeroplane, Snail, Basketball game, Crocodile, Sponge Bob
and a Mickey Mouse hat. Details; (Link)
Graham Lee
Balloon Panto Dress, Sarah Russell from Balloonytoons (Link) had a very unusual request
for this Christmas which was to make a spectacular costume that was big, bold and bright for the pantomine
being put on by the local drama company, Barking Music and Drama. Sarah made the dress in five hours on
the day of the dress rehearsal and the dress lasted for all seven performances throughout the week with just
a few minor alterations having to be made. The reaction from the show was fantastic and well received and
to date this is the biggest sculpture Sarah has worked on.
Florida Super Jam, 2012. January 11/14th
The Florida super jam is just a month away with some of the leading balloon artistes attending from all
over the world to make this a fun filled few days for everyone. The convention has a more laid back
approach to most as there are no major sculpture competitions and balloon classes are kept to a
minimum as the main focus is on the Jam room where many new techniques are learnt and shared.
An excellent value for money convention with registration costing just $129 (Link)
Florida Super Jam Miss Ballooniverse Paul and Sherre
The Qualatex Event was a very successful convention with over 450 delegates attending the 3 day event in
Oxford from 29 countries. There were 13 cometitors in the large and medium sculpture competition,
Pascal Grooten (medium) and Tatiana Ismaylova (large) being the prize winners.
For a review and to see over 300 pictures from the event, (Link)
Rie Hosokai, New Publication, DAISY BALLOON
Rie Hosokai (Link) who is a multi award winning balloon artiste who makes balloon dresses to die for
has yet another excellent publication which is available from the 11th Oct. The book, Daisy Balloon is
written in English and Japanese, anyone interested in obtaining Rie's First book,
Balloon Beauty, this comes highly recommended as well.
Details about Daisy balloon taken from the website,
Daisy Balloon is balloon artist Rie Hosokai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada.
Making the world their stage, this balloon unit travels the globe to exhibit their art as,
Daisy Balloon. Over the course of three years from 2008 to 2011,
they pursued the possibilities of balloon art and in this book they present their works.
For more details about the book and to purchase worldwide, (Link)
Rie Hosokai Rie Hosokai
Ken Stillman, Care & Share Super Day.
Ken Stillman This is "The Balloon Artistes Guild's" second two day super
event that will be taking place in
Leeds on the 16/17th Nov.
Ken Stillman will be flying in from the USA for his only UK
lecture this year. Ken is a master of his craft with so many
modelling techniques to share with everyone and is famous
for his Turtles, Princesses and Superhero's to name but a few.
Ken will be teching some new ideas and designs and this is definately a day to put into your diary. Ken has started his own website BalloonClick.com (Link) which is a membership
site designed to provide it’s members with the very latest and
the very best in balloon twisting and balloon decorating ideas.
For more details about the days and to book, (Link)
Twistina's Five Minute Delights Volume 3
Twistina Twistina has just released her latest CD Rom, Volume.
There are 15 models plus variations shown in printable
PDF format with step by step instructions and photo's
which makes things nice and easy to follow along.
It is available as a CD Rom or as a file for immediate
download to your computer. There are three hat designs,
some well known character parodies and several creations
that adults as well as children will love. The designs
include; Lion, Penguin, Big pig, Little pig, Blue steam
train hat, Tyrannosaurus, Wally the whale, Tulip
bouquet, Princess tiara, Spaceman, Cowboy, Kitty,
Kitty wand, Glam bags, Snowy the mouse, Fast McQ
hat & Monty the meerkat. For more details, (Link)
Danny Schlesinger

THE BALLOON GARDENER. Danny Schlesinger will be performing his
fantastic balloon show The Balloon Gardner this Autumn. Danny
has run low on balloons and must grow his own. Seeds of hilarity are sown
as he attempts to cultivate big, bold and colourful latex shapes in pots. Can he
grow a prize winning balloon? The plot thickens with pests, wacky weather and eccentric nonsense. Putting the rubber into shrubbery; this fool for flowers
creates an organic garden of delights. Pop along - it's blooming marvelous!
Oct 8th, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. Shows at 11am & 2pm.
Oct 15th, Nuffield Theatre Southampton. Show at 1pm.
Oct 16th, Jacksons Lane, London. Show at 2pm.
Oct 27th, South Street Reading. Shows at 11.30am & 2pm.
Nov 4th, Siamsa Tire, Tralee, Ireland. Show at 2pm.

Ha Ha Entertainment, Balloon Jam, 3 Day Event, Dennis and Ingrid Hogers are helping to organise a three day balloon exstravaganza for balloon artistes in Preston Palace resort, Holland from 31st Oct to the 2nd Nov. The all
inclusive price of 250 Euros includes registration, accommodation, food and drinks. Website details,
Balloon Jam
Qualatex Halloween Brochure

The Qualatex Halloween brochure has just been released with the bubble balloons having the advantage of staying
inflated for weeks due to their wrinkle free seams and pop-resistant stretchable plastic. No special inflating
equipment is required and the the bubble balloons are safe for use with all high pressure regulators.
Also available in the Qualatex range are the Magical Jack and the Floating Eyeballs

Kidology and IBM Magic Conventions, Sept 2011.
There are two excellent magic conventions taking place in September, Kidology which is a one day convention
for the Childrens Entertainer. This will be taking place in Wolverhampton on Tuesday Sept 6th with three main
lectures by Steve Short, George Kovari and Sally Rigley. There will also be four mini lectures and 15 dealers
to browse around. (Link)Then there is the International Brotherhood Of Magicians convention taking
place in Southport from 22nd/25th Sept with stars from around the World.
Michael Finney - USA and Rafael - Belgium will be lecturing and performing. (Link)

Thelma Levett, Sunday People
Thelma Levett who is a full time children's entertainer from Hinckley has just had a full page feature article in
The Sunday People (Link) and The Mail on Sunday, online (Link) both articles were about her balloon
wedding dress. Thelma was asked to make the dress with a Kate Middleton feel to it for the photo shoot that
took place in Kensigton and Hyde Park. Thelma's idea was the dress would be in the spirit of the Royal wedding
dress although the angle the newspapers and websites took was that it was a replica.
The write up then went
worldwide and featured on over thirty websites including Weird News, USA and Shine on Yahoo. Taking up to
four days to make a balloon dress that has a very short shelf life needs true dedication and artistry to accomplish.
The bodice was made and woven from over 5000 un-inflated balloons. To read more about Thelma and the
balloon dress click on the links above or to see more of Thelma's excellent balloon artistry work
then take a look at her website; (Link)

Thelma Levett Thelma Levett Thelma Levett
Tony Twist, OK Magazine
Tony Twist & Peter Andre Tony (Tony TwistLink) had his balloon art
were featured in OK magazine this
week after entertaining at parties
organised by Peter Andre.Tony
who only started twisting three
years agoafterdelivering a bouncy castle and spotted a clown
making some basic models.
From there Tony found a local
party shop for balloons and then
went to The Millennium Jam.
Balloons are now his passion in
life, Peter loved theSpiderman.
Tony Twist & Peter Andre
Thelma Levett "International Twister of the Year"
from Hinckley, Smudgy the Clown
Thelma has been featured in "Pick Me Up" magazine with some of her stylish balloon dresses
which have a unique look. Each dress is individually crafted and can take up to four days to
make using multi techniques to perfect. Thelma tries to make each creation just right
to blend in for that very special event.

Thelma Levett Thelma Levett

Ken Stillman, www.balloonclick.com
Ken's new website, (Link) is up and running. This months video
is the Ninja Turtle that has an easy distortion technique for the head,
the next project will be the Prince video to go with his award winning Princess design. There are PDF downloads available with all six of
Ken's books, Cartoon Balloon Encyclopedia, Hitch Hiker and
his first four books that have been out of print for the past eight
years. Ken is also happy for members of the site to set him
monthly challenges that he will video and upload to the website.
Ken Stillman
The Balloon Artistes Guild The Balloon Artistes Guild (Link) which was formed on the 1st April
2011 has produced the first DVD from it's star lecture day which was held in Banstead
on the 6th April with David Brenion coming over from America to lecture on "Backpacks"
and "Rounds & Hearts" Pictures from the day can be seen here; (Link) The next star
lecture day on Wed 20th July will be "The David Grist Memorial Lecture" in Birmingham,
(Link) Membership to "TBAG" is just £99 with ten balloon days to attend, Seven Care
& Share days and Three major star lecture days that will be filmed with all club members
receiving a free copy of the days events, so even if you are unable to attend you still get a
feel for what was shown and lectured at the day.The design cover, duplication was
produced by Jimmy Carlo (Link) with Lord Geoffrey doing the editing, (Link)
Ha Ha Balloon Event, 11/12th June 2011
Alberto Nava Dennis and Ingrid Hogers of Ha Ha Entertainment (Link) will be holding a balloon seminar in Volkel, Holland on the 11/12th June with sponsorship from Qualatex Balloons and Conwin. The event will have five of the leading industry experts at hand to help make this an enjoyable event with Sue Bowler, Patrick Van de Ven, Fiona Fisher, Alberto Nava and Sofie Vandewyer. Registartion is just 150 Euros with a Saturday night party. Dennis will be coming over to the UK on the 20th July for "The David Grist Memorial Lecture" (Link)
Patrick Van de Ven
Halloween Dracula

Halloween Feature, Some exciting new designs for Halloween
are being launched by Pioneer Europe following good growth for
this event in recent years and will be found in the dedicated
Qualatex Halloween catalogue due to be released in late May.
A preview of the catalogue shows a magnificent 36" foil "Dracula"
shape and a huge Halloween Moon and Bats amongst the new products. Several new 11" latex designs have also been added
and will combine to make a great eye catching window display.
Each year, Qualatex introduces designs to add to
the portfolio alongside best sellers from previous years.

Euro Jam

For those that are not superstitious Euro Jam is having its 13th Edition in Melle, Germany from
the 11/13th October. The event is jam packed with Courses, Seminars, Workshops and the
added attraction of a 24hr around the clock jam room. Three full days of pure fun! The cost for
the full 3 day event is 200 Euros with day tickets available, there is also the final evening
Jam buffet night for an additional 20 Euros. For more details and to book;
(Euro JamLink)

Florida Super Jam
Florida Super Jam

Paul Belanger and Sheree Brown-Rosner are organising the
second Florida Super Jam for 2012 in Orlando, Florida from 11/14th Jan at the International Palms Resort. There is an early
bird special of $99 if booked by the 1st May or $129 after,
this is the ultimate balloon jam with four days of continuous
balloon twisting available. There will be some great learning experiences with many surprises planned with balloon lectures
for artistes and entertainers, there will also be a chance to
perform your balloon performance show and have it critiqued
from your peers. Then not forgetting the added advantage
of taking in some of the local attractions on offer
including Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World.
For more details check out the website, (Link)

New Disney Licenses For Qualatex Bubbles
The combination of Disney characters and Bubble balloons was a great attraction on the Qualatex stand at the recent Spring Fair. The latest licenses are Tangled, Cinderella Dream Big
and Princess Daring to Dream which
are great additions to the other Disney lisenses on Bubble balloons such as Minnie and Micky Mouse. With the Disney animated film of Tangled currently on release, sales are
expected to be buoyant. Check
out the latest catalogue for the
full range available.
Bubbles Bubbles
Latex Soup Latex Soup by Scott Tripp
Latex Soup, the balloon magazine published by
Scott Tripp (Link) is coming up for issue four
with a change in format from a printed magazine
into a pdf file. For a free sample copy please email; wackycrazyfun@hotmail.com
Due out on the 1st June, there isan interview with
a lady who is an expert on frogs, Miss Jeanine von Essen. There is a subsciption charge of $7 for the
next three issues with a bonus thank you of the
very first latex soup being sent free in a pdf file.
Balloon Art, Forum member Kevin Hart
made the soup cans, for more details; (Link)
Latex Soup
The balloon forum, www.balloonchat.co.uk is celebrating its third birthday on the 15th March.
Twist & Shout Balloon Convention, Phoenix, Arizona!
February 1st/5th, 2012, Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel in Tempe AZ
Twist & Shout Balloon has had a date change for 2012, the new date now confirmed is February 1st/5th.
For full details about this balloon convention with details on who will be lecturing can be found here; (Link)
Tonya's Fun with 321 CD

Tonya McNeill's New CD, Fun with 321's
Tonya's Fun 321 CD is now available for purchase, if you were wondereing what
to do with the new 321's from Qualatex and needed some ideas then this is an
excellent CD to get you started. There are 19 different figures and some have
multiple variations so 26 designs in all. All designs featured have a 321 as the
base combined with 260s and 160s. On the CD are: Dragon, Pig, Lizard, Bunny,
Beaver, Elephant (2 versions), Armadillo, Horse, Seal, Turtle (2 versions),
Unicorn, Deer, Monkey (2 versions), Kitty (2 versions), Squirrel, Tiger shark,
Sand shark, Dolphin and Angelfish. The CD is only $25.00 plus shipping.
You can save on the shipping expense and have the instructions emailed instead.
Payment can be made at;

Qualatex Catalogue New Qualatex Catalogue/Website
The Qualatex Everyday catalogue has just been released with a number of new products now
available. The catalogue is an essential item for
every balloon professional and contains not only the complete Qualatex range, but also pages of
information on accessories, the QBN programme, training and helium guidelines. Copies can be
obtained from Pioneer Europe Ltd on
01279-501090. The new website is also up
with details of all the training days, including
the Care and Share balloon fun days and the
Qualatex Event balloon convention taking place
at Heythrop Park 5/7th Nov (Qualatex EventsLink to website)
Qualatex Catalogue

A Beautiful Balloon Show For Grown Ups!
Masks, clown, extreme balloon modelling and lots of little bits of
paper comes to the New Diorama Theatre in London this March.
After his Peter Brook award winning production of Dr Faustas with
third party last year, John Wright (Director and co-founder of
Trestle and Told by an Idiot) returns to the New Diorama with
a theatrical double bill, Baby Boomers, his first full mask show
since leaving Trestle and The Confetti Maker, his first
collaboration with the renowned clown Frank Wurzinger.
Press night, 1st March, 7.30 p.m.
The New Diorama, 15/16 Triton St, Pegents Place.
Tuesday 1st March-Saturday 12th March, (no performance 8th)
Evenings at 7.30, Sat Matinee 3.00. Press night 1st March
Tickets £10.50 - £12.50. Details and box office, (Link)

Becky Balloonatic
Michael Gjerek

The countdown for the Biggest Polish Decoration Convention has started. The
event will take place from the 17/20th of March 2011 near Warsaw. The main
idea of the project is to inform and connect decorators/twisters and create within
three days a flora and fauna decoration in a space of approximately 600 square
metres using 125,000 balloons including round, modelling and foil. They expect
more than 200 decorators and twisters, distributors from Poland and other
European countries to join the creation of the Beautiful World of Insects
themed decoration.Divided into 8-12 parallel workshops, students will
learn different basics and advanced balloon techniques from their team leaders.
The decoration room will be open for 16 hours per day, giving everybody enough
time to practice and finish his sculpture. Parallel with the Big decoration, different
seminars will be given by international teachers. Everybody is most welcome and
invited to join in the fun with all twisters and decorators coming from around the
world to join this event full of passion and creativity.Stay in touch with one of the
biggest and creative European Balloon Events. Details and regular updates about accommodation, arrival and the event program will be announced
weekly in the News at the BalloonsIT Website. (Link)

UK Twister Club
A new balloon modelling twister club is just being formed in the UK from April 1st. Yes really! The idea of the
club is to help elevate awareness of balloons amongst the general public while also improving and raising the art
ofballoon modelling in the UK. David Brenion who is coming over from America has been booked to lecture at
the very first "Twister Club" day on Wed 6th April in Banstead, Surrey with a full day hands on workshop
( Info) There are 10 balloon days being planned throughout the year with seven "Care & Share" days being
run with a mystery lecturer and three Star lecture days from artistes coming from Europe and America. The star
lecture days are to be filmed with all members receiving a DVD copy of the day. Spaces at the day will still be
available for non members with a £15 fee to attend the Care & Share days and £35 to attend a Star Lecture.
The cost for yearly membership is set at a bargain price of just £99. More details; (Link)
Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout (Link) is just around the corner with the added attraction of Fabrizio Bolzoni just
being added to the line up of top instructors. The convention this year runs from the 16/20th February in
Burlington, Massachusettes. Royal and Patty Sorell have yet again put on a full star line up of classes and
master classes for everyone. There is also the jam room which is open around the clock and CBA exams being
taken. Master classes are available from some of the industry leaders, Michael Clay, Vicky Kimble, Stretch the
balloon Dude. One of the more important events to attend during the convention will be Suzanne Haring and
Larry Moss who are running a Stage Performance masterclass, something that every balloon artiste requires.
Class instructors are all the above plus Tonya McNeill, Jon "J" Hubbard, John Watkins, Asi Cohen, David Brenion
and John "The Balloon Man" Holmes. The cost for the full convention is only $225 dollars on the early bird special
till the 14th Feb to get an absolute bargain on what is bound to be an excellent balloon twisting convention.


The Balloon Gardener on Tour 2011
Danny Schlesinger (Link to website) will be heading out on tour with
his brand new and very funny show “The Balloon Gardener”. Danny the
Wild Balloon tamer has run out of balloons and must grow his own. The tamer turns gardener. Seeds of hilarity are sown as Danny attempts to cultivate bold, colourful, latex shapes in pots. The plot thickens with
problem pests, wacky weather and weeds you have never even dreamed
about. Contemporary clowning puts the rubber into shrubbery; this fool
for flowers creates an organic garden of delights. Blooming marvellous!

"A big hearted show with big balloons! Great fun especially for the kids." Stuart Cox, Blue Elephant Theatre

Danny Schlesinger

February 21st, Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 2pm.
February 27th, Quarterhouse, Folkstone, 2.30pm.
March 13th, The Arc Trowbridge, 3pm. March 19th, Camden People's Theatre, two shows. Time TBA.
March 27th, Discovery Centre, Winchester, 2pm.
April 10th, Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, 3pm.
May 7th, Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury, 2pm. May 8th, Artsdepot, North Finchley, 12 and 3pm.
May14th, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln, 3pm.

"Care & Share" Balloon Fun Day, Dates For 2011
Shirley Ray There is an excellent line up of balloon modelling talent for everyones
enjoyment this year. With only a few spaces left for the first event in
Bishops Stortford on the 19th Jan (Booking details) We then move
onto Darlington and have now confirmed that for the very first time at
a Care & Share day one of the world's finest twisters
Miss Shirley Ray (Link to website) will be
lecturing for the full day on Wed 9th March with four 1 hour
hands on lecture/workshop sessions. (Booking details)
The Care & Share dates for the rest of the year are now all booked;
Wed Jan 19th, Bishops Stortford,
Wed March 9th, Darlington,
Wed April 13th, Banstead, Mon May 9th, Bristol,
Wed June 7th, Manchester, Wed Oct 5th, Leeds
Wed Nov 30th, Bishops Stortford
"The David Grist Memorial Lecture" Lecture,
Wed 20th July in Birmingham
Come along and have fun at one of the most informal no frills balloon conventions
at Lake Buena Vista in Florida. The three day event is a bargain at just $59 for advanced registration. Lecturers booked are Debbie Stevens, Ralph Dewey,
Patrick Brown, Robbie Furman, Scott Kalin, Mark Byrne, Nick The Balloonatic
and Twistina. With no formal competitons planned there will be even more time
to spend in the jam room to get your creative juices flowing or why not enter the balloon performance show and have your act critiqued from select professionals
and your peers. With Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World all close by why
not come early or stay late to take in some of Florida's great attractions. (Link)
Paul Belanger
After the success of the debut 2009 convention for West Coast Events they
have decided to do it all over again at the luxurious orange county Costa
Messa Hilton Hotel from July 8/10th 2011.With an excellent line up of industry
instructors, including Ken Stillman, Tope Abulude and Edwardo Seiti to guide
you through some wonderful jam packed classes with many fun and exciting
activities along the way. There will be a Large exhibit and trade show floor,
three days of inspiring event decor, business and hands on classes, two grand
scale galas with top quality entertainment for your enjoyment, five unique and
creative competitions and anopening day ceremony. The early "Distributor
Discount Programme" available until the 31st March for an extra bargain.
Website details, (Link)
Happy New Year


Wishing everyone a very happy, contented and most enjoyable 2011. From the "Balloon Chat" team. Graham, Lyn, Danny
and Thelma.

Happy New Year
Heythrop Park

Heythrop Park, near Oxford, Nov 5/7th 2011
At last, by popular demand, Qualatex are hosting another major event in Europe. The fabulous Country House
venue has been brought up to date with five star hotel accommodations and is for the use of delegates exclusively
The biggest House Party the Balloon Industry has ever seen!
20 leading instructors from around the world, Over 50 classes, Business advice, Keynote speaker, Jam room,
Competitions including large sculpture, 2 fabulous parties, Live entertainment, CBA Assessment.
For more details and prices for this fantastic balloon industry event,

The Millennium Jam, Big Bang 2010
This year the 11th millennium jam took place in Mol, Belgium and was a fantastic success with over 330 registrants
attending from 23 countries across the globe with the event being sponsored by Pioneer Europe, who must have
been very pleased with what turned out to be an excellent event. With at least 12 classes a day planned with
teachers coming from the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Belgium and the UK there was plenty to
choose from with all classes being very well attended. With the majority of those attending being entertainers there
was a great selection of fantastic sculptures being made
constantly in the jam room which was open 24/7. The final
night gala lived up to all the expectations with excellent acts performing fromall over the world with Manon and
Tom Bibo being excellent master of ceremonies for both gala shows. Competition winners were,

Dress Competition

One balloon competition, David Brennion, USA.
Multi Balloon, Christine Belcher, UK.
Master Balloon Designers Award,
Rie Hosokai and Sofie Vandewyer.

Career Contributor, Colin Myles.
Rising Star, Peter van Engen
International Twister of the Year, Thelma Levett.
The lifetime achievement award was presented
to Patrick Brown who becomes only the sixth
member of this very exclusive twister hall of fame.

A big vote of thanks must go to Leo, Johan and
the IBS team for all the hard work that goes into
putting on what is the best balloon convention in
the world. My own personal highlights were the "History of Balloon" class given by Ralph Dewey
and the talk on "Paintloon" which is the new art
of combining body painting with balloons, which
was given by Guido Verheof and Bella Volen.
For over 500 pictures from the event; (Link)

Guido Verhoef
Danny Schlesinger, Danny The Idiot. T.V Appearence,
Danny Schlesinger will be appearing on CBBC television programme “The Slammer”
 on Friday 3rd December at 16.30. The Slammer is an entertainment show in which a group of variety acts enter a mock prison and have to perform to win their freedom.
CBBC, The Slammer

Each programme has four acts performing in front of a live studio audience made up entirely of young children who will decide your fate! Danny is the extra solitary confinement act and will be juggling balloons and had to change his 7 minute routine down to just one minute for this television apperance. For more details about Danny, (Danny SchlesingerLink)

Danny Schlesinger

Qualatex, New Range. Qualatex are producing a wide range of exciting new designs for 2011, most
of which will be on display at the Spring Fair. This selection of those balloons which are aimed at the very
young and includes two lovely supersize shapes, the Soft Pony and the Soft Giraffe. For Birthday celebrations,
there are the 18” round Happy Birthday Smiley Faces and Happy Birthday Jungle Friends, together with the
18” diamond Birthday Girl. Another supersize foil shape is the Happy Birthday Cupcake, a wonderfully
bright and vibrant balloon. Just a small sample of the 80-plus top-quality new designs being produced
by Qualatex for the New Year.

New Design, Giraffe New Design, Jungle New Design, Pony
The Millennium Jam, 2010.
What another fantastic event the 11th edition of the millennium jam tured out to be. With over 350 people attending
from 30 countries worldwide it probably has to go down as the finest balloon conventions to date. The quality
of the twisting competition entries was stunning and the fairy tale dress entries left everone speechless with
Rie Hosokai and Sofie Vandewyer winning the "Master Balloon Designers of 2010"

and Miss Thelma Levett, "International Twister of the Year"
To view over 500 pictures from the event;
(Link )
Sofie and Rie Andrew McDonald Dave Brenion
Party Day, Bishops Stortford Dec 1st
The last care & share day for 2010 will be taking place at Pioneeer Europe's HQ in Bishops
Stortford on Wednesday 1st Dec. The day is planned form 10am till 6pm with activities planned
for all day with three mystery lecturers booked covering christmas balloons, line work and
golden nuggets and Graham Lee with a basic class early in the morning.
For more details and to book, (Link ) But please be quick as we only have nine spaces left.
Mark Byrne UK Lecture, Mon 15th Nov
Mark Byrne, (Mark ByrneLink)
"Bad To The Balloon"
Banstead, Surrey, Monday 15th November.
Mark is coming over to the UK for his one
and only UK lecture date for 2010.The day will run from 10 a.m till 6 p.m with Mark
doing four session during the day,
1, Bad to the Balloon Vol 1/2
2, Working the real world
3, Marketing
4, Requests
For more details and to book; (Link)
Mark Byrne
Michael Gjerek from BalloonsIT (Link) has his 5th Photo Exhibition now available, the 20 works
explore the balloon as a base for distortion and colorful abstraction taken by Michael Gjerek during the
year 2009/10. The dramatic close-ups, plastic perspectives, tonal  contrasts and strong color combinations
created an extraordinary flair for telling a story from each picture.To create these images, Michael used
everything from broken mirrors, puzzles to special stuffing methods to build this special interest in
manipulated photography. To view more of Michael's work, (Link )
Michael Gjerek Michael Gjerek Michael Gjerek
Bonnie The Balloon Lady Bonnie The Balloon Lady, New CD, The Dark Side
Bonnie has out another CD to go with her excellent collection of instructional CD's
that are already on the market and well worth purchasing. Her mind is constantly
working on new figures and how to incorporate the designs into quick, easy and
usable models to make. Included in this selection for Halloween are: Barn Owl,
2 Large Bats, Bat Wand, Black Cat, Crow, Devil Wand, Ghost, Ghost Wand,
Grim Reaper, Rat, Scream Wand, Little Witch and Witch Wand.
So from the ghostly fun to the devilishly scary to the down right batty. The CD
contains 15 new and exciting Halloween themed designs. Most of the designs
use 2/4 balloons and will take less than five minutes to make in the real world.
This CD is in a printable PDF format with step-by-step, full color photos. For
more info then please get in touch with Bonnie Davis, The Balloon Lady at partypackage@balloonhq.com. To view the full range of ten instructional CD's
that Bonnie now has available. (Link) To view Bonnie's portfolio, (Link)
Millennium Jam Winner
Parcival from Belgium won the registration to the millennium jam (Link) which was very kindly donated by Leo Verlinden, IBS balloons (Link)
Competitors had to enter a balloon model of their choice and answer ten general knowledge balloon related questions. Parcival has a unique style that probably comes from his working as a street busker/entertainer and at festivals, he specializes in balloon hats and has taken a year out to travel to
many more festivals this year and is looking to find more opportunities and direction in this wonderful world of balloons, he attended his first millennium
jam in 2008 which certainly was life changing.
Parcival, Spider
Danny Schlesinger, "The Balloon Gardener"
Danny Schlesinger (Link to website) of Circo Ridiculoso fame is making his second balloon show "The Balloon Gardener" Danny will be creating the new indoor balloon show funded by the Arts Council, England and supported by Camden People's Theatre. The new show will be for theatres and arts venues for everyone over 3 years old and will be approx 50 minutes long. Danny the Wild Balloon tamer has run out of balloons and must grow his own. Seeds of hilarity are sown as Danny attempts to cultivate bold, colourful, latex shapes in pots. The plot thickens with problem pests, wacky weather and weeds you have not even dreamed of. Contemporary clowning puts the rubber into shrubbery; this fool for flowers creates an organic garden of delights. Bloonming Marvellous!
The Balloon Gardner will be available from Spring 2011
Danny Schlesinger
Preview Dates,
Camden People's Theatre, 8th October, 7 pm, 9th October 3 pm and 7.30 pm. (Link to website)
Blue Elephant Theatre, 24th October, 1 pm and 3 pm. (Link to website)


Twist and Shout Balloon Convention

Twist and Shout Balloon Convention Twist and Shout Balloon Convention (Link) have just announced the line
up for the instructors for there forthcoming event in Burlington, Massachusetts
from the 16/20th Feb 2011. The event is being held at the Boston Marriot Hotel
with an all star line up that includes, Vicky Kimble, Asi Cohen, David Brenion,
Stretch, Michael Clay and Balloon Chat's very own Tonya McNeill with other
names to be added shortly. Pre convention special is a full days masterclass
series on the 16th Feb for $99 with the pajama party run by Laura Caldwell
and Tawney Noreen taking place on the Wednesday evening. There are
competitions to join in and enjoy, small, medium and large sculpture and the
artistic figure. The welcome reception takes place on Thursday evening, the
stage competition on Friday and the gala and awards ceremony taking place
on the Saturday night. A full few days of twisting fun is planned for everyone
and you can still take advantage of the early bird special price of just $175.
Kermit the Frog was created by John Christianson (Link to contact details)
"Care & Share" Days, New Sponsor.

The Care & Share days have been running for over five years now and Graham Lee
would like to thank all those that have supported the days and provided sponsorship
over the years. Sempertex balloons for the first four years and Balloon Art Wholesale
for this year. The days now have a brand new sponsor, Qualatex balloons. It is a big commitment in both time and financially and the sponsorship is appreciated, it will
help in taking the days forward which will benefit our balloon industry while helping
to promote our art form to the general public. The days are expected to follow the
as known route with hopefully a couple of surprises thrown in along the way. The
sponsorship deal will run until the end of 2012 with three Care & Share days for
this year and seven days in 2011 and 2012.

Qualatex Balloons
SPECIAL OFFER, "The David Grist Memorial Lecture"
Due to the sponsorship of the care and share balloon fun days there will be a special offer for those that book till
the end of August for the David Grist Memorial Lecture on the 8th Sept in Birmingham. The £25 fee will include a
buffet lunch and a £10 voucher to spend on balloons at the day. For more details and to book for the day; (Link)

The picture below advertising "The Millennium Jam" was taken in 2005 of the work by
Stéphane Robin and David Keller. This picture and others were displayed at
The Millennium Jam in 2005 which is where the picture was taken of the original.
The original picture was taken by Thomas Raffoux and is copyrighted.
The photo was part of an exhibition, "The Incredible Lightness of Art"
that took place in September 2004. To view the original and more, (Link)

The Millennium Jam, Nov 7/11th
The Millennium Jam, www.millenniumjam.com

A week not to be missed and one that will definitely change
your life. Welcome to the world's best balloon convention hosted by Leo Verlinden and all the gang. (Link) The convention kicks off with a gala award ceremony on the Saturday for the distributors of Pioneer Europe and then
it's non stop workshops, 24 hour jam room, evening entertainment, including the cocktail bar with Koen and
Jochem with there very special brand of humour and drinks. Then it's competition time with The Iron Latex Man, single balloon and multi balloon competitions. Artistes performing
this year at the convention include, Alberto Falcone, Dee
White, Flipo, Luc Bertrand, Mimosa, Peter Van Engen,
Robbie Firman, Sean Rooney, master of ceremonies being
Tom Bibo and Manon
Leo has very kindly donated a free registration to;
"The Millennium Jam"
in Mol, Belgium from the 7/11th Nov. All you have to
do is answer ten basic balloon questions and enter
a sculpture of your choice to be in with a chance to win
a registra
tion worth 225 Euro's for the full convention.
Details about winning the prize can be found here;
There is also an organised trip to the convention
from the UK, more details can be found here.

David Grist DVD's, New Artwork
The complete set of nine DVD's is now available with all new artwork to bring this excellent set of balloon modelling
DVD's more up to date with a friendly buy me, buy me shelf life look. David who was a true star in the balloon
industry passed away in 2005 and since then all proceeds from the sales of his DVD legacy have been donated
to his family.With each DVD sale a donation of £10 goes to the Grist family. Each DVD is available for
£15 with the complete set at £110.
(Link to sales)
David Grist Balloon Modelling DVD Set Jimmy Carlo (Link) has done an excellent job of updating the DVD's with a nice clean crisp look and feel to them. If you have any artwork requirements, Jimmy has designed for Terry Herbert, Pat Fallon and now has the time to design for Magicians, Clowns, Children’s Entertainers, with publicity logo's, DVD sleeves/body printing, and duplication.
David Grist Balloon Modelling DVD Set
*****Two New Las Vegas Balloon Conventions*****
Sad news was reported last week that Dave Scott had to pull out of running Diamond Jam and Summer Balloon
Camp this August due to a low turn out of registrants. The balloon world being what it is rallied around and
two new conventions have been organised in a matter of days to run Aug 9/11th at the Tuscanny Suites,
Las Vegas;
(Balloon convention, Tuscanny SuitesLink) There is a one day twisting convention, Alterna Jam on the 9th August (Balloon Twisting Convention, Alterna JamLink)
which is followed on the 10/11th August with Balloonstitute
for the balloon decorators; (Balloon Convention, BalloonstituteLink)
Top names from the world of twisting, decorating and even manufacturers are all pulling together so that
those who had booked flights, hotel and registration for Diamond Jam and Summer Balloon Camp had
somewhere to go this August.
PAFFA, Police and Armed Forces Families Association
Mr Tony, Face painting and balloon modelling Mr Tony and Anna were kept busy at the Police
and Armed Forces Families Association

fund raiser in Bicester on the 11th July. PAFFA
(PAPPA, Police and Armed Forces Families AssociationLink) was founded in October 2007 to help
and support the families of those who are in the armed forces and particularly those serving
away from home during these troubled times.
This was the couples fourth time of supporting
such a good cause and the day was a great
success and a lot of fun. For more info or to
offer support to the association can do so via
the above website. To find out more about
Mr Tony, balloon modelling and Anna, face
painting then please visit their website;
(Mr Tony Balloon Modelling and Anna Face PaintingLink)
Mr Tony, Face painting and balloon modelling
Tonya McNeill, Wrist Critters
Tonya (Tonya McNeill PortfolioLink) has brought out her new CD
"Wrist Critters" with twenty different wearables.
There is a good selection to choose from, Goat, Elephant, Polar Bear, Giraffe, Bunny, Tiger, Dog, Bull, Hippo, Lamb, Eagle, Pig, Swan, Chicken,
etc. The puppy dog, right has a very nice look
with the distorted heart technique being used.
The cost is only $25 if emailed with
a small surcharge for posting. (Tonya McNeill websiteLink)
Tonya McNeill, Wrist Critters Tonya McNeill, Wrist Critters
Neon, single colours and assortment NEON's Single Colours
The mixed selection has been available for a
while on the Qualatex website and now the
full range of single neon colours, Orange, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Blue and Green are now all
in stock. Retail customers, (www.balloonartwholesale.co.ukLink) Please
email if you wish to set up a wholesale account.
qualatex balloons

NABAS Balloon Convention.
"Festival Of Balloon Art" Stoneleigh Park, October 16/17th
The design and portfolio day, Sat 16th,
This exclusive one day hands on workshop gives 50 lucky people the chance to learn from
the masters as under the instruction of Industry experts you will create a stylish and
stunning room decor for the evening's party on the theme of "Fairy Tale Kingdom"
from enchanted woods to charming centre pieces and captivating castle walls.

Seminars and hands on workshops, Sun 17th

With sixteen classes to choose from and a trade stand hall with many leading industry names.
There is plenty to keep your day full to brimming with plenty of opportunity to learn from
some of the leading Industry experts. For more details and to book;
(NABAS WebsiteLink to NABAS)

NABAS Balloon Festival NABAS Balloon Festival NABAS Balloon Festival
Bonnie Davis, aka Bonnie The Balloon Lady
Bonnie has just brought out another CD, Braclets, this is her ninth in the series to date. The others available are;
Wearables Vol. 1 & 2, A Bit of Bling, Bash Notes, Thunder Thighs, Sitters, 2fers, The Flower Garden. (Bonnie The Balloon Lady, CD linkLink)

Bracelets being the latest CD with an excellent selection of models to choose from; Swan, Owl,
Bonnie The Balloon Lady CD Whale, Crocodile, Spider, Butterfly and
many more. This instructional CD is in a printable PDF format. All 22 instructions
come complete with step-by-step, full
colour photos. The fish selection and
the swan are probably my favourite but
I can see the duck braclet being
the most popular due to it's simplicity and
"cute" factor. The price is a very
reasonable $25 with a $5 handling charge
for CDs mailed outside of the US.
For more details please email
Bonnie at; ionaford1@yahoo.com
Bonnie The Balloon Lady CD
World Balloon Convention
World Balloon Convention, Qualatex

The world balloon convention (Qualatex World Balloon Convention, DallasLink) took place in Dallas,
with over 700 delegates attending from 46 countries. There
was over 130 classes taught from instructors from all over the
world, so definately something for everyone. The competitions
were outstanding with truly stunning creations being made.
The winning entry seen herewas entered by Team Italia which
was led by Federico Onida of Balloon Express in Calgari. The
highlight for many was the "Festival Of Balloons" event which
was open to the general public so that they could see what
the possibilities were with balloons and how balloon art has
come on in recent years. Colin Myles writes; After so long
without a flagship event such as IBAC made me wonder if
the WBC could step into these rather large footprints. The
standard of the competition was as high as I have ever seen.
The decorations for the final night were simply stunning;
Rocky Toomey and Sue Bowler both did an outstanding job
on what must be the most difficult assignment in the balloon
industry. The festival of balloons on the Sunday was an
experience that I think we will never forget. I may be wrong
but nearly 10,000 visitors viewed the balloon sculptures.
I do not think anyone could have anticipated such a turnout.
Luc Bertrand and myself were asked to make balloons
for the children who were waiting and, as neither Luc
nor myself are entertainers, this proved to be one of our
biggest challenges of  the week, but it was a lot of fun. In
fact the whole WBC event was a LOT OF FUN. (Link)


Dov Citron, aka "Captain Calamity" from Madhouse Entertainments has been in touch; I'm on the
look out for seven passionate entertainer's/magicians/balloon twisters, ideally with experience performing
in front of audiences of children and families. After some initial training you will head off to sunnier climates for
six weeks(end of July through August 2010). You will be given an intensive training program before you go live!
And then you will be out in some f...abulous holiday resorts across the med working on the Thomson Extra
entertainment program. Your main roles will be to deliver interactive character driven poolside entertainment
as an array of silly characters, perform party style interactive shows and evening entertainment. For more info.
Please contact Dov: 07985 535472 or email; dovcitron@hotmail.com

"Balloons Around The World"
Become a part of the fun this year!  Let's take the opportunity in 2010 to highlight the incredible world of balloon sculpting.
How can you help to increase the level of our art? Consider getting a group of people together to make a giant sculpture,
creating your own event within this event. What is Balloons Around the World? Jeff Brown (Link to website) has been running and organising this event for a few years now andIt's a chance for balloon artists to work together globally, donating an hour or more to a good cause in their community. I’m sure a lot of us already do that, but by doing it as a massive group, on or around
the first Wednesday of every October
we can increase the worldwide profile of the balloon art form.
Jeff Brown

It's a great chance to showcase your talent and to
give back to the community and perhaps get some media attention along the way. Artists who take part get a free 2-1/4" button - this year again designed by the fabulous Nina Dees - and are listed in the on-line directory. Most of your other questions can be answered by checking out the website.

Link to website)

Jeff Brown
Celebrating 25 Years, The Legends Tour.
T.Myers magic and balloons will be celebrating 25 years in the business this year and Gus Davis the new
owner has organised the legends tour taking place in over 40 locations all over the USA. Artistes appearing
include, Robbie Furman, Ralph Dewey, Andrew McDonald, Don Caldwell, Jeanine Von Essen, Royal
Sorrell, Billy Damon, Todd Neufeld, Alberto Nava, Jack Mattson, Lary Moss and last but not least the
man who is organising the tour Gus Davis. The day will begin with a special 9.oo/2.3o pm DecoTwisting
class taught by international instructor Robbie Furman, then follows two hands-on workshops being
presented by one of the legendary guest instructors, 3/5 and 7/9 pm.As part of your registration,
you will receive at the door balloon kits provided by Qualatex that will have everything youwill
need to make the figures in both class's. To finish off the day from 9/11.oo pm there
will be jamming and contests! So a fantastic fun filled day. For more details; (Link)
T.Myers, Legends Tour
"Art With A Twist"
Young artist and balloon twister Chelsea of "Balloongenuity" in Indiana
had searched for months to find balloon animal jewellery. When her
search yielded no results, she decided to make her own. The first pair
of earrings were so popular with family and friends that she began
making charms and necklaces as well. Soon she decided to open
"Art with a Twist", an online web store, her jewellery is now available in many different styles, colours and sizes. 
To view the full range; (Link to website)  
BAPIA (The Balloon And Party Industry Association)
John Bowler with 20 years of experience
within the balloon community and his
association with Conwin, has started
up a new organisation, BAPIA is set
up to serve and promote the
interests of the Balloon and Party
industry. Promoting and marketing the
benefits of using industry professionals to
the general public is a major priority for BAPIA
For more details; (Link to BAPIA website)
Enza Mandello Sue Bowler
Brendan Healy

Charity Auction Success

The Assembly rooms in Newcastle hosted businessmen and personalities from across
the North East taking part in a bidding war
for some highly coveted prizes at a charity
lunch this month. Helping to raise over
£13,000 for three of the region’s top
charities was a balloon parody of one of
the north east's top comics, Brendan Healy.
This was created by Dillinger Ent's (Link)
The parody raised £300, although it was
agreed to reduce that to £100 when
it was realized the bidder was slightly the
worse for ware and had been over come
with emotion at the sight of his favourite comedian modelled out of balloons.

Parody of Brendan Healy
May Madness, "FREE" Shipping
Balloon Art Wholesale, May madness moment
with "Free" shipping on all orders over £100. With
600 product items between the two balloon sites;
(Link, Sempertex)(Link, Qualatex) and the metallic
hearts having just been added to the Qualatex site there
is plenty of choice. Balloons, Pumps, Aprons/Busking
Bags and DVD's including the latest DVD from Thelma
and Graham, "It's Quicker By Tube" which explains how
to insert almost anything inside a clear balloon without
using an expensive stuffing machine, are all included in the promotional discount which works out from a 10% saving.
Levett and Lee
Balloon Art Wholesale, New Adventure.
Lyn and Graham who have been running their balloon wholesale business, Balloon Art Wholesale for the past
four years via their website shop www.sempertexballoons.co.uk (Link) and through the "Care &Share"
days that they organise all over the UK promoting balloon modelling. (Link to "Care & Share" Info)
They recently had the opportunity to expand the business and are now pleased to offer
the Qualatex range of balloons via their new website shop;

www.sempertexballoons.co.uk www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk (Link) They
have a good variety of products availabe from
the Qualatex catalogue but if there is something
not stocked then please get in touch as they are more than happy to get you a quote for the items you require and are looking to add more popular items to the website.
There is NO VAT to add to either site.
World Balloon Convention
World Balloon Convention

Takes place April 15/18th in Dallas, Texas with over $10,000 prize
money up for grabs. There is a star studied line up of instructors to
learn from, including Tom Saeys, Alberto Falcone, Fiona Fisher and
the lovely Robbie Furman to name but a few with a grand gala show
and dealer hall to view all the latest releases from the balloon world.
Possibly the highlight of the event could be the behind the scenes
guided tour of the Qualatex plant into how the balloons are
manufactured, well worth a visit.
(Link to website)


There are two care and share days coming up, Wed 28th April in Darlington (Details) and Monday 10th May
in Bristol.
(Details) Both days run from 10 till 5 and will have three lecture/workshops to enjoy throughout
the day. Either day is only £10 to attend.

On Wed 30th June in Birmingham we have a very special day to put in your diaries,
"Celebrating The Art Of Balloon Modelling"
This will be a fun party day which will run from 10 till 6 with a mystery instructor plus all the fun, games and competitions of a normal care & share day with some added surprises along the way to make it a day not to miss,
with guaranteed fun for all. The cost for the day is just £15 and includes a buffet lunch.
(To Book)

Leeds Care & Share Day Birmingham Performance Day Care & Share Day
Diamond Jam/Summer Balloon Camp
The place to be this summer is Las Vegas,for the joint balloon twisting
and decorators convention, Diamond
Jam for the twisters runs Aug 8/9th
with the balloon fashion show and
then Balloon Camp runs straight
after from the 10/12th Aug.
For more details; (Link)

Tonya McNeill Tonya McNeill, New Releases
Tonya (Portfolio) has brought out a two new DVD's and a CD just recently, More Adjustable hats is the follow up to her very successful Adjustable Hats CD that came out last year, she taught this technique at America's number one twisting convention this year "Twist & Shout" She also has out two brand new DVD's "Blossom Bodies" which has 13 designs, all using a 6" geo blossom balloon for the foundation of the body and "Best Balloons For Boys" which has 14 of Tonya's favourite sculptures that are fairly quick and easy to make in a party situation. (More details)
Tonya McNeill
Make A Smile Appeal
Billy Wiz, Make A Smile Appeal
Just a gentle reminder that Billy Wiz (Graeme Ash) is off to the Belarus orphanages very soon to
perform his magic & balloon shows. As always Billy is looking for sponsorship,
so if you can help out ; (Link to website) Or if you would like to donate some balloons
to the project that will be posted out on the 15th March ; (Link to donate balloons)
Busking Bag Ready Balloons

Busking Bag Ready Balloons

Apron/Busking Bag Balloons, Ready To Roll
After people asking for a while now if someone could do a
balloon that is ready to use in the balloon Aprons and
Busking bags, Balloon Art Wholesale
are now offering this service for a trial
period. The 160, 260 and 360 will come in
two 50 count drums and the 660 in two 25 count
drums. For more details.(Link to website)
Lighter Than Air, Spring Tour Dates.
Danny Schlesinger is off on another whistle stop tour of the UK with his one
man balloon show, "Lighter Than Air" Where strange and bizarre things
happen to a wild balloon tamer. The show creates an utterly joyous
experience loaded with surprises and laughs.
"This is a must see show which is a joy to watch for the whole family.
17th February, Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Show at 2pm
20th February, The Maltings, Farnham, Hampshire, Show at 2pm
21st February, Winchester Discovery Dome, Hampshire, Show at 2pm
27th February, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk, Shows at 11am & 2pm
13th March, Hothouse Festival, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Matinee, TBC

14th March - Jacksons Lane, Highgate, London - Show at 2pm

3rd April - Rutherglen Town Hall, East Kilbride - Show time TBC
10th April - Ammanford Miner's Theatre, Ammanford, Nr Swansea - 2pm
17th April - Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight - Show at 3pm
23rd April - Victoria Theatre, Settle, North Yorkshire - Show at 6.30pm
24th April - The Arc, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland - Show at 2.30pm
Details about the show, (Link to website)

Elastic Park

Larry Moss is after your votes to help build Elastic Park via the Pepsi
"Good Idea" Project, voting opens for the whole of February and you
can vote every day, The summary for the project is; Elastic Park is an
exhibit, featuring a unique blend of art, pre- history, and pop culture.
The multi-thousand-square-foot, interactive exhibit was inspired by
Michael Crichton’s popular novel, Jurassic Park.Balloons are the
medium used to create the exhibit. The unusual medium draws a very
diverse crowd both for the construction phase and the display phase.
This is important since all large scale Airigami creations are community
based art projects. Community members are invited to participate in the
100,000 balloon creation. Visitors will walk among the creatures of the
Triassic through Cretaceous periods, as described in Crichton’s work.
An audio tour with custom music and actor’s voices will guide everyone
through, describing the creatures, the art, and telling the story.
Voting takes place from the 1st/28th February (Link)
Larry organises Balloon Manor which takes place every year in America.

Practical Magic, Kidology Convention

Kidology, Children's Magic Convention. 7th September

Balloon chat member Dov Citron from madhouse kids (Link) will be presenting a lecture
called, "What A Character!" which is all about character entertainment. Dov will be
demonstrating how to theme magic routines, games, balloons, 'call and response activities',
music, circus skills and puppet shows to keep them in-tune with current children's trends.
With the right costume item quickly applied, coupled with appropriate catch phrases 
you can turn an entertainer into a Pirate, Superhero, Wizard or any number of different
popular characters, including different approaches to entertaining different age groups.
The great line up to the day, includes major lectures from Alan Shaxon,
(My kind of kids' show) Craig Petty (Close up magic for kids) and
Gary Dunn (Entertaining with nothing) There is a choice of mini lectures to
see from, Dov, Steve Dimmer, Mike Bradshaw and Olly Chaston.

The day is run by Practical Magic/Albion Magic. For more details; (Link)

Billy Wiz, Make a Smile Appeal
Graeme Ash Billy Wiz, is taking his Magic & Balloon
Show on a tour to Belarus and Ukraine
on May 5th 2010.Billy visited Belarus
for the first time on the 20th anniversary
of Chernobyl. During his visit he will tour
hospitals, orphanages and village schools
performing his magic shows for the
children with the help of his balloon
modelling bringing smiles and joy to many.
Graeme Ash
Graeme Ash

Billy realised he could bring happiness to
so many children, even for a short time giving
them the chance to forget about their illnesses.
Billy has returned to Belarus many times in
recent years and in May 2008 performed
37 shows in schools, hospitalsand orphanages.
For more information, photos and
video clips;
(Link to website)

Graeme Ash
January Sale........ Now On

Lyn and Graham are having their very first sale, with many items being reduced throughout the website.
How long will the sale be going on for?
Well at least until the13th Jan at the "Care & Share" day that will be taking place in Banstead.
More details about the day; (Link) Price reductions on the website are;
160/260's £3.25, now £2.99. 160/260 metallic £3.75, now £3.49. 360's £5.75, now £4.99.
660's £8.00, now £6.99. With a special offer for three bags of 660 assorted, only £19.00

(Link to website)


Price Reductions. - The Sempertex website dealing with there online sales side of the business
have reduced the prices on the majority of products that are sold through the website by on average 15%.
The price reductions have come about due to the new courier service and the reduced shipping costs. Lyn
and Graham have decided that they have had enough of walking all the parcels to the local post office and
have just started to trial a 48HR courier service for the month of December. If things go according to plan
then from the New Year all parcels will be shipped this way, makinglife a little easier but more importantly,
all orders will have a tracking number so that at any time a parcel will be traceable. (Link)
Postage costs can be found here with full details about Insurance. (Link)

Sempertex Balloons


Twist & Shout 2010, Chicago
Tonya McNeil Twist & Shout for next year is just around the corner with Chigaco, USA being the place to be at, Oak Brook Hills, 17/21st Feb. Featuring over fifteen of the top twisters from around the world to entertain and enlighten everyone in our wonderful world. Tonya McNeil
Featured artistes this year include, Jolene Jang, Debbie Stevens, Jan Iiams, Vicky Kimble, Asi Cohen, Stretch, Jonathan Fudge, Don Caldwell, Todd Neufeld, Rick Mohr, Randy Zacks, Smarty Pants, Melissa Gjergji, Tonya McNeil whose balloon art features in the pictures above. And last but not least there will be some old guy from Scotland, you know what's is name, the one that no one can understand..................I remember now my good friend Colin Myles. So with plenty going on it should be a fun filled experience for everyone. For more information and booking details; (Link to website)

Marie Dadow (Just Marie) ..................My Secret Adventure

Marie Kindly sent this story in to share. So, I'm sitting in Craft
Services, eating this delicious caprese sandwich, staring at the
large monitor in front of me showing that sparkling "V"-shaped
stage knowing that in less than one hour, not only will Super
Model Heidi Klum, several of the most gorgeous models in the
world and The Black Eyed Peas be appearing on it, but MY
balloon creations!....How did this happen?! Just over a week ago,
I received a call and was invited to New York City to create a
balloon dress for The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  Before
I even had my itinerary, they had changed  TWO outfits. 
I'm a little fuzzy on the exact details of the conversation because
I was so excited, I never even got the name of the person I had been speaking to, I did eventually get it! The morning after I arrived, I met
with the head designers of the show. OMG, what amazingly talented people! When I entered the room with the entire product and several
of the other pieces from the show, I was so incredibly intimidated. 
Rhinestones, crystals and feathers EVERYWHERE!!  There were
some of the most gorgeous pieces I'd ever seen in my life.  Sparkle,
glitz and glimmer to spare!  Even with the magnificence of all
this work, they were treating me like I was their peer.
I just kept thinking to myself,
"But I only make dresses from BALLOONS!" 

To read more about the story(Link)

Marie Dadow
Graham Lee "The Real Secrets To Making A Good Living As A Childrens Entertainer" Wed 18th November in Birmingham
Have you always thought you could be a childrens entertainer or would you like help in improving your already well established act, then this day could well be just what you've been looking for? Mike Ingham (Micky The Magician) and Graham Lee with all thier years of experience are
holding a full days instructional workshop on entertaining children, including all the very real
secrets about what and how to entertain chidren while having great fun yourself. They will
even be explaining and giving away their own acts which have kept them both very busy
and in demand for many years. More details about the day can be found here;
Balloon & Clown Convention, China. The Millennium Jam
Sofie van Dewyer To read about the
festival that took place
in Shanghai and with
all the events and the
truly spectacular balloon
fashion show with over
thirty balloon dresses
being displayed during
the week. (Link)
For info on Sofie who
helped co-ordinate the
event and made the dress seen here; (Link)
The Millennium Jam

It's time again, when twisters come together
for what is the very
best balloon event
in the world,
The Millennium Jam 10/12th November
with balloon lectures
from, Dennis & Ingrid Hogers, Flipo, Sofie Vandewyer, Tom Bibo, Thelma Levett and Graham Lee. (Link)

Patricia Bunnell

Patricia Bunnell Lecture,
Wed 4th November
Patricia who has three best selling instructional
DVD's out, Country Critters, Twisted Critters Vol 1,
Twisted Critters Vol 2 will be coming over from the USA for her only UK date, doing a full day
on lecture workshop in Birmingham on Wed 4th
November from 10 till 6.oo p.m. The cost for the
day is £55 and will include lunch. Patricia will be
running two sessions throughout the day,
10.3o till 1.oo p.m. and 2.oo till 4.3op.m.

To book and for more information
on the day (Link )

Patricia Bunnell
Clown and Balloon Festival, China

Graham Lee is off on his world travels, for someone who is not very keen on
flying he seems to be geting around quite a lot lately. He flys off on the 28th
September to Shanghai for the international balloon and clown festival
(1st-8th Oct) where he will be performing his balloon magic act; (Link)
This is the second time Graham has ben invited to perform at the festival
where 15 of the top european balloon artistes will all be performing,
Bidou, Willie Monroe, Tom Saeys, Kokof, Todd Neufeld and Suzanne Haring.
Graham Lee
Dov Citron

Dov, Flying High
One of our balloon chat members, Dov Citron
(Link ) is
certainly having a very good month. It started off for him getting
a call to entertain at Rocco and David's party, these are Madonna
and Guy Ritchie's children and then as if that wasn't enough he
got the call to go and entertain at number 11 Downing Street
to help publicise the seventh anniversary of the Children's
trust fund. All the events have gone really well and Dov is very
much looking forward to entertaining more stars in the future.

Friends of David, A Tribute DVD Diamond Jam 2009
Friends of Davis DVD The friends of David DVD sold
out within 24 hours, we will
try to get the dvd back in stock ASAP. The DVD is a collection
from eleven top international
balloon artistes, Colin Myles,
Rie Hosokai, Ralph Dewey,
Don Caldwell, Bidou, Ed Chee,
Marvin Hardy Alberto
Falcone, Larrt Moss, Ken
Stillman and Royal Sorell.
All monies raised from the
sale of this DVD will go to
the Grist family. (Link)
Sofie and Rie
To read an extensive write up
on diamond jam 2009 and to
find out what went wrong this
time with his flight adventures
etc. Pictured left are the
winning dresses from the
balloon fashion show which were designed by Sofie Vandewyer
and Rie Hosokai.
For the first timeever there
were joint winners from a really
great line up of some stunning
dresses. For more reviews with
over 150 pictures, (Link)
David Grist David Grist DVD Sale
1st Sept, limited period only we will be offering a 10% reduction on all of David's DVD's.
A single copy will be £18 with the full set at an anazing low price of only £135.
This is a fantastic balloon modelling set that takes you right from the
basic beginings up to David's award winning weaving techniques with the big
sculptures, a must for every balloon artiste to have in their collection. (Link)
All money raised from the sale of these DVD's will go to David's family.
The David Grist Memorial Lecture 2010
Once again we will be inviting over from the USA one of the world's leading balloon
artistesto run the hands on lecture/workshop early in the new year.
(Link to lecture)


Danny at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
"Circo Ridiculoso" and Pleasance present "Lighter than air" at
this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Come and see live wild
balloon taming at,
The Pleasance Above, Venue 33, 5th - 30th August

Danny has been touring around the country all year to get
the show at the peak of its performance. So before Danny
goes international and hits the big time. Come and see the show!
Book tickets on 0131 556 6550.

Enter the strange and bizarre universe of a wild balloon tamer
where surreal and stupid things happen. Combining circus and
comedy, performer and clown Danny Schlesinger creates an
utterly joyous experience loaded with surprises and laughs.
Warning! Features loud balloon pops. For everyone over
the age of four. Circo Ridiculoso and Pleasance present
LIGHTER THAN AIR at Pleasance Above, venue 33,
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
5-30th August (not 17 & 24th)
BOX OFFICE: 0131 5566550
Danny Schlesinger
Thelma Levett Levett and Lee On The Road
Thelma Levett and Graham Lee completed a photo
shoot in July for Esquire magazine (Link) After
getting the story board and with only a few days
working on the ideas it was time to see if they had
interpreted the thoughts of the magazine and
photographer. The day was a success with everyone
at the shoot appreciating the wonderful balloon art form.
The publication will be out and in the shops on Sept
14th with a nine page spread related to fashion using
balloon art. For more pictures and to see why the
skeleton was made in two contrasting colours. (Link)
Esquire Magazine
Danny's Amazing Balloon Show, "Lighter Than Air"
Danny The Idiot

Enter the strange and bizarre universe of a wild balloon tamer where serreal and stupid things happen. Combining circus and comedy, performer and clown Danny Schlesinger creates an utterly joyous experience loaded with participation, surprises
and laughs.

Danny The Idiot
“How anyone can be that funny with a few balloons and few words I'll never know, but he is. 
This is just one of those shows you should borrow a child to come and see with. 
I'd be hard pressed to say which of you will enjoy it more!”  
Pam Hardiman, Deputy Director, Gulbenkian Theatre.
Come and see Danny's fantastic show next at:
Saturday 27th June at the Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse, Shows at 11am and 2pm
Saturday 11th July Bradon Forest School, Purton, Wiltshire - Show at 6pm
Sunday 19th July at the Pleasance, Islington London, shows at 11am and 2pm

Sabina Kellner, Loop Technique The "Levett and Lee" Roadshow
About the technique, Loop weaving
isa strong technique with an interesting structure, imitating scales, leaves or feathers. Balloon artistes who like 160's
as much as Sabina does will love to play around with this loop weaving idea.

Contents of the book

The booklet has step-by-step instructions and helpful tips on how to make,
1, loop weaving in a line.
2, loop weaving in a circle.
3, flat loop weaving.
As well as selected balloon figures for
each technique, snake, heart, flower, vase and an elaborate parrot and mermaid.
(The instructions assume you have basic twisting skills) (Link)
Sabina Kellner Thelma Levett and Graham Lee
Two of the Uk's most experienced balloon
twisters are giving away all the hints, tips
and tricks of the trade. Birmingham, Wed
22nd July, Banstead, Wed 21st October
Leeds, Wed 25th November. The idea of
the days is to give everyone the basic
understanding of what makes the balloon
industry such a unique and fun place to
work in. Everything will be covered during
this full day hands on workshop from
basic animals, hats and quick, easy and
Impressive models. The day will include full
details of all the balloon twisting terminology
and what they are used for and what can be
made from all of these twists. This is a fun day
not to be missed and will benefit even the more experienced twister. More details; (Link)


The Millennium Jam Nov 10/12th.  
The brand new millennium jam website will be going live later today with all the
details for this 10th anniversary edition. This is the one convention not to be missed.
The plans and format for this year are slightly different than usual due to the
economic climate but no doubt it will still be an excellent balloon convention run by
Leo and Johan from IBS Balloons, with no doubt Tim running around like a
headlesschicken doing all the work as normal!!
(Link to TMJ website)
Graham Lee DVD 3 "A Romantic Twist "
Graham Lee Graham has just released "A romantic Twist" which
has all the techniques and helpful tips on how to
make the origami rose which won Graham first
prize in the one balloon competition at
"The Millennium Jam 2007"
and European balloon entertainer of the year.
It also has all the details for the heart, mirror in a
heart and the balloon flowers and roses under the
dome and in a balloon. This really is the good stuff
with a bonus section detailing how to make the heart
out of 6" link o loon balloons and a special guest
appearance by Miss Thelma Levett who shows how
to make a beautiful flower from three heart
shaped balloons. (
Link to more details)
Editing on the DVD by Geoff Evans, 01293-400359.
Graham Lee
Don Caldwell. America's Number one twister, UK tour dates.
Don Caldwell Don Caldwell and Thelma Levett Don Caldwell
The great news is that Don Caldwell is confirmed and will be coming over to the UK for two dates, Friday 29th May in Banstead,
Surrey and Wednesday 3rd June in Birmingham. The Banstead day will be focusing on Don's performance Lecture "The Buster
Balloon Show Live!" This is the real deal, nothing held back. Don Caldwell takes you into the world of his famous alter-ego,
Buster Balloon. You will see Don's 45 minute family show in it's entirety, then strip it down beat by beat in a Q&A session to
discover what makes a successful balloon show tick. After lunch the fun continues with Don teaching several of his other
favorite original balloon gags, tricks, and routines that are not currently in his show. Having seen the workshop at twist &
shout in February this is definately one not too miss.
Then it's on to Birmingham for; "The David Grist Memorial Lecture" (More Info)
What Don will be including in this full day hands on lecture/workshop........... "The Best of Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables"
The workshop will feature Don's favorite, and most popular wearable creations. From the stupidly simple, to huge show stoppers,
these are the pieces that Don uses in his every day work and the pieces that he counts on to always deliver. You will also learn
Don's secret presentation tips for getting even more impact out of your sculptures. And yes, there will be a few sculptures that
Don has not released before. More details on the days and to book;
(Link to Don Caldwell)

Thelma, Bonnie and Petra are kept busy with new CD's
Petra Meijboom Thelma, Bonnie and Petra have all brought out new instructional CD's.
Thelma's, "A little bit more" is a follow on to her other excellent CD's
with some slightly more advanced models being shown with the eagle,
doll and tigger being probably my favourite on the disc and the flat heart
is definitely very usable. Bonnie kindly sent over her class notes from the
G.O.T mini convention that she attended the other week as the star
lecturer. The cheetah is worth the price of the CD alone, this is my
favourite design on the disc but there are plenty of others to keep you
interested, especially the lion. Petra's first CD "Heartfigures" has a
selection of twelve models which all incorporate theuse of a heart
balloon. The elephant, ballerina/mermaid are very nice with the
chicken being cute. To contact Bonnie just send her a PM
through the forum and to purchase either of Thelma
or Petra's CD's just click on the link (Link)
Thelma Levett
Diamond Jam 2009, Las Vegas 13/15th August
Debbie Stevens

Diamond Jam "Celebrating The Art Of Twisting"
Is back in Las Vegas for the second year since Dave Scott took over the running of this event from Ed Chee and moved it from Phoenix. There are abundance of quality balloon artistes attending to teach, including; Ken Stillman, Colin Myles, Stretch, Patrick van de Ven, Patricia Bunnell, Ed Chee, Bidou,
Robbie Furman, Ralph Dewey. It's like a who's who from the balloon world for this three day twisting event taking place on the 13/15th August. Then on Sunday 16th it's the balloon dress fashion show, some of last years entries are, on the left a dress made by Debbie Stevens and Colin Myles entry on the right. This is then followed by "summer balloon camp" for
the balloon decorators from the 16/18th Aug. Diamond Jam certainly
has something for everyone. More details on the events, classes
and registration can be found on the official website; (Link)

Colin Myles
Kidology, Children's magic convention. 8th September 2009
The only UK children's magic convention which is being held
on Tuesday 8th Sept at the civic
halls in Wolverhampton. The
convention is planned for
mid-week so that the professional entertainers can attend and is run
by Jeremy and Cheryl from
Practical Magic (practical magicLink) and
Alex Powell from
Albion Magic (practical magicLink)
There are fifteen dealers from
across the country attending and
four lectures planned; Michael
Fitch, Kid's Cabaret. Derek Lever,
Children's magic props through
the ages Ali Cadabra (left)
Walkaround magic for children
and Michael Diamond,
Halloween magic.


G.O.T Balloons

G.O.T Mini Balloon Convention 2009

Stretch Clendennen is organising the gathering of twisters
convention that will be taking place at the, All American Balloons,
Arlington, Texas on the 30th/31st March this year with 10 classes on
offer, including Decor, twisting, facpainting and deco/twisting. Bonnie
Davis (Bonnie DavisLink to portfolio) one of our balloon chat members is the star
attraction for the convention and will be teaching two classes that have
been especially prepared for the convention. Others that will be teaching
are, Stretch, Linda Berman, Diane Gauthier and Sharon Hodges.
For more details about the event and booking details, (G.O.T.Balloon ConventionLink)

Happy Birthday Balloon Chat, 1st Anniversary 15th March

We're having some competitions to celebrate the forum, www.balloonchat.co.uk being one year old today.
There are two competitions, with one of them to encourage all those members that are still to post
for the first time onto the site. For more details and to see the prizes on offer;


The Millennium Jam 2009
Has been confirmed this year for the 10/12th November and will be taking place at the sun
parks resort in Belgium. This is just the best
balloon convention in the world with the fashion show, Iron latex man competition and the
ultimate prize to go for being the coveted title of "European Balloon Entertainer of the Year"
More details about this event can be found on
the forum here; (Link to forum details)
Balloon tutorial section

The balloon tutorial section has been up and running for a few weeks now with six basic instructions. There are 16 line drawing explanations for some of the more popular twists etc associated within the balloon community to help you along the way. The balloon tutorial button which has just been put up onto the site was made by a great web designer,
Stuart Catterson. I really love the wagging tail on the dog, it made me smile! So if anyone needs any web designing or graphic art work, please get in touch with Stuart as he really is a very talented artiste.
(Link to Stuart's website)


"The Real Secrets To Making A Good Living As A Childrens Entertainer"
Have you always thought you could be a childrens entertainer or do
you just want help in improving your already well established act,
then this day couldwell be just what you've been looking for?
Mike Ingham (Micky The Magician) and Graham Lee with all thier
years of experience are holding a full day workshop on entertaining
children, including all the real secrets about what and how to entertain
chidren while having great fun yourself. They will even be explaining and
giving away their own acts which have kept them both very busy and
in demand for many years. More details about
the day can be found here;
(Link to More info)(Link to booking info)


Graham Lee
Thelma Levett, New CD. Nice and Easy
The long awaited sequel to Thelma's first and very successful CD was released last weekend at the Blackpool
magic convention to great acclaim. On the new CD are detailed and very easy to follow instructions for some
really great designs, including the Penguin which is now a true classic in the balloon modelling world.
Explained are; Dove, Cow, Snail, Butterflies, Bald Eagle, Owl, Lion/Tiger, Frog in a rowing boat, Tweety Birds.

For more details about the CD;
(Link to more info on Thelma's CD)


Twist and Shout, Los Angeles 2009
Graham Lee Super Mario Robbie Firman Mark Verge

What an experience, what a ride but
more importantly what a journey!!!!
To find out more about the twist and
shout balloon convention that was held
in Los Angeles in Feb with all the details
on who won what etc and Graham's
thoughts and write up about the
convention then just click on the
balloon link; (Link)

Jack Mattson With over 100 pictures to view from
the convention starting on page four of
the thread and the beginning of the write
up from page eight. Next year's event will
be taking place in Chicago with confirmed
dates of 17th/21st Feb. All details for the convention will be found on the website
once it has been updated; (Link)
Colin Myles Lollypop Satomi Kinoshita Bidou
Comic Relief 2009
Comic Relief 2009

Graham Lee was asked back in September 2008 to spend a day at the Skins photographic Studio in Kensington on Friday 3rd October for the offical shoot to promote comic relief for 2009. The day turned out to be such a success that it was decided to
add another day at the Lettice Studios on Wed 29th Oct in Parsons Green.
The theme for this day being "Bands"

Graham said both days were great
to do and everyone made him feel
most welcome and it was good to
see how the day was put together.
The 29th Jan 2009 is the offical
launch day, so it just goes to show
that Graham can keep a secret as
he's known about this for over four
months. More pictures from the
shoot can be seen here; (Link)
Comic Relief 2009 Comic Relief 2009 Comic Relief 2009

Lighter Than Air, by circo ridiculoso

This is another chance to see Danny on tour with his brilliant balloon mime show which is suitable for
the whole family. Danny is an eccentric performer of physical comedy. Not only is he an expert
in eccentricity, he is also a visual poet, a certified fool, a multi-talented modern vauderville artist
and a wild rubber tamer but on top of all this he is a very nice guy too!
The show is a must see so don't forget to put the dates in your diary, (Link to details)
"A master of his own particular brand of tomfoolery" The Stage Newspaper

Danny The Idiot

7th February - Norden Farm, Maidenhead, Berkshire - Shows at 11am & 3pm
8th February - South Street, Reading, Berkshire - Shows at 11.30am & 2pm
14th February - The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead - Show at 2pm, followed by balloon workshop
15th February - Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, Middlesex - Show at 3pm

7th March - The Clocktower, Croydon, Surrey - Show at 2.30pm
21st March - Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, Hampshire - Show at 1pm
22nd March - New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, Hampshire - Show at 2pm
28th March - The Studio, Broadway Theatre, Catford, London - Show at 11.30am
29th March - Arts Depot, Finchley, North London - Shows at 12pm & 3pm

8th April,The Arts Centre, Darlington, County Durham Show at 2.30pm, followwed by balloon workshop
9th April,Lamplight Arts Centre, Stanley, County Durham Show time TBC, followed by balloon workshop
10th April - The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland - Shows at 12pm & 3pm
11th April - The Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven, Cumbria Show time TBC, followed by balloon workshop
12th April - Town Hall, Selby, North Yorkshire - Show time TBC
14th April - Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn, Cheshire - Shows at 11am & 2pm
16th April - The Puppet Theatre, Norwich, Norfolk - Show at 2.30pm
17th April - New Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - Shows at 11am & 2pm
19th April - The Arts Centre, Salisbury, Wiltshire - Show at 11am, followed by balloon modelling


Britains Got Talent
Coming back for yet another series and forum member Dennis Dillinger will be
designing a mini me balloon fairy for Pat who is a comedian/poet and will be
enterring the competition this year as a fairy. The planned auditions for
Newcastle last wek have been moved up to Edinburgh so keep your eyes
glued to see if Dennis gets some air time later on in the year.
Pictured with the said sculpture is Dennis's young grand-daughter
Tegan. (Link to website). Dennis Dillinger
Mr Balloonz

Danny Joins The Balloon Chat Team

Danny The Idiot Although it's a small team at the moment, well it's just doubled with Danny coming
on board and next year's christmas office party will be so much better. I'm pleased
to say that Danny has agreed to join the balloon chat team and be another pair of
hands and eyes on the admin side of the forum, with his youthful boyish
enthusiasm I'm sure he will be a great help and asset in the day to day
running of the site, so big hugs and a warm welcome Danny.
"I'm honoured that Graham has asked me to help him with Balloon Chat. I have no idea
what it entails. But I look forward to helping this brilliant resource for balloon twisters
grow. I come from a performing background and have always done simple balloons.
In 2006 I went to TMJ and saw that really anything is possible to make out of balloons.
And since then I have been striving to improve my balloon art. The balloon community
is great - It always helps knowing your not the only one with a difficulty, knowing where
to turn to and who could help with your balloon related dilema. I also find I learn so much,
new figures, ways of doing and thinking about things. So I am happy to help Graham out.
Keep Chatting! Really looking forward to seeing a few of you at the first performance workshop of the yearin Leeds on the 25th March that I will be running"


Advertising Pages

The advertising pages have been added to the forum,
this is your chance to get some free advertising
through the balloon chat forum. The plan is to
eventually make a small charge in the future for
this service to help pay forthe maintenance and
running costs of the forum but everyone will be
given plenty of notice about this. If you click
through from the "Find a Twister" logo you will
see all the different areas covered and you can
advertise in as many as you wish. If you would
like to take advantage of this offer, details can
be found here; (Link to forum)
We are hoping to extend the advertising shortly to
include Europe and the USA. so that all members on
the Balloon chat forum can make use of this service.

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Performance Workshops

The first of two performance workshops
for 2009 will be taking place in Leeds
on Wed 25th March. Danny Schlesinger,
will be runing the two one
hour group sessions on performance
and performing with balloons within a
Care & Share day. Competitions and
a balloon lecture will also make this
a definate fun filled day not to be
missed while honing in your skills
on performance to help make you a
better all round entertainer. The cost
for the day is only £10.oo, to find out
more details about the day; (Link).

Thelma Levett,
Joins the Sempertex bandwagon

I’m absolutely pleased, delighted, chuffed and honoured to
tell you all that Thelma, that little pocket dynamo who is
one of the best kept secrets in the balloon modelling world
has decided to come on board and help promote the
Sempertex balloon brand around the UK.
Helping out more at the “Care and Share” days and working
the big magic conventions with her expertise, creativity and enthusiasm she's bound to be a great hit and asset to all of
us. Thelma who wears her heart on her sleeve and  is most
definitely one of the top balloon modelling artistes in the UK,
if not the world. Thelma has incredible enthusiasm for our
balloon art and her mind never switches off from creating
her balloon masterpieces. Her creativity just seems to be
so endless with new models, designs and techniques being
thought up daily and to top it all she is also just a lovely lady
and so much fun to be around.
Thelma is so modest about her talents, but I finally got her to
write a little intro into her life in latex, with a bit of arm twisting.

Thelma Levett
Thelma's Story,
“I must be one of the longest serving, totally hooked balloon twisters with the least things to say about myself with regards to milestones. Just plodded along in my small world and thoroughly enjoyed thinking up new ways to play and new ways to create with balloons. I picked up my first bag of balloons in 1994, goodness 14 years ago!! How time flies, I was introduced to balloons by an entertainer called Terry Box. He was running a disco at a party where I was face painting and kindly suggested that I could expand my repertoire by offering balloon modelling. I purchased a book on basic models and a bag of balloons and ploughed through it in a couple of days. The best way to describe the experience is to say I found my thing. It was love at first twist and felt like I was made to do balloons but just didn’t know it till I bought that first bag. Within a couple of days I had done everything in the book and was feeling the need to do something more interesting. Within a week I had started designing my own balloons. 14 years later I am still constantly designing. It is an addiction. One of the very first models I designed was the penguin you see all over the place. Due to my financial circumstances, I did not buy any books or any other educational materials. I did not know any other balloon artists; all the people I met were only interested in making the basic dogs and swords. This was frustrating and I could not understand how anyone could have a material with such potential and not want to improve. It was not that I didn’t want to be influenced by any outside source but I think it was very good for me to have no pointers. It made me think and develop and I found my own style. Sometimes one misses the obvious though when twisting on your own and that is the beauty of getting together at a “Care and Share” day or balloon convention, a luxury I didn't have till 2001. I went to the Blackpool Magic Convention a couple of times and made models there when selling a book I had published but apart from that and a couple of balloon lectures for some magic societies I spent 6 years twisting in isolation more or less. By 2001 I was able to travel to the Millennium Jam where I experienced a total mind blast. I normally shy away from competitions and when pushed to do them I feel like the smallest person in the room. (Yes I know!!! I probably am the smallest person in the room but I feel even smaller in competition mode) Leo bullied/cajoled me into entering a competition for the first time and I came third. I personally wasn’t happy with the design but it got me my first trophy ever, which was nice.
My business is a success with a constant flow of work coming in and an extremely good reputation. I take great pride in doing a first class job every time and treating each booking as the special event that it is for the people who have booked me. I do face painting, music, games and magic shows as well as the balloons and it is for the whole party I am known and not just the balloons. But the balloon art is my joy.
I don't have a string of awards to tell you about, I just plod on in the background not making a lot of noise about myself and not getting noticed but I do so love designing and giving myself those little challenges. I saw Terry at an event I attended recently and he took great delight in telling everyone that he got me started and taught me everything I know, I just smiled. Well I wonder if I would be doing balloons if it were not for him. Lately I have not been so obviously active because I have been doing a lot of writing up and getting my gallery ready for the web site. And producing my very first CD publication “Two and a bit” with loads more designs being put onto CD and possibly a DVD as well in the near future.
In fact I just finished sorting out all the photos for the gallery on my new website, which hopefully will be launched in the very near future. Now I have to decide on the look of the main page and get the layout cleaned up. When the website is up and running I’ll announce it here on balloon chat"

  Thelma Levett Thelma Levett

Krazy Kev, TV Appearance on Sky One.

Krazy Kev who is a balloon chat member will be appearing several times on Sky one TV over the festive
period, 6.oo pm Christmas eve & repeated at 4.oo pm Christmas day in “Noel’s Christmas Presents”
which was filmed on 23rd November in the North East.Part of the show was in aid of the flood victims
& community of Morpeth who were devastated by the flooding over the past couple of years.
Filming took place at the New Life Centre in Morpeth and was all kept hush hush from the residents,
it was only on the day of filming that people realised something was happening. Among the guests were
Noel Edmonds, Zoë Salmon a blue peter presenter, Sooty and Sweep and not forgetting the ever smiling
"Same Difference" from last years X factor, who Kev says are just lovely people. He has met them
before and they don't change - always smiling.Kev was kept very busy all day making balloons for
everyone that attended the day & rubbing shoulders and making some balloons for the celebrities as
well. The five foot high Santa was the hit of the day pictured below with Noel Edmonds.

More details about Krazy Kev can be found on his all new and re-vamped website; (Krazy Kev)
A quote from Krazy Kev;
”It was a fab day and I would love the chance to do it all again as it was for such a good cause and
brought lots of smiles to a community that was devastated by the flood water in recent times.”

krazy kevkrazy kevkrazy kev

Twist & Shout Balloon Convention
5th to 8th Feb 2009
twist & shout

Another great balloon twisting convention to look forward to in the new year.
The venue is sunny Southern California in the USA, at the sheraton Cerritos
Hotel in the beautifully landscaped town centre.Top names from across
the world will all be merging on Southern California to take part and compete
in one of the worlds main balloon conventions, there are three twisting competitions to enter as well as the stage entertainer of the year.
The convention will certainly have something for everyone, those already
booked to lecture are, Park Hyun-Gu (Beating), Debbie Stevens, Zanie
Janie Driscoll, Ralph Dewey, Billy Damon and Suzanne Haring so definately something for everyone. There are also on the Sunday private classes that
you can attend. For more details, (balloon convention)

Balloon Chat at the MILLENNIUM JAM, 2/6th NOVEMBER 2008

Leo and Johan from IBS balloons link (ibs-balloons) started to put this event on in 2000 at the Sunparks holiday resort in Mol, Belgium, hence the name “The Millennium Jam” and in the nine years it has grown from around a 100 people at that very first event into the worlds most prestigious balloon modelling convention in the world attracting over 300 people from all over
the world, from 23 different countries for this years convention.

The awards are looked upon in the balloon industry as the
pinnacle of out art form in balloon twisting and performance.
  “What a week ... this was absolutely fantastic." Tony Twist
“I feel overwhelmed with what I have just experienced, very special”
Richard Masters
“Personally I can't afford not to go. I have been once before and it completely inspired me.”
Danny Schlesinger

Fashion Show winner, Sophie Vandewyer and Koen

One Balloon Model, Pieter van Engen

Multi Balloon Sculpture, Patrick van de Ven

Stage Show, Manon Dudziak


My thoughts on TMJ done from memory, will have a look through my note book when I get time to see what else I may have missed off;
To start off it was absolutely excellent and as I always say, a life changing experience.
For those that don't know I took an organised trip with nine people going over on Eurostar with two more meeting us there.
So if you'd like to join us next year for the best balloon convention in the world, as they say stay tuned...
The industry award evening was very good with some excellent balloon acts and a very nice buffet.
Tom with some help from Rafael were the compeers for the evening and what an excellent job they both done. The audience seemed to warm to them straight away in a difficult setting for the acts.
The show was excellent with everyone around me seeming to have a great time laughing and joining in, and we were sitting at the back.

So what did I see?
From memory and no particular order;

Dave Bartlett
No balloons but absolute golden nuggets of information for the working pro. For me probably the best lecture for information that I've sat through.

Some very good information on trying to find your character on stage and how to develop it. Some good advice for those just starting out on this road.

Addi Somekh
What a great class, full of energy. Addi's so loud even without a microphone, hats and wings is what was talked about and I know from others reactions that this class was great fun, enjoyable with a lot of very good information passed on.


Don Caldwell
The lecture on magic and balloons being very informative with lot's of very good and usable ideas.
Don seemed so much more comfortable in this class which was later on in the week compared to his wrist friend lecture earlier in the week, perhaps he got to know a few people or maybe he's at his best when performing which is what he did in this lecture.
This lecture and Dave Bartlett's were my favourite from this year's list.

Sean Rooney
Sean is a real talent and I watched just one of his classes, getting a bubble in a balloon but just so that others that sat in the class know that I was listening, it perhaps should have been called according to Sean as getting a balloon around a bubble.
Sean is very informative and a few of us during the week spent a nice time with him having a coffee and discussing balloon related ideas, this was another highlight of the week for me.

Fashion Show
The fashion show was amazing, I don't think any words could do it justice; you just had to be there (Full Stop)
Tom and Rafael again done a great job compeering, Tom did make perhaps some border line remarks which did get an intake of breath from the audience and I too was fortunate??? To get a mention here as well.

The Thursday Night Gala Show
There was no stage competition this year and I think two acts competed within this gala show for stage performer of the year.
Manon won the title this year with an act that would take quite a while to set and build but she has wonderful mime skills and is a joy to watch, 75% of the act was new to me and as she told me, it's "very crazy"

For more details and pictures about this event checkout; link (Links to forum)

More details about the millennium jam can be found on there site,
Click the link balloon to vist link (millenniumjam)

“We're having a party”

To celebrate the fact that Sempertex Balloons have
been sponsoring Graham Lee's “Care and Share”
balloon fundays we've decided to hold a party. All
are welcome and it's free. There are limited spaces
so please book online ASAP. Click the link balloon
for more details;

link (Sempertexballoons.co.uk)

Due to a technical issue on the site we have to
charge you 10p to book but this will be refunded on
the day. Tuesday 25 th November in Halesowen


The day will run similar to a care and share day 10 till 6 but the whole day is mapped out with two mystery lecturers, a session on bit's of business with balloons and two competitions, the one balloon model and making a hat.

We will also be selling raffle tickets to promote Graeme Ash (BillyWiz) and his “Make A Smile” appeal, click the link balloon for more details;

Graeme goes over to Belarus every year to the orphanages and cancer hospitals, this really is a great cause so please try and give so that Graeme can carry on with his “Make a smile” trips.
The plan of action for the day so far is, although those that know me will understand that sometimes things don't quite run to plan but I will try my best for the party………..honest


So the plan of action at the moment for the day is;

11..oo till 12.oo Mystery lecturer one

12 .3o till 1.oo One balloon competition

1.oo till 2.oo Get yourself some lunch
If anyone would like to bring some food along could you get in touch so that we get a nice even spread of everything for a party.
Lyn is making a couple of cakes.

2.oo til 2.3o Balloon "bits of business"

2.3o til 3.3o Mystery lecturer two

4.oo til 4.3o Hat competition

4.30 til 5.oo Raffle winners and Award ceremony for winners of the competitions

Don't forget that after we go out for a meal, all are welcome.

We're having a party celebrating three years of sponsorship by Sempertex Balloons,
for more details about the day & the full venue address. (Party Link)


10 to 16 NOVEMBER 2008

The 12th “National Balloon Week”
is taking place from 10th – 16th November 2008. NABAS The Balloon Association Ltd
its members will be
championing the balloon
and party industry by
organising national and
local events that highlight
the versatility of applications
and market opportunities
that balloons can offer.
Competitions, Balloon
Releases and Special events
all form part of the week's festivities, which are being organised by the Members
of the Association around
the country. The events will culminate on Sunday 16th November with the NABAS “Festival of Balloon Art” at the NAC in Stoneleigh Park near Coventry – tickets and further information for this event can
be acquired from the NABAS office. link (NABAS)
2nd/6th NOVEMBER 2008

This is the best balloon twisting balloonconvention in the world, now there is something for it to live upto this year. I have been organising the trip to the convention for the last few years & will be doing so
again this year. So for those wishing to come with us we go for a week travelling out on Friday Oct 31st & returning on Friday 7th Nov.
I have one spare ticket still available due to a cancellation. Eurostar is booked from St Pancras for 14.34 on the outward journey and 14.59 back to London the following week. The
cost will include Eurostar from St Pancras to Brussels, a taxi to the venue, registration & shared room in a self catering bungalow. If you wish a room to yourself the additional cost is approx £60 or you can have a single room in the hotel for approx £195 extra. The cost this year will be £325 with the Eurostar cost paid to me & the rest of the money paid to Leo on arrival at the centre. Deadline day was 1st Aug so anyone wishing to join us now is more than
welcome. You will need to book Eurostar yourself for the same train as the group are on both ways, please be aware that the Eurostar cost jumps considerably.

Fan dress
by Colin Myles

To visit Colin's site click the link balloon.

We all help to decorate the lobby of the
venue on the Saturday & the convention
starts on the Sunday. This year for the
first time there will be a special industry
dinner on the Saturday which at the
moment is being advertised for approx
£28.oo which will be an added extra if
you wish to attend but I'm sure we can
do a deal on this. More details about
the convention & who will be lecturing
can be found by clicking the blue link.
millenniumjam.com) Graham Lee

Circo Ridiculoso presents Lighter than Air

Enter the strange and rather bizarre universe of a wild balloon tamer, where surreal and stupid things happen. Seamlessly combining circus, physical theatre and silent comedy, first-class performer and consummate clown, Danny Schlesinger, creates an utterly joyous experience loaded with participation, surprises and laughs.  
"Hilarious and poignant physical comedy" Time Out

"A master of his own particular brand of tomfoolery" The Stage

"Moving, beautiful and very funny"
Barney Jeavons, West End Centre, Aldershot

"Charming poetic, and skilful as it is silly,
both full of heart and absolutely hilarious."

Amanda Huotari, Celebration Barn Theater, Maine, USA

Lighter than Air is for family audiences aged 4+. It is highly visual, original, gentle, yet anarchic clowning and is suitable for
the deaf, hearing impaired and non-English speakers, fans of comedy and circus, physical theatre, clown, balloons,
and musical saw, and families. Running time: approx 55 minutes.

Where can you see this show?
Autumn 2008:
October 12th - The Albany Deptford, 3pm
Box Office 020 8692 0231 www.thealbany.org.uk
October 25th - The Egg, Bath, 11.30am and 3pm
Box Office 01225 823409 www.theatreroyal.org.uk/the-egg
November 9th - Jackson's Lane, Highgate
Box Office 020 8341 4421 www.jacksonlane.org.uk

  November 16th - Stratford Circus, East London, 12pm show & walkabout
Box office 020 8279 1015 www.stratford-circus.com http://www.stratford-circus.com/
November 23rd - Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, London 3pm show & balloon workshop
Box Office 020 7701 0100 www.blueelephanttheatre.co.uk

If you can't make it to these shows, please have a look at the online video clip of the show:  link (youtube clip)
Website:  www.CircoRidiculoso.com link
Martin wins a DVD in Balloon
Chat's first competition.
  Wally Boag,
Balloon Entertainer at Disney 1955/1986
Patricia Bunnell who was our “Star Interview” 18/24 th Aug link(link) kindly donated
a DVD's as a prize to
Balloon Chat members.
BC asked members to make a sculpture of any one of Patricia's hat designs & put a body onto it. All entries went into a hat & the lucky winner drawn out was Martin.

Members of BC would recognise Martin by his avatar on the forum. (right}

Wally entertained at Disney for
over 30 years performing his
balloon act with over 40,000
shows on the golden horseshoe stage. More details about Wally's
life can be found here link (Link)
Over 300 people show up for a reunion for a show that Wally
starred in & that finished over
22 years ago, for a review link 
Although Wally is now into his
90's he will be the guest of
honour at Twist & Shout. More
details about this event can
be found here; link (Link)
A classic youtube clip of Wally,

Come along & join in the fun at the next care & share days

Exeter, Wed 17th Sept
Northampton, Wed 22nd Oct

Days are 10 till 6 with Graham Lee doing 2 lectures, basic in
the morning and cartoon figures in the afternoon, Mickey,
Tweety, Tigger.
Also more than happy during the day so show
some basic weaving. We also have booked for the Exeter day
as the mystery lecturer Caroline, Bubbles the clown (right)
link (bubblztheclown) & at the Northampton day; Thelma Levett

(pictured left)
link (Balloonjam) is the mystery instructor.
To book online Click the link balloon link(sempertexballoons)
The cost for the days is £15 pre-booked or £25 on the day.
The price includes a £15 voucher to spend on balloons at
the day so if you pre-book it's like a free day.

Back in stock...

We have all of David Grist's DVD's back in stock on the sempertexballoons website - link
All money raised goes to David's family; details are on the website with full descriptions of what is on each DVD.


Small two way pumps are also back in stock.  
  We have a few bags of fashion assorted 6" hearts
with some lovely colours available.

Balloon Chat will be having a stand at Kidology,

the children's magic convention in Wolverhampton on Tuesday
9th Sept.More details; link (Practical Magic)
This is always a good day with lot's going on.


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