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Benjamin Interview 7/13th April

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Graham Lee:
Benjamin has volunteered to be interviewed next week, thanks. Have you got a facebook page/website you would like to promote?
He will answer the set questions and then any others anyone would like to ask him.

thanks for giving me this opportunity. i have a website but its still under-construction at the moment. you can only find it if you know the site address.
any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Graham Lee:
The first page looks bright and colourful, I would get rid of the weebly address and pay someone £40/50 a year to host it for you.

I really like it and I don't say that about many websites if I'm honest!

The colours are great, not too bright and overbearing, but bright enough to show the style of websie. It is easy to follow, things are hidden in sub-menu's and it's not cluttered (my real bugbear with some websites!).

I agree with Graham - it's worth that little extra as it looks a lot more professional - sure they could sort you an email address as well rather than using yahoo. You could always set it up to automatically forward to your Yahoo account so you don't need to check two separate accounts, but it would look a lot more professional.

I intend to buy the domain and drop the weebly bit when I "go public". It also comes with an email specific to the site so it will look more professional when I'm done. Thanks for the positive feedback. It's what I was hoping for :)


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