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JazzyJ Interview 22/29th July

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Graham Lee:
Jazzy J has agreed to do the interview next week so if you have any other questions apart from the set ones then please ask away.
This is her website, http://www.jazzyartentertainment.com/

First of all, thank you Graham, for inviting me to take part in the members interview. I will answer to the best of my ability. This will be my first interview and surprisingly it's been very insightful to myself! Well here goes:

1, What road led you into balloon modelling?
I have been a face painter for over 8 years now. I found that people were asking for balloons... I said I couldn't for a while but I decided to I only did swords and puppy dogs.. I got rather frustrated that my hands would have paint on them and I would have to do a balloon inbetween the face painting. I,however, came home one day to find that my son had been having a play with the balloons and so I asked him if he was interested in doing balloons whilst I face painted. When he did join me (aged 10) his line was always bigger! Dare I say I wanted a piece of that action... So, I lived and breathed balloons for more than 2 months, watching any You Tube video available and bought many DVDs and became addicted! I was then ready to face the world! My first 'official' stand and deliver was really nerve wracking, but it went well and the buzz I got from it has propelled my need to keep learning this awesome industry!

2, when did you get started with balloons
I started 2 years ago and never looked back!

3, What’s your best twisting experience?
Every booking that I do is a great experience! But my best would be creating a birthday sculpture for an 8 yer old and telling her its Princess Jasmine. Her name was Jasmine and the sculpture looked like her! It was done randomly. She absolutely loved it.

4, What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during a ballooning/entertaining session?
I've never had any bad experiences whilst twisting in public but only at home.  I was pumping over 300 balloons for a workshop with the hand pump and as a result I had torn a ligament in my hand which stopped play for a few weeks. In the end I still twisted with a splint. I now have an electric pump!

5, What do you most enjoy about twisting & why?
I still can't believe what can be created with simple pencil balloons. The joy they bring is amazing! I love creating smiles at every booking. I can turn an event into one filled with laughter and giggles. I feel I have one of the best jobs in the world!

6, What's your favourite age to entertain?
I do love entertaining the children but the older generation, from 40 years onwards, are my favourite crowd. They appreciate the art of balloon modelling and really enjoy watching them being made. I love it when I make a piece and they are all holding some part and then I put the design together and get an awesome reaction!

7, Do you have the same act but vary the presentation for all ages or do you have set acts for different ages?
I don't have an act. I simply entertain with jokes and silliness.

I will answer some more questions  during the week. Until then keep smiling!

Here's some more questions I've answered.......

8, What’s your favourite thing to make at the moment?
Any design that requires stuffing a balloon within another balloon. I prepare these at home and when I pump them up the crowd goes wild! Such as the Alien with a space helmet. I love the cute penguin the most and also crazy hats!

9, What is the most asked for model?
The penguin

10, What do you tend to do more of if stuck in the 'balloon production line' model?
The sword. Then a turtle bracelet.

11, Who is your market aimed at?
Everyone and anyone, who wants face painting and balloon twisting at their event. My friends always invite me to their houses, because they know I'll bring my balloons!

12, What kind of work do you do mostly - parties? Corporate? Etc
I do a mixture of both really. I think it's because I provide face painting as well.

13, What is your favourite/ideal gig to do?
A birthday party that I do year after year and watching the child grow from a little toddler to a young child!

14, What irritates you most at a gig?
Pesky little children with no manners and say rude words. I've been known to put them in their place. I won't be spoken to in a rude manner.

15, How do you book yourself?
Both by word of mouth and my website: www.jazzyartentertainment.com

16, What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever made?
I don't make big sculptures but I'd love to give it a try!

17, What has been your proudest achievement in our wonderful world of twisted latex?
That would be, being able to work alongside my son. It has brought us closer and being a young teenager I feel we are more connected. We love jamming together.

18, What advice would you give to someone starting out, or wanting to increase their business?
Just go for it! Create a portfolio of your designs, and carry your business cards everywhere. Anyone and everyone can benefit from our balloons, so you never know! We are lucky that we don't target a certain clientele. The local plumber may have kids, give them a card. Aim to add to your portfolio often and keep learning.

19, What road in latex do you see yourself taking in the future?
My next goal is to get into balloon decor. I helped a friend out and said to myself I'll never do that but then recently I feel it's the next step. I have an eye for colour and design and I feel I can excel in this area.

20, What is your personal goal when you set off to work? Is it money or to entertain etc?
To make lots of happy smiles and laughter! The money is good, as we need to eat, but it's become my passion! Admittedly, I'm not very good a learning complicated designs as my customers don't want complicated designs, but I do like to add to my repertoire every now and then. Sometimes simple is good.

21, What are your balloon goals for the future?
To make balloon dresses and balloon decor.

22, If you could start all over again, would you change anything?
I wished I had started this journey earlier.

23, How would you like the future of balloon modelling to develop?
I would like to open people's eyes in believing that balloon entertainment is a great way to help people relax and have a good time.

24, Who's the most famous person you have made a balloon creation for?
Tony Laffan, an Hypnotist and Magician. I made a lootle of himself.

25, How do you keep the enthusiasm going & what still excites you about our great world of latex?
I guess I'm still new to the whole Latex business, but I guess the amazing ness of what these balloons can really do. I believe: A stranger is no longer a stranger when you give them a balloon.

26, What inspires or is your thought process in coming up with a new design
Simplicity yet the wow factor. I don't have time for complicated designs so I go for simple.

27, Who would you like to work with dead or alive? Oh that's a hard one. I would have loved to have worked with the late and amazing David Grist. I also think Don Caldwell would be a scream!

28, What makes you laugh? Making silly hats for the older crowd! And also, my 10 year old son.. He's a character!

Well, I have really enjoyed answering this awesome and insightful questions about myself. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask away.


Jasmine, that was a good interview and I did check your website after.  It is one of the better sites that I have come across and in my mind has pretty much all the information a potential client would need.  Thanks for taking the time to answer the interview questions.

Thank you. It was fun to create.


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