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Lisa Chester Interview, 11/17th July
« on: July 04, 2011, 11:31:52 PM »
Lisa has put her name forward for the Interview from next Monday.
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Re: Lisa Chester Interview, 11/17th July
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2011, 09:52:40 AM »
Go Lisa!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
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Re: Lisa Chester Interview, 11/17th July
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2011, 12:05:50 PM »
Hi all - I am Lisa, and live in New Zealand with my husband, three children, over-fluffy latex-obsessed cat, and assorted fish

I hope you enjoy reading a bit about me - if you have any questions, please ask - I don't want to be lonely here  :shock:

1. What road led you into balloon modelling?
I saw a balloon twister in the mall one day, and my kids wanted one – a simple dragonfly on a balloon stick!  It hung around the house for a few weeks!
A few years later I saw a balloon kit in a magazine my son brought home from school.  I bought it, and twisted the whole box of balloons, and then wanted more (even though they popped constantly, and I only had one of those painful palm pumps!)

I eventually found a qualatex supplier a year or two after that, and have taken off from there.

2. when did you get started with balloons?
I planned on learning enough balloons to twist for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Of course, I never actually twisted for it – I was much to stressed about the cake and all the rest!!  So, about 2004

I have only been twisting professionally for less than a year.  Until then, I twisted for fun, family and friends.  I really enjoyed having no limitations on what I could produce.  Of course, being paid for having fun, doing what I love doing really did amaze me!

3. What’s your best twisting experience?
I was asked to work in a small shopping centre, it was a kind of a boost of morale for the community in a poor community.  I had the best time ever – the kids were so appreciative and polite, and great to have fun with.  They couldn't really believe that someone had put this on – just for them!  Fantastic

4. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during a ballooning/entertaining session?
I was twisting next to the face painter's line, and people were waiting in my line while their kid was in the other line, and they would jump into my line just in time.  This was really annoying the rest of the people in my line.  I announced that I would only twist for those who were in my line the whole time.  A woman took exception to this – I really thought she was going to hit me!

Worse still, the agent who booked me for the gig, walked past right at that moment.  Not a good look!

5. What do you most enjoy about twisting & why?
I love to amaze kids, and have fun with them

6. What's your favourite age to entertain?
5-7 year olds, and also teens – you can really mess with teens!
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Lisa Chester

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Re: Lisa Chester Interview, 11/17th July
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2011, 12:13:01 PM »
7. Do you have the same act but vary the presentation for all ages or do you have set acts for different ages?
I don't have an act yet, but am working on it.  It's aimed at young Primary School age kids

8. What’s your favourite thing to make at the moment?
Definitely not the Easter Bunny.  I did so much work over Easter, and everyone wanted one.
I always struggled with a decent rabbit, so I had to get one quick!

9. What is the most asked for model?
Sorry, but it really is, whatever the kid before got.  I do make lots of 'surprises' – which is whatever I want to make

10. What do you tend to do more of if stuck in the 'balloon production line' model?
“And you want a surprise don't you.  I make cool surprises!”  As soon as they realise that other kids have asked for a surprise, I make loads of them!

11. Who is your market aimed at?

Kids big and small

12. What kind of work do you do mostly - parties? Corporate? Etc
At the moment I do quite a bit of mall work – which I don't really like.  I am looking at doing more parties- you can be so much more creative there.

13. What is your favourite/ideal gig to do?

One with kids who have only seen dog and sword twisters!  They (and their parents) are easily impressed!

14. What irritates you most at a gig?
Parents who tell me to 'just make something fast' because they have had enough waiting, though their child has waited patiently, and gives me this sad look cause they wanted something cool!  I do try and do what the child wants though

15. How do you book yourself?
At the moment, not very well.  I do occasional work for an agent, but I am starting to do work to self-advertise – a dragon in the library to go with their holiday programme theme, prizes for a football club tournament.  I am rather lazy in that department, but I am happy with the amount of work I am doing at the moment.

16. What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever made?
A fully rotating windmill (it's my avatar).  It worked with a motor, and the kids could even climb inside it.  It was one of those things I made, just because I could

17. What has been your proudest achievement in our wonderful world of twisted latex?

My windmill – it's not technically difficult, but was impressive to be able to give it motorised movement.
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