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Magicrob 25th/31st March

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Graham Lee:
Magicrob, Robert Driscoll has volunteered to be interviewed. Rob does the daily balloon on his blog, http://mydailyballoon.blogspot.co.uk/

Not sure if Rob has a website to promote as well?

You can find me on http://http://www.childrensentertainer.biz/ as Robbie the Wizard

and on http://http://www.voxbrothers.co.uk/ as one half of the Vox Brothers

Magirob :D

Hi there

My name is Rob Driscoll, I live in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, I am fairly new to the Balloon Chat forum but I have been ballooning for nearly 20 years. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions.


G L Admin:
I thought this was next week?

1, What road led you into balloon modelling?
When I was in my late teens I used to dabble with the odd magic trick, simple little tricks from kids books and the tricks were always badly presented, but my mum decided to buy me magic lessons for my 19th birthday, it was a 6 week evening class and it got me really into the magic, it was here I met Rikki, another magician doing the same course, eventually we did a street party together and he happened to have a bag of Qualitex balloons with him, I said I would help out and for some reason I was able to blow the balloons up, I quickly learnt dogs and swords by copying Rikki and that was it, I had the Bug, I have been ballooning ever since.

2, when did you get started with balloons?
It was during the spring/summer of 1996 at a street party (see last question)

3, What’s your best twisting experience?
One thing always sticks out in my mind, I used to do regular shows at a holiday camp, various evenings and then a Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon during the holidays. I was at one of the morning show and as always I got various kids up to help in the show, I remember this one little boy put his hand up and he came and helped in the magic show, eventually he got a balloon as helpers always do, nothing unusual there. After the show a lady came up to me just said “Thank you, thank you so much” I said “thats ok, no problem” and she went on to tell me that a few weeks ago that same little boy had lost his parents in an accident, this was the first time he had smiled since then, This moment has stuck with me ever since and I often think back to that moment as a life changing moment.

4, What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during a ballooning/entertaining session?
Most of the time I am doing balloon modelling I use a pump, I do sometimes blow them up by mouth, I try not to but sometimes I just find it easier. I was entertaining at a party, 2 hours of Robbie the Wizard with a break for food in the middle, sometimes during the break for food I will make a few balloon models. I went to blow one balloon up and it burst in my eye, I could not see, My eye was stinging and both eyes were watering, for about an hour I was in pain and had to fumble through the rest of the party without being able to see properly. It turned out that there was no damage to my eyes but it was a horrible moment.

More tomorrow, feel free to ask any more questions as we go :)



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