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Sarah Russell aka Balloonytoons
« on: October 27, 2011, 12:43:19 PM »
Hope you find this interesting.

1, What road led you into balloon modelling?
I started after getting a kit to entertain my son and it escalated from there, I have just written the full story on the how you got started thread.

2, when did you get started with balloons?
I got started about 4 years ago

3, What’s your best twisting experience?
I’m not sure I can pick one particular experience. But I have just won a photo shoot in a competition which was for any kind of alternative artist, so hopefully that will be fun.

4, What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during a ballooning/entertaining session?
I was twisting at a family party when I managed to dislocate my knee, I was right next to the bouncy castle so that had to be put  down and all the kids taken away as a paramedic set my knee back right there and then in the middle of the garden. I was just glad that it was a family do.

5, What do you most enjoy about twisting & why?
I just love the reaction and awe that comes from kids watching a creation being made.

6, What's your favourite age to entertain?
I have mainly worked with young children around the ages of 3-6 years which are loads of fun, but I recently did a workshop for elderly and disabled people which was fantastic and great fun.

7, Do you have the same act but vary the presentation for all ages or do you have set acts for different ages?
I don’t really have a ‘act’ as such yet, I just do my stuff and have a bit of banter with the kids, I’m hoping this will develop over time though.

8, What’s your favourite thing to make at the moment?
I’m really enjoying trying bigger sculptures at the moment, I have been practising making a pantomime dame’s dress for the end of the year which is loads of fun.

9, What is the most asked for model?
I think Ken Stillman’s alien is my most asked for model, as soon as one is done then everyone wants is. Although I did do a party where nearly every child wanted a tarantula which was fun.

10, What do you tend to do more of if stuck in the 'balloon production line' model?
I’ve had a couple of school fetes where the queue was massive the whole time and had to just try and do the quick models, ended up doing lots of swords and flowers.

11, Who is your market aimed at?
Mainly younger children.

12, What kind of work do you do mostly - parties? Corporate? Etc
Mostly kids parties at the moment, but I’m hoping to expand that.

13, What is your favourite/ideal gig to do?
I would love to start doing some more corporate stuff with older audiences.

14, What irritates you most at a gig?
Parents getting their children to push in. I have had it happen plenty of times when doing fetes, the kids will be really well behaved and its often the parents who are rude.

15, How do you book yourself?
Mainly through phone and email from my website.

16, What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever made?
Definitely the panto dress I am making at the moment, as it has to fit a 6ft man and be really elaborate.

17, What has been your proudest achievement in our wonderful world of twisted latex?
Winning a photo shoot for alternative artists, will update you all when it has happened.

18, What advice would you give to someone starting out, or wanting to increase their business?
Watch out it is incredibly addictive.

19, What road in latex do you see yourself taking in the future
Just expanding my business and having fun while doing it.

20, What is your personal goal when you set off to work? Is it money or to entertain etc?
Definitely to entertain, the money is great but I’m just glad to be doing something I enjoy so much.

21, What are your balloon goals for the future?
Developing my skills, building my business to the level where I can support myself hopefully

22, If you could start all over again, would you change anything?
I have only just started and hope I haven’t made any drastic errors so far, I only wish I had come across twisting earlier in life.

23, How would you like the future of balloon modelling to develop?
To not just be seen as entertainment for kids but how it can be accessible for all.

24, Who's the most famous person you have made a balloon creation for?
I haven’t made any balloons for anyone famous, hope I get to though.

25, How do you keep the enthusiasm going & what still excites you about our great world of latex
Well I get more and more excited by twisting all the time, and I hope that will continue.

26, What inspires or is your thought process in coming up with a new design
I haven’t managed to come up with many of my own designs yet but am trying to adapt some others and hopefully that process with grow.

27, Who would you like to work with dead or alive?
Wow that’s a big question, I’m not sure really. I admire all the people on here and their work so much any of you lot would be great to work with ;0)

28, What makes you laugh?
I have a bit of a warped sense of humour but generally my son is the person who makes me laugh the most. It amazes me how grown up a four year old can sound and keeps me laughing all the time. And you know what they say if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.
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