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hi after being at the Twistian lecture day in Birmingham I got to thinking who's who I recognized 1 or 2 faces but had no idea who the majority of the guy's were & because it was a lecture we had very little time to mix or introduce ourselves + Martin Duffy & I pooped out for lunch & missed that opportunity as well so to cut to the chase I thought I would start a topic of who's who on balloon chat the idea is to post a recent photo & short blog about yourself so I will kick it off

I’m Dennis Dillon AKA Dillingerentertains I live in Newcastle upon Tyne my real job was as a hairdresser I ran my own shop from 1978 till the early 90’s I then went full time as a magician (mostly close up) /entertainer.
I was treasurer & then president of the Newcastle magic circle I took up twisting (very basic ) in the late 80’s then really got into twisting about 5 years ago after meeting Mike Decker  


Hi everyone,

My name is Darren (aka nippy99) and my company is called MagicWorks Ltd (http://www.magicworks.ltd.uk) - I started magic as a hobby back in 1994 and it has got out of hand since then! I mainly perform children's parties but also do many weddings and corporate events performing balloon modelling and close-up magic. I spent around three years as a full-time entertainer but pre-empted the credit crunch and took a 'normal' job again so back to part-time.

Here is my ugly mug...


good to see you Darren

Thelma Levett:
Just to clarify.  Which one is Darren? :D


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