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Travis M:
Alright so I was in Detroit (my home town) not too long back and ran into a friend Nick who's an artist as well and we decided to work a fair they have every year in muskegon called the summer celebration. We decided to stand side by side and do balloons in what we termed as a Race to 100, first person to reach 100 dollars making balloons wins. Anyway, nick realized quickly that by self inflating and not using a pump I was racing ahead. What's a balloon artist (and 10 year smoker) to do? He decides he's gonna self inflate the balloons as well. So I'm carrying on and out of the corner of my eye I see nick inflating a white 160, his face bright red and then purple and he's going, going, gone! Straight over backward to the grass, never tried to catch himself. He hadn't self inflate balloons in 5 years, and in the 24 degree heat had been drinking red bull and no water and passed out. What did I do? I grabbed him, drug him into the shade, made a penguin hat with the phrase, keep cool, on it and put it on him then left him with the paramedics and I went back to twisting. 30 minutes later he came back (after two IV fluid bags to combat his dehydration) and started using the pump again. I didn't have the heart to tell him in that thirty minutes I'd managed the 100 already. But I bought us lunch at Someplace Else Pizza just so he didn't feel too bad.


Graham Lee:
We have had two people faint while attempting to blow up balloons by mouth at the days.

Travis M:
I don't think I have really ever used a pump since I first started. I always have one though because sometimes you can get a headache and need a little help but on the whole I always mouth inflate. my show-off piece is to inflate two at one time, then add a third. LOL


I can often self inflate two at once, which I feel is not too bad, given Im just a shrimpy little fella
though more than not I just use my balloon bouy strap on belt pump for the sake of looking more
professional, and for sanitary concerns.

Though I admit when I do show off for someone, I sort of 'cheat' by giving them a little push of air
from my lips first into each one, then put them back to my lips before I start blowing though.  
Getting that teeeny bubble started first, especially if its hidden behind your hand is all the difference
in the world, and is great for making the jocks who think they can do it, bug their eyes out, when you
offer them one and allow them to find out for themselves how difficult it can be, and then casually blow
up two.  

It almost never fails to get a look of awe and grudging respect.  I used to think that I could get my lungs
strong enough to go for a Hotwater bottle, but I had the sense to not try.  There is a fairly big difference,
between the lung strength, and the lung capacity.  Im not entirely sure I have either, but Im not about to
risk an exploded lung to find out.  Be interesting though if I could have tests done to measure the strenght
of a twister's true lung potential.  I imagine it'd be not too far off par from a musician like a trumpet player.


I've tried lung testing machines like they give people for stomach operations to practice on.  I overpower
them all, though by the time I do, its over, since my lungs are so small.  (compatively.)



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