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Started by oddsocks, November 08, 2011, 08:38:01 AM

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Last weekend I was making a snail balloon for a child that had won a competition in my magic show party. After the children had successfully guessed what I was making I started to put on the antennae I asked them if they knew what this bit was called, a little boy shouted out 'his testacles!' it took me quite a while to stop laughing then I realised he meant tentacles  :D  


Lisa Chester

Thanks for posting that!  Fantastic  :lol:


Too funny.

Children are used to seeing me twisting with my wife, once I was working solo and a child wondering about my solo twisting status asked me "Weren't you married?"


I did a birthday party last weekend and made a simple dragon for a little boy (he was around 5 years old).  About 10 minutes later he dropped it and stepped on it, popping the feet.  When he came up to me I asked him "would you like me to fix that buddy?".  To my surprise he said "No...look it's a dragonfly!" Then he ran around the room smiling an flying his sculpture proudly.  If only we could all be so flexible!


I was going to post a similar tag, but since its already here, I'll add my little story to here and liven
up the day a little bit more.

I am not vain, but I am fairly sure that as far as a true story goes and among balloon twisters,
it would not be impossible to top, but I am willing to wager that it would be difficult to.  One of
those tales that could be a made up joke, that actually happened, is moments to be cherished
and shared. :)

Fair warning:

If you are drinking anything while reading this?  Better finish before you get to the end, or you
may wind up baptising your monitor with more than just laughter. :)

About 16 years ago, I was coming home from having twisted balloons in the name of a charity at the
Penhorn Mall Sunday Flea Market in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  I forget which one it was now, Church
related.  I'd say the time of month was mid July or early August.

I often then (and often sometimes still do) take the bus, and was walking along home with my little toolkit
I used to carry my gear in.

Lo and behold, I heard this voice call out as I walked up the sidewalk.  "A..are you a Clown?!??!?"

There was a little 3 or 4 year old peeking at me from within his house, looking out through the screen door.

Now despite the whole 'dont talk to strangers' thing, being as I was on the sidewalk, I felt there would be no
harm in answering.  So I nodded and said that I was, saing "Uh huh!  Sure am!"

The little blond child giggled, and said that is neat.  He then pointed, and said "I.. is dat da suits you wears to
birfday parties?" (At the time, I was wearing a traditional sort of suit made from a pattern.  Ruffle, frills, colored
dots, wig, floppy shoes, and so on.) I turned around slow, and let him get a really good view of the suit.  Which
he decided was nice looking.  After a few moments, and he then pointed and said "Hey!?  Is dat makeups you
gots on?"

So I reached up and rubbed at my face with a finger and showed him a bit of white on it, (without ruining the
face) and nodded, saying it was.

So, by this time his mother who was in the kitchen, has started to wonder just who her youngster was talking to.

I heard her call out from the kitchen, saying "Tommy?  Who are you talking to, baby?"

Immediatly, the child's whole demeanor changed, and he grew extremely excited.  Going like this.

"MOOOOMMY!!!  Mom!Mommommom!!  Guess whats mom??  Guess what?  Der's dere's dis man, mom!  An, know

(Get ready for it..)  

    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    ||       ||
    /        /

He says.. "Dis man?  He's out in the street, mommy, an know what?  He's in his Birfday suit, an he's wearing makeups!!!"  :lol:

Needless to say, after the initial momentary shriek of disbelief, she came running.  Looking like she was ready to commit murder in defence of her child from whatever Unholy pervert was parading around, armed with a frying pin in one hand, and a phone in the other to be ready to call 911 if she had to.

Little fellow had no idea that she was upset, and said "See mommy?  He wears that suit to his birfday parties.  I think it looks nice!"

His mom's jaw dropped as she stared in disbelief, so wide that I thought it was going to hit the floor, then we both just simultaniously cracked up.  Her in the house, and I on the street, howling our heads off laughing till it hurt, I likely ruining half my make up from the stream of tears.  The little fellow never did figure out what was so funny about it.

My one regret was that I didnt have any business cards that day, and I was too thick to remember to offer a name on a sheet of paper or something.  That would have been a very fun house to return to, for a party.

Every word of it is true too.  Though I used the name Tommy, since I cant recall now for sure exactly what his name was, given how long ago.

Anyone else have similar tales to share?



I'm loving all of these stories thank you  :D