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What is the wierdest request you got?

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I get asked to do models I can't do, as I'm sure it's the same for all of us, right? At one birthday party everthing was going pretty well, then a young lad came up & asked for an Axolotls. Oh dear take a look at this link http://images.google.co.uk/images?um=1& ... ls&spell=1

Pretty ugly..the lizard not me :lol:  :oops:

Can anyone make this by the way?

What weird requests have you been asked?



I thought he was the lead singer of Guns and Roses :D

Weirdest request I have ever had, was to make the "Playboy" bunny out of balloons!!... :shock:

Krazy Kev:
Can help you with that one chubbz!
I don't have a picture but if you take a pink or white heart and either raisin twist or make a bubble in one of the lobes you can attach some 260 ears. Tie a 160 bow to the neck via pinch twist, draw a couple of eyes and you have a playboy bunny!
The funniest thing I got caught with was A: a Henry (which turned out to be the hoover with smiley face) and B: a hedgehog.

I was doing a gig last night and got asked for a screwdriver and a pig wearing a hat? I did them but makes you think it dont mater how many dvds or books you have you will allways get asked for some thing new


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