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Any advice for someone with zero buisness experience!!


Hi everyone i'm caroline and despite my complete lack of buisness experience I have decided to take the pluge and set up my own party twisting buisness..
. Eeeek!!

I've wanted to do it for so long but never had the confidence.... until last week when I went to a fair and saw a company selling all the balloons that I can twist!! So I thought if they can do it then so can I!!!

I've had a look for some of the older posts and got some great tips from them but was wondering if any one had any advice or words of wisdom that would help me along my way!

So far I have sorted a Facebook page and buisness card but that's about it!! I will buy public liability insurance (hopefully when I have my first confirmed booking) and aim to register with the tax revenue. Should I register any where else and do you think I need a private dbs? Sorry for a the questions!! I'm excited but so so nervous, it is a step massively outside my comfort zone

Graham Lee:
I'm a little old school so for me a website would be a must, even in time. Put it as one of your goals.
Also not a fan of the stock business card, but that might be just me.

Equity, Bapia or nabas for insurance.

I would also go with a board of models available, with pictures rather than text.
I'm sure there is a "topic on the month" with more details about this as well.

A board of models is a great idea thankyou!

Hi Elder_flower. I set up my business about 4 months ago. I'm still very new to twisting but already seem very popular with the public. This summer is a real trial and error for me. I have bookings for parties, weddings, events etc. I am doing a lot of fates and fun days where I twist a selection of models for various prices per balloon. I am quickly learning what I will go back to regarding events next year. I have an ice cream board style set up for models people can choose from. I also have PL insurance and DBS x

Lee Reilly:
You don't need a DBS as an entertainer you will not be left on sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. Give the service a ring, they are really helpful and will explain the in's and out's of the check. If a client asks you for one then offer to to give them the information they need to apply on your behalf.

Yes, a website is a must, even if it's fairly basic with your contact details. The biggest bonus of your own site (domain) is that your email address will look a ton more professional. Just stay away from the free ones like Wix. You can buy a domain and hosting for around £30/yr.

You don't need to register with HMRC yet, but as soon as you receive any income then you have a set time to get it done. If you have a search locally there should be a few business startup enterprises, they will give you a ton of advice for free.


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